A Significant Miracle

 The Holy Word says to preach the gospel and that the Lord will confirm the word with signs following.  On Christmas Day, a neighbor across the fields, had visiting adult daughter whose large dog escaped and ran away into the darkness.  A downpour of icy rain made the situation truly not fit for a dog.  I called the young owner and talked her into praying with me that "Cheyenne," would safely return home.  Her sister had assured me that when Cheyenne escapes and runs away she never returns home.  Several hours after we prayed, my wife and I answered a knock on the door.  It was the delightful owner of Cheyenne coming to thank us and inform us that Cheyenne had come home.  That was what I will call a "normal miracle."  But what I am about to speak of, I believe must be recognized as a "significant miracle."

 The world we live in today is not the world God made.  The world we live in today is described as spiritually warped and parched and twisted.  God has promised a "restoration of all things and spoken of this restoration to all His Holy Prophets through many generations.  A part of this restoration says "The lion shall lie down with the lamb and the bear shall eat straw with the oxen and a little child shall lead them."  At our wildlife Sanctuary, I have noticed that the deer come running out of the forest to greet me when I visit, but stay concealed when someone comes who could harm them.  I have also observed that some domestic animals form unusual unions like a pig nursing a puppy or a dog riding on the back of its horse buddy in the pasture field, but I have never heard of a wild carnivore caring for its prey.  In a book I am currently writing I felt that God wanted to include a chapter on this change coming to the Creation and its restoration into the Peaceable Kingdom. I argued with God because I was aware of no examples of this change happening in the wild kingdom and I told God, "I will only write that chapter if you give me an obvious example.

 At times in the New Testament, Jesus healed everyone that was sick, but there were living examples in Old Testament times of people being restored from deadly afflictions.  Down through the ages in every culture, right up to this current moment, there are examples of divine intervention in health restoration.  So....when preachers came on the modern scene to introduces the masses to healing, they had a vast reservoir of examples to draw from.  Such was not the case with wolves lying down with calves or lions lying down with lambs.  Because of this fact, I could only tell people that the change would begin, "when the priest put their feet in the water," such as when the Israelis crossed the Jordan River at flood stage.  They crossed over on dry land through a real miracle, but only after the leaders took the first step of faith in spite of the obvious.

 I have recently begun to speak about this transition and transformation in a cloaked manner and proclaimed that we are on the threshold of a total change, but still concerned that I have no example to show the people that such things are possible.  Just before Christmas, I got the gift of a lifetime due anyone who cherishes the heart of God.  It came is the form of a documentary film on the Animal Planet called "Heart of a Lioness."  This remarkable film features a beautiful white native African woman named Saba Douglas-Hamilton who investigated this remarkable story.  When I watched a trailer for the film and saw this wild female lion loving and protecting this young Oyrx antelope, its normal prey, I said to myself, "This is a sign from God that the changes are coming."  When the park ranger interviewed on the film was asked what the native tribal people in the Samburu Reserve thought about the relationship, he replied, "They believe it is a message from God."  I wept for joy.  The ranger stated that the lion, living in East Africa's Great Rift Valley, (more on that in my next motivation) had been named Kamuwyak.  When asked what that means, he responded, "The Blessed One."  Both the film (which I suppose is available through the Animal Planet) and the Lioness are truly blessed ones.

 For me, this wonderful documentary is living proof that such changes are possible and, at least in one occasion have happened.  For those who leave Spirit out of the equation, this will no doubt begin a rift.  Just as when Jesus brought people to their right minds, the mind of Christ and the anointing of God, and some said He was totally deceived, some will ignore this real miracle and message from God.  Lions haven't recently, until now given frequent tongue baths to giant antelope calves and giant antelope calve have not reciprocated.  I will be so bold as to say we will begin to see more and more of such things until we learn that every creature is secretly longing to be loved.  And that the restoration is coming!


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