Animal Slaughter and Murder to Resume in the Name of Religion?

Times change. Once we were under the law, today we are beyond the promised time of the Messiah’s visitation (Luke 19:44 & Micah 7:4), and we are in the promised time of Grace. The law was sent to reveal what lost, guilty and pathetic beings, we have become, who were made just a little lower than God and were crowned with manifest glory and honor! (Psalms 8:5) (The original scripture uses “Elohim” which is one of the names for God where KJV changed it to angels.) From this great position we were blessed with, we’ve fallen into a horrible pit we ourselves and our ancestors dug!

In another age, long ago, many cultures slaughtered animals and offered them to their gods. They also did this during the age of the law. The Bible says, “The law made nothing perfect, but the law was a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ!” (Galatians 2:17 and 3:24) The Jewish people worshipped the true God but they also sacrificed animals unto the Creator.

Just to show you how extensive this was, animals were sacrificed every morning and every night. King Solomon, who built the first Jewish temple where many of these sacrifices were offered, sent to their deaths, 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep on the single day that the temple was dedicated. Have you ever watched one oxen or one sheep being slaughtered? Almost no animals die easily and most flee in terror from such a possibility when given a chance! They actually want to experience the love of God through us humans. The Creator instructs us to do all things with kindness and God’s love! (1Corinthians 16:14 rev. Living Bible) Traditions of men, bad companions and the Deceiver have influenced us to the point that we are treacherous beings for the most part! Even a child’s pet pig from her 4-H project can easily be forced to experience Nightmare on Hell Street and a violent death because daddy said, “Honey, we raised it to slaughter.”

Ever hear of the Temple Institute? If you check the internet for it or “Rebuilding the Third Temple” for the nation of Israel, you will discover that some Jews and countless Christians are rejoicing that the time has almost arrived to rebuild the Temple. Nearly everything is in place for its construction to begin along with the ceremonial sacrifice and the reducing to ashes of the red heifer! No one knows what multitude of other helpless animals will die! God’s word tells us whether or not there is any real purpose for animal sacrifices.

No other book in the Bible was written more specifically for the blessed and precious Jewish people than the Book of Hebrews. If you have wonderful Jewish friends and loved ones, as I do, you might encourage them to read Hebrews Chapter 10! It tells and explains why animal sacrifice also referred to as murder in Isaiah 66:3, has zero spiritual value in the eyes of God and no benefit to any man or beast.

Here are nine reasons the Bible says animal sacrifice should never occur:

1. Animal sacrifices can never perfect us or complete us in character or fulfill us in any meaningful manner.

2. Animal sacrifice cannot cleanse your conscience.

3. Animal sacrifice cannot eliminate guilt, shame, or mental and emotional suffering for sin.

4. Animal sacrifice cannot take away your accountability for violating your conscience and dishonoring your Creator.

5. Animal sacrifice is not God’s will!

6. Animal sacrifice never pleased God.

7. Animal sacrifice was ended by the only sacrifice who only and always does God’s will, His name is Jesus Christ.

8. God’s will is that we cease animal sacrifice.

9. God does not remember the sin of those who believe, receive, and follow the Messiah. The remembrance of sin is not removed by animal sacrifice. Animal sacrifice never was and cannot be the remedy for sin. It cannot become the remedy for sin because God does not require or allow any more offerings for sin! His only biological Son was the right one and it was acceptable by the Heavenly Father who demonstrated His approval by raising Him from the dead!

If we believe that God sent the Messiah to save us and He already died for the sins of the whole world and directs our lives by His everlasting life, it is time that we be proactive in letting the world know that whether we are a Nimrod, a priest of any order, or any other human being, animal sacrifice is simply not acceptable to God or us!

To substantiate these proofs that animal sacrifice is a big zero and negative to God, to humankind, and to all creatures, I will quickly try to post the scriptures from Hebrews Chapter 10 with comments, which offers this proof. You will find these proofs under “God and the Church’s Position on Animal Sacrifice” The light and revelation of His Holy Word will be your assurance that you, too, must be God’s voice for ignorant human beings and animals that have no human voices without yours!

Pursue divine revelation, restoration and preservation of all life in Jesus’ name.


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