A Slow Train Comin'

At first, this may seem to be a mere philosophical issue, but in reality one of the most critical issues of our day is what can we expect to happen to our planet in the conceivable future.  Many great spiritual teachers say we must speak forth the word of a matter before it can be brought into manifestation.  Ignorant people go about talking about the end of the world, but  the Bible states that we should be looking for "the end of the age."  Rockers refer to this period as "the end of the world as we know it."  We are so close to that event that the Bible refers to it as the earth's "birth pains"  An entire New Age is preparing to be born. If we love God and the wonderful vision God has for the planet, its creatures, its environment and earths human inhabitants, we should be welcoming these changes.  The reason is obvious.  Earth cannot sustain or maintain the web of life with all the abuse humanity is throwing at it. If humans could not destroy the earth, one niche or one species at a time, God would never have warned us that those who destroy the earth should be destroyed. Revelation 11:18.

Today, humans who were created to guard and protect Eden, now complain that we have too many environmental laws and restrictions. The King James Bible translates our responsibility, declared in Genesis 2:15, as "dressing and keeping," the earth, but the actual words are "abad and shamar."  Collectively those two words mean to intently observe the earth and to learn from it, to hedge it about, to propagate its biodiversity, and to guard it, protect it and defend it.  By following this instruction, Noah was able to meet the needs of every creature that the Spirit brought to the ark. Noah teaches us that we are to co-operate with God, no matter what the cost, to preserve every species alive upon the face of the earth.  Instead, we have been loading earth's ecosystem with toxic waste, unexploded munitions, heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, land fills and oceanic dumps, sewage, and noxious gasses until nothing is safe or sacred!  Now, our rape, abuse, and exploitation of this finely tuned sphere spinning through the heavens is causing an ever-increasing loss of life and bio-diversity from the African rain forest to earth's icy poles.

In the Torah we see that the singers and dancers went in front of the Israeli army as it sought to fend off its attackers.  As I contemplated writing this, Grammy Award winning singer and song writer John Mayer appeared on Oprah singing his newest hit, "Waiting for the World to Change."  About the same time, America's poet son, Bob Dylan, was performing in the Broadway play, "The Times They Are A-Changin."  Whether we are waiting or noticing, it is like Mother Shipton prophesied before us white folks invaded this unspoiled chunk of Eden: "It is the ending of the old age, and the beginning of the new."  No lie can last forever...even one based upon serving mammon, the love of money and the military industrial complex about which many from Jesus Christ Himself to our late President Eisenhower warned us. The heavenly vision will prevail.  Soon those who are with us will be more than those who are against us.  Aurora Borealis will light up the night sky with a giant "Tilt" sign as earth is blessed by the critical mass of an idea born in the heart of the idea whose time has come.

If we had been observing the King of Egypt following hard after Moses and his refugees, we would have likely said, "It looks like another massacre," but we would have been wrong.  The Red Sea did open up to deliver the Jews and to swallow up the armies of Egypt.  You may ask, "Do you really believe that stuff"?  Absolutely!  Setting aside archeological evidence proving the event, I have had small scale events of similar nature in my own experience.  Many...but I will share just one.

One summer, my young children and I arrived by motor home on the crest of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  Collectively we decided to climb Mt. Angeles, but nightfall drew near as we approached the summit. We discussed whether or not we should make a dash for the top and create a lasting memory.  Placing our hope in learning more about "doing all we think we can achieve," we took the peak just in time to watch a magnificent sunset.

Descending, we had to traverse a steep and dangerous slope.  We prayed and joined hands and proceeded, but stopped in our tracks as we neared the darkened forest, filled with huge gaping holes from fallen trees.  We took some deep breaths, prayed once more in an earnest circle and cautiously entered the intense blackness.  To our amazement, the forest floor was all aglow with a blue luminosity helping every step be a safe one.  Later I postulated that the luminescence was "fox-fire," but no matter what it was, it provided an answered prayer and a miraculous deliverance...much to our delight.

For thousands of years a horse and cart was about the best transportation a family could find, but suddenly about a century ago the world had "horseless carriages."  Returning once more to Mother Shipton, speaking as a prophet before the Europeans began killing North America's rightful environmental stewards, she predicted the California gold rush, air liners and metal sub-marines.  People who once scoffed at her now look back in amazement.  Today, many of us who see the suffering of the earth, its poor and indigenous people, its ecology and creatures, wonder if a change will come that will restore this planet to the sort of place it was intended to be.  One scripture says, "It is the nature of the King to conceal a matter, and the glory of Princes to seek it out."  For the time being, I will leave the discovery of the details to my princely readers who meditate day and night in God's word knowing that each fresh revelation will be like a drink of cool spring water on a mountain ascent.  My intention in this message is to leave you without any doubt that the change is at the doors and we are on the threshold of God's dream. As countless ministers have said, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it."  The old worn out blackboards are coming down and the new greenboards are going up. People get ready for the trains a comin'.

In Romans chapter 8 we see that "All creation and every creature is eagerly and anxiously awaiting the manifestation of God's real sons and daughters because all creation and every creature shall be released from bondage and corruption into the same glorious liberty that belongs to all of God's children."  This is the promise and the hope God extends to them all.  Do we join Paul Winter in earnest "Prayer for the Wild Things?" And is our prayer a prayer of faith because we believe the very Word of God.

Scripture is either true or it is not.  Countless people have discovered that scripture is unfailingly reliable, that God is a God who is Love, and that God cannot lie.  This God, Creator of heaven and earth, who gave his Son to die for our failures and raised him from the dead to remain our best friend and guide has said, "Surely there is an end and your expectation shall not be disappointed."  Did you hear that?  God not only cares about you, your heart and soul, and even the heart of a sparrow, He says "Surely there is an end and your hopes and expectations will not be disappointed."  There is a change coming.  If you are one "Waiting for the World to Change," know assuredly that you are not waiting in vain.


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