Afterlife: What to Expect!

Seeing the unseen will no longer be impossible for you! Dream, as the dream becomes reality…but get prepared or the dream will become a nightmare. We are no longer dealing with illusion, wishful thinking, and mythology…we are entering the door to the future and entering “What Shall Be!”

The hereafter may seem a little like that old song, “In the Misty Moonlight,” but those who have seen the future come with tales of horror beyond description or experiences so wonderful, if we encountered them in these fleshly human bodies our entire nervous systems could not withstand the levels of joy, love, and even peace! The exhilaration would be overwhelming beyond description! This I know from personal experience.

Fortunately for those of us who are prepared to inherit all of the positive, the greatest seers and spokespersons from behind the veil, including some who have died and returned to this world, tell us with insistent knowingness that “Avatar” the motion picture had at least one thing very right: these earthly bodies are simply carbon units for our spiritual kindergarten! But we are actually made for a spiritual body that is more real and exciting than the one we already occupy. Just as our spirit is eternal, that body is also eternal!

There is a country song that humorously proclaims, “Lord I want to go to Heaven, but I don’t want to go tonight!” Entering the other side certainly requires some preparation, which is why I believe suicide is such a tragedy. Never choose that deception…it only takes you out of the body and you still take all those problems with you! A higher portal and a much more healing choice is calling, not on my film friend, Obi-Wan, but calling upon the “I AM,” the Ever-existing and Pure Spirit, and I Am is His name forever! (Exodus 3:14-15)

I once read where a very enlightened spiritually matured human being said that walking through the portal of death for him in his extraordinary spiritual level would be the transition to something far more filled with abundant life. So, when I was sick enough with influenza that I wanted to die, or so I thought, I actually quoted this man’s statement and prayed to die. Immediately, I heard an inner still small voice say, “For him it would have been far better but for you it would be better to stay here on earth and work some stuff out!”

That may have been four decades ago and I am still working out my wholeness! It is a gift, but it requires time and focus to open the package and understand the owner’s manual! The spirit that is in you and is you awaits with expectation that “Body beyond Avatar’s,” but you cannot learn to navigate when you are not even aware of all the features or how you operate them.

“Ghost,” another movie that did nearly as well as Avatar, all too realistically demonstrated what to expect in the everlasting afterlife by those who only know darkness! Cautiously recall those darkest ghouls dragging off the screaming protester who had murdered actor Patrick Swayze’s character taking him ever nearer to at least a psychic dungeon of everlasting torment! Such a hellish finish is the result of rushing for that doorway to the other side while never changing our dark pursuits in lieu of illuminating ones and having to swallow the toxic concoction we ourselves have created. Some people boast that, “Hell will be fun because all my buddies will be there,” but the top selling book on Earth calls this a place of isolated abandonment and outer darkness!

To hell with that! While these things I have spoken are absolutely true and I also know this from experience and not just the scientific study without the lab, there is another sort of ongoing torment that is not about the snares in contacting the dead. It is the fear of the unknown right here in this earthly life! It is not even enough to know a comet will wipe out part of the planet, if such a thing was the real scenario. To have any sense of direction and reaction and degree of comfort, we must know “what” and “where” and “why!”

My favorite illustration of this fear of future unknowns was captured by a national news program which featured a minister and his large mid-west congregation. He was addressing them and the fact that they had all suddenly become unemployed. “I know all of you worked at this huge auto plant. I just learned it has shut its doors and every one of you has lost your jobs! But I am saying this not just because I am sorry for you but because I really believe that God would not have allowed this tragedy to happen…this door to close…if He did not have something better in store for you!”

Loving as this man may have been, I am sure many of those poor people are still waiting to find out what this better thing could be and have lost their homes, hopes, and families while they have been waiting! No one told them what this better thing was or when it might manifest! Unfortunately the fear of the unknown grows until we really do know what shall be. Only then, can we prepare for the difficulties, responsibilities, and the blessings!

America and the entire world are in the initial stages of the greatest transitioning humanity has ever known. By the time it is finished, which will be quickly, we will know much more about the afterlife, new life, and life when the future becomes the present. All the asked questions shall be answered and no waiting is necessary to begin to understand. Even all the mystery about God will soon be finished. (See Revelation 10:7.)

I must tell you that I don’t prefer the word “afterlife,” because that life is more real, bona fide, exhilarating and enjoyable than this practice session! Unless, of course, wickedness is what you practice.

Back in the 60’s I had a poster featuring a robin building a nest. The quotation on the poster read: “Most of life is preparation!” People, get ready for what shall be…coming to an Earth near you!

If we are…or stay shipwrecked on this side of getting our “Beyond Avatar Bodies,” the future will look bleak indeed. But and if we understand and promptly prepare for what is coming in the immediate future, receiving the powers of the world to come will be nearly automatic.

Authentic and accurate information is totally necessary to make sense in a world that has gone from “I am not a crook,” to “I am not a witch,” in merely a blink. Information that is revealed with authority because it has been thoroughly authenticated is exactly what you need to discover what better thing “God” has for you now!

My book “What Shall Be,” will provide specifics of tomorrow’s challenges and most of them will never be discussed today on any news programs or even prophetic religious stations! “What Shall Be,” will prepare you for the most important vocation and occupation the world has known since there were cities upon it. Being spiritually revealed, authenticated and proven, it will enable you to dispel the deception and ignorance that feeds us our word bites and lies cooked up in the past with little contact from the real future. “What Shall Be” is no ordinary book. Angels are waiting to read it pages!

Hi, I am David C.W. Prather (pronounced “Pray-ther), and my initials are provided because there are numerous other men named David Prather. I am only a man, once pathetic and now prophetic, with an inspired message to deliver. It has no connection to the dark and dangerous world of the occult! This message came after relentless change, transformation, illumination, and authorization and authentication. It will be opposed by some who benefit from bribery, butchery and politics, and it will be gladly and rightly received by those who will know the truth in their core being when they hear it. I am not trying to make a name for myself, but you need to associate this book, “What Shall Be” with my name, because there are also other books with this title that have nothing to do with the clear and unfailing roadmap to this future. It will answer questions that without question have challenged our lives and previous assumptions! In many ways this future needs to come with a label boldly explaining “Why,” for it will challenge everyone on planet Earth!

There are few books that have the potential to change your life like “What Shall Be.” Remember, I am really just a cosmic town crier with the universal message for this hour. Although I have a long background as a journalist, I know, because of infallible proofs, without and within, that I was born to do one thing: write this book! And not for myself, but, for your benefit! It will end all controversy that may be messing with your thoughts and emotions. It will awaken you to what is about to unfold! It will help you discover where you fit on this map of what shall be: possibly as big a surprise as the so-called, by some, “Afterlife.”

I am making a pre-publication offer to those of you who wish to be on the cutting edge of “What Shall Be.” Many of you with a higher consciousness, will, I am certain, be starting the snowball down the mountain to the shaken towns and villages below. This mountain and this avalanche of revelation and its message will fill the whole Earth! (Even if I died today!) The difference is only that another messenger will need to prepare and publish it.

“What Shall Be,” will detail not only coming events and how to prepare for them, but also have in depth info designed to equip you in every way to be happy and be helpful to the future which will be tomorrow’s present! If you read this book it will cause you to embrace this very difficult and turbulent time and truly embrace it as, not only a purposeful present, but as a true present to be treasured and embraced with enthusiasm!.

Note that my next posting will include pre-publishing ordering instructions. Immediate orders will include a free gift worth the cost of the book alone! You will have two very rare gifts to choose from (while supplies last) and only on pre-publishing orders. Here is a hint, although the specific future will be incredible, both negatively and positively, one thing will always remain: “seedtime and harvest will last as long as the Earth remains!” Earth will last far longer than any you or I can imagine.

“What Shall Be” will prepare you for the world we must survive triumphantly before any afterlife! Read this book and you won’t be disappointed! All monies received will help finance the initial publication of this book, years in the making! What Shall Be will transform your present to prepare you for a future which necessarily is rushing towards us with incredible power, speed, and purpose. What Will Be will be the serious talk of your town and cities everywhere! If it doesn’t change your life, you can’t read or don’t listen!

Realistically, “What Shall Be” should go to the publisher in three months and all pre-publication purchases will be refunded within 9 months if there is a failure to produce. “What Shall Be” has been so easy to write because I am downloading it from Pure Spirit, sometimes faster than I can write! (I am blind, but this vision, now also my vision, is perfect, and vouched safe by far greater men and women than I).

Don’t forget about your pre-order and the free gift. Details will be in the next posting, but e-mail us now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! The cost of this pre-publication purchase of “What Shall Be” will be $20 including shipping and handling and will come directly from the first printing. Every effort will be made to meet the declared publication deadline. A shipping and handling fee of $2 will get your gift to you promptly. Please help hasten the miracle closer to the heart than the big bang because the stars will be people like you who capture the vision that is better than sight itself! Pre-order today and hasten the brightest future at the end of the transitional tunnel!

To reserve and purchase this important practical and spiritual book affecting all life on the planet e-mail me today by clicking on the Send Email link at the top of this page and we will get right back to you. Thank you and get excited!


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