And God Said
(“What we have here is a failure to communicate!”)

Many of us men have recognized the fact that a failure to communicate with our mates is often due to a lack of closeness, but I have been learning that this is also most certainly true in relationship to our connection with all other creatures and the creation itself.

Contemplating writing about this reality and the problem we have created for God by becoming so emotionally distant to creation’s cry, I turned on an educational television program just in time to hear a woman say (looking out from her high rise apartment in New York City), “I have always liked nature and I like animals, but I have always thought they belong where they belong and we belong where we belong.” As she spoke, she pointed and complained about a red-tailed hawk that now circled between her building and the many other tall buildings forming the neighborhood skyline.

Instantly, I recalled a neighbor of ours who said, “I like cats, but I would never tolerate an animal in my house.” For far too long animals have been tolerating us in the habitation God built for them, and, for them the consequences have been disastrous! Ignorant men have screamed, “God made them all for us and He gave us dominion.” Shall not God say, “Thou fool?” The dominion God gave was to a sinless man, untouched by the fall, who was still in the image of God who is Love personified! He made that man to be creation’s watchman, nurturer, caregiver, and guardian and protector. That man died, but before he did so, he subjected his legitimately delegated benevolent reign to Director of Carnage and Destruction himself.

Those who still continue in sin, which in modern language could be translated, continue to walk in willful error, and simultaneously claim God-given Dominion, prove both their lack of knowing God and their lack of intimacy with His word. Jesus looked right into the eyes of people like that and said, “Your father is the Devil.”

Dear son of Adam, do you not recall that, in Adam, and even now apart from Adam you sold out the Kingdom and its dominion to that snake you chose to listen to over the Creator Himself. It is amazing what fear (Genesis 3:10) can do to the mind and a lack of keeping in communication can do to the memory. That is why God wrote you love letters called the Holy Bible and why His Son Jesus Christ gave His entire life to boldly make obvious God’s Love. Because you’ve been hiding from Him in fear, you’ve forgotten God still loves you and God still has a plan.

God had an original intention for the earth, its people, His entire creation and all His creatures and even the infinite galaxies. This eternal purpose which He set about was never terminated by the fall of mankind and womankind, (their fall was a mere parenthetical insertion in time), and the Creator has never changed His original intention. While it is fully correct to say, “God had an original intention, it may be more important and relevant to the moment to say, “God has an unwavering intention and it is just the same as it has always been!” It can be capsulated in Gloria Gaither’s song based on scripture and Kipling’s poem about greening up the planet and the Universe with Eden’s bounty.

Like so many other Fathers, God suffered and bore up under the weight of His own children deciding to listen to a bunch of rejects and raise some Hell themselves! After their deadly choice, they saw themselves as the losers they had become instead of realizing they were offspring of their Father God, created to carry out His glorious intent. In their youthful rebellion, they became agents of high treason, and in their darkened understanding, they sought out many inventions that erased the uprighteous character they were created with. The result of their total ignorance in comprehending their eternal purpose has led to the dire and degraded state of the Earth.

Without being focused upon and living out their purpose in the web of life (Genesis 2:15 see original language “abad and shamar”), they created obstacles to God’s plan and intention and filled their hours with vanity and meaninglessness. Even their ardent and difficult labor resulted in further death and degradation of their human spirit. We are only now beginning to understand how this suffocation and slavery of the human spirit brought a sort of oppression and repression, even a death, to the spirits of all creatures! (Romans 5:19) In this Dark Age and fallen condition, humanity has become alienated from the very original formation he was created to nurture, extend, guard and protect!

Long ago now, God told those lost members of humanity, “To stand in the ways and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is and walk in them…” and thereby walk in His original purpose and intention. He promised that as a result of choosing this good and old way, they would find rest for their souls, their minds and emotions, and will. (You can study this out in Jeremiah 6:16) These people absolutely refused to walk in that sacred path for which He had made them!

As we stand on the threshold of an end to the worn out age in a tattered earth, on the cusp of Earth Day, and the beginning of the Age to come, we have the opportunity to choose again. I, like Martin Luther King, have also been to that Mountain. I am absolutely persuaded that the Almighty must soon intervene, as He did in the days of Noah or we will continue on blindly, oblivious to the fact that creation all around us is being devoured in unsustainable and unholy ways by a beast called “Lost Humanity,” while every creature in feeling and frightened flesh like us sits on the brink of annihilation. (Matthew 24:22 & 1Corinthians 15:39)

If you don’t know what I am talking about, this Earth Day week is a great time to watch some documentaries that will inform you. Ask an ornithologist about the decline in certain bird populations in the last 50 years, visit a local forest and hope you don’t find a killing ground, with limbs scattered everywhere and only stumps remaining! Better yet, go sit on one of those stumps and ask the Maker of all things to speak to you in His Word about how you can be reunited to God, not only as reborn sons, but as those who are restorers of these paths to walk in! (Isaiah 55:12 & 58:12)


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