An Invitation to a Meaningful Relationship!

Today’s insight has the potential to turn your life around significantly in all the right ways. It begins a series on Building Significant Relationships and it is directed towards people who may not have scored too well in this subject in the past.

The top selling book in the world says, “We spend our life as a tale that is told.” What kind of story are you writing in the annals of eternity? God is all about relationships with His children and how your story ends will be completely dependent on how much you include your Heavenly Father in creating your story!

Try meditating on the reality just stated, until the next installment of Building Significant Relationships. You might not think God is for you, but the truth is that God knows everything about you, (Everything) and yet He totally loves you in every practical and important way…whosoever you may be! Listen to what He says to whosoever is listening: “The Spirit and the Bride say Come, and let Him that hears this say Come, and let him that is athirst Come…and whosoever will, let him come and take the water of life freely.”

I once planted a garden for a lady in Nevada’s arid climate. The soil was wonderfully and lovingly prepared and all the seeds she desired were sown. After three months, I called her to see how her harvest was coming along, only to find she got not even a sprout. When I asked her how frequently she was watering she responded with, “Oh, I did not know a garden needed to be watered!”

God will water the garden of your life and give the increase if you accept His invitation to come unto Him. He designed us all to be part of His family and He wants to be the center of your entire life and its story. God made this so easy for us by sending His pattern and example Son (who always maintained His relationship with God) to die for all our errors so that the penalties we would have incurred were all paid for by Christ. God did this so what some call sin would never block us from coming to God to find help and mercy in all our needs. Somewhere deep inside everyone knows there must be a Creator to whom we are accountable, but not everyone knows Him in a personal relationship! For this reason God inspired the writer of 1John 5:12, to write, “He that hath the Son of God hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God doesn’t have real life at all.” Seek and you shall find; ask and it shall be given; knock and the door to a real relationship with God shall be opened! Open and God will make your life story worth telling! (Ps. 90:9)


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