The 7th Angel comes to Change your World

This message comes with a hope that discovering God's word on the 7th Angel will revolutionize your end time perspective and your hope for tomorrow. Don't be worshiping angels when they were sent to work for you and brother does this one have a job to perform!

This is a personal communiqué from Minister David Prather.

David the Psalmist lived a life even worse than mine, although there are some similarities both in the good parts and the bad. David was so honorable and spiritual at times I adore him and so carnal at others I almost want to change my name but the one thing he had going for him was that “He was a man after God’s heart.”

It was about 1969 when I became a part of the Jesus Movement after having a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. Like my namesake David, King of Israel, I had a far from perfect life until I was enlightened about the purpose for which I was apprehended of God. That was the significant moment when God became more than my friend and Savior: He became my partner in His Business and Lord of my life in reality.

The biggest similarity I do share with David is that from my first adult encounter with God, I wanted to know him! Whether I have been radiant or depressed, exemplary, or ashamed, my desire has been to know Him. Almost anyone can jump up on Daddy’s lap when they are up, but it is only through Christ Jesus who died for us, that we can do the same when we are really down. I am so blessed that Jesus has given me a chance to really know God better than I know anyone else by making us acceptable in His Beloved Son.

People who pray have all different formats they fulfill. Some people pray in tongues for long periods. Some fast completely while they are focused on contacting God, and others go into their prayer room or closet and shut the door before praying. Prayer, for the most part, for me has been either in my prayer language or even more commonly, simply a two way conversation with God that may occupy a few minutes or hours out of a day. In any case, it has been a deciding part of normal life rather than something I stop and ritualistically do. The exceptions are that when I began to be clued and later, persuaded, of my personal eternal purpose, I was led to pray for the Creation and all creatures, great and small, because I was discovering God loved them all and they weren’t getting a very good deal! And I was led by the Spirit to pray that God would send the 7th Angel.

Most of my readers and most professing Christians couldn’t tell you much of anything about the 7th angel or any of the rest, because they forgot that Jesus said, “If you continue in my word….you will actually come to know the truth and be my disciples in reality.” Or maybe they didn’t read much of anything he said. It’s still not too late. Knowing God and staying centered and focused in His word go hand in hand…instead of being preoccupied by this current military-industrial complexed world. To someone who wants to really know God, the 7th angel reveals much about Him. To anyone who cares about the restoration of the earth and the state of affairs for all creatures, the 7th Angel plays a critical role. Read on.

“But in the days of the 7th angel, when he begins to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He has declared to His servants, the prophets.” Revelation 10:7. Think what you like, but I boldly must declare that I know the 7th angel and he has declared unto me that soon the mystery of God, indeed, shall be no more a mystery! I do not mean that God will not forever be full of wonderful surprises: that is an integral part of God’s personality. Like any father, he loves to surprise his children and often waits until it looks almost like too late before he suddenly turns away a tornado you have asked him to stop or to save a lost daughter. But the thing is the focus, the purpose and internal intention of God and His nature will be soon and unquestionably manifest along with his sons and daughters! Everyone who loves His appearing will all co-operate with Him in fulfilling His intention and will know Him even as we are known by Him.

I cannot tell you how many times in the last ten years I had to sit down with weak knees crying out of great joy caused by God revealing some mystery written in his word. Nothing this life holds nor could death itself separate me from this One who loves me and you so much. But you must get to know Him who has to stoop down low to observe even the things that comprise Heaven itself! If you are walking in a relationship with the Living God, and listening, you will hear and observe this mystery of God unravel right before your blessed like never before eyes. If you want to tell me about how you are impacted when it happens to you, I’ll be the one over in the corner crying like a baby in sheer bliss and alternately clapping vigorously for the King of Kings!

As I already mentioned, the 7th angel brings another blessing to all of us who have presented our bodies to God to be changed and transformed, so we might know and be conformed to His perfect will.

Imagine a very young girl on a walk through a dark and mysterious forest. The father planted the forest and knows its every nook and cranny. After a while, the little child says, “Daddy, I want to go on a different trail now by myself.” The father warns her that decision would be so serious it could cost her very life. But she continues to insist that she will never be happy until she gets her way.

The wise and loving father finally places her on a log and says to her, “Sweetheart, you sit here and don’t leave for a minute. I will be back shortly and I’ll be listening and keeping an eye out for you too.”

As soon as father is out of sight, the child takes a different path. She has no idea that he is walking closely behind her and watching her every step. After a time which seems like forever to her, she falls asleep all weary and dirty and confounded and sorely lost. When she awakens, her father is humming a lullaby beside her and stroking her hair. The child springs to her feet and hugs him, crying hysterically: “Oh Daddy, I was so lost! There was a cave with a dragon living there and it singed my beautiful hair until I got away and then a wolf was following me and the wolf was going to eat me and there was…” “Hush child,” the father interrupted, “rest now, everything is perfectly fine,” he comforted. “Oh Daddy, I promise I will never leave your side again and I’ll never take a trail that you warn me against!” “I know you won’t, Sweetheart,” he said carrying the little child home to be reunited with her whole family and some heart warming soup.

“And I saw another mighty angel come down from Heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon His head, and his face shown like the sun, and his feet were like pillars of fire: and he had in his hand, a little book open; and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth…” Revelation 10: 1-2. If you are moderately familiar with the Bible, you will recognize this angel and know him. The importance of this above portrayal and his positioning reveal something so essential to this hour it should cause every environmentalist and animal lover who places God first in their life to start dancing like David when his wife mocked him! But the truth is that unless you have seriously studied the word like Jesus commanded, you may not know the following fact:

When the Adam’s family was still pre-fall, God gave the earth to them. That little camouflaged Boa Constrictor whispered enough twisted facts into the Mrs. To persuade her to go it alone and of course, Mr. Adam wouldn’t hear of that for a minute, so the two of them submitted to Satan and the title to the planet dropped into his destructive little lap. Make no mistake: “Do you not know that whoever you yield yourselves to as servants to submit to, His servants you have become.” Romans 6:16a

God always knew just how far “the Deceiver” and fallen humanity would take this beautiful planet and all its unique creatures who have suffered for so very long before it reached the upcoming point of no return and just when to stop the film. Most of the Creator’s devoted worshippers and real admirers would never again throughout the eons and countless eons of eternity follow a deceiver who had led creation including human life on such a painful and dark journey.

Now the real work of spreading the glory of the Heavens across the earth and entire universe can begin. The work of restoration through the creative hand of God and the inspired hands of His sons and daughters will be a shared communion like never before, as He that began a good work in us moves it towards maturity. He will look at the apples of His eye anticipating the hour when He can proclaim, “Well done my good and faithful servants” and hold us to His breast.

The 7th Angel is taking back the earth and the sea from fallen man and the Prince of Ignorance (that is what Darkness means). “And this is the condemnation, that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19 He is taking it back because God permitted the terrible nightmare for a reason and He can no longer permit it. If we have not learned love’s lesson we have very little space left to repent. Like on Noah’s ark, the doors go shut. God wants you to get on board. Even the wild creatures are on your side, but be sure that the heat will be turned up. God wants no one to perish and He is willing to bring stronger correction into your life if you will respond and be spared outer darkness.

I am persuaded that God will do that in these days even if nearly no humans survive because they loved darkness rather than light. We are called to be children of the light. This is more important than going to college, running for president, or marrying a wonderful partner. I would never tell you not to do any of those things, but compared with being a bright lamp in a very dark world, they are unimportant. If you are ready to hasten the coming of God and fill your lamp with pure oil that burns strong and brightly send me an email today. Shine on and shine Strong, David Prather, a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ


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