Bon Jovi is Back!

Web surfers and Bon Jovi fans thought that the talented performer was dead and expressed their worst fears!  Rumor has it that he considerately notified on-line devotees, “I am in Heaven, and it looks just like New Jersey.” Bon Jovi has conquered not only rock and roll but country music and a few others between his musical ability and song choices he makes. I used to be a Moody Blues fan although now I am Christ’s. One of the Moody Blue’s songs sounded, to me, like they were singing, “We’ve got to make the journey without an end.” That assisted my coming to the Lord because I understood that was speaking about eternal life. As it turned out the Moody Blues were really singing, “We’ve got to make the journey out and in” which was possibly a reference to astral projection. Astral projection would likely have ended my life because the bible says when our spirit leaves our body we are dead. Just what the Devil wants! Back when I listened to the Moody Blues, God directed me to hear what He wanted me to hear.

Bon Jovi has some songs that can be very inspiring. My favorite lyrics in a Bon Jovi song start with these lines, “This one goes out to the man who mines for miracles. This one goes out to the ones in need.” This introduction says God is the man who produces the miracles and I am the man in need, the way I see it. So these lyrics are encouraging. This song, “We Weren’t Born to Follow,” can be found on the album, “The Circle:” the demand for it is still leading its sales. Bon Jovi’s got the right idea. My bible also says we believers are the head and not the tail. We are supposed to be on the cutting edge of true leadership not just another player in the band.   

I live in a state near New Jersey with great views, a lot of wildlife, and just a few people with whom you can have a meaningful and loving conversation. Corruption seems rampant on many levels, killing animals’ manifests as the favorite past-time of residents with poaching fighting for second place.  A place that wounds and kills its animals is no where near Heaven. Abusing forests and dumping garbage where it does not belong (like in spring runs) is a hereditary habit in the area where I live as is ignoring environmental precautions. Our state is exceptional in that it is not at all like Heaven because Heaven permits no entry of unrepentant criminals, including unrepentant fraudulent people, or those unrepentant people who destroy the Earth (Revelation 11:18), neither the unrepentant people that are staying in the darkness because they wish to conceal their continuing violence and evil deeds! 

People who believe the Bible like Jack Van Impe, and people who claim they were taken to visit Heaven like Jesse Duplantis, describe it as having many kinds of animals. They claim no sighting of hunters.  Nothing that hurts or harms shall enter in there. After all this is Heaven and the only cares allowed here are loving cares that is given to all the occupants. Little birds fly down from Heaven’s majestic old growth forests to land on the shoulders of happy people and teach them new tunes for the songs they have enthusiastically composed. Mike Murdock, a world wide mentor of wisdom says God loves our passion. It causes God to draw nearer to us, but in our State, in some corners, county supervisors order those with constitutional grievances to keep their emotions out of all complaints. No passion please!

We are glad we have the Garden State near us in many respects and the same is true of all our other neighboring states.  The Garden State gave us the voices of Sinatra and Bon Jovi. We certainly have nothing against the man who rides upon the circle of both rock music and country and it brings us joy to hear some of his creative and inspired lyrics, but we live close enough to New Jersey to insist New Jersey is nothing like Heaven, except I understand you can still own a Bible in both places!


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