Christians, Environmentalists and Animal Rights Activists: Tremble!

The spirit of prophecy says we are in a time of great shaking. A battle which threatens the church, the environmental movement and all creatures may be brewing.

One of the claims I made in my pre-hiring application to become a columnist in southern California, was that I had my finger on the pulse of America. I am certain I still do. Through my employment I covered every conceivable faith and inter-faith groups possible.

I knew some groups that were filled with ignorance and some that were highly enlightened and everything in between. I knew some Christian churches whose doctrine wouldn’t pass muster in most respected Christ centered circles, but because they excelled and abounded in love, met God’s first qualification.

I am aware of the schisms in many religions and particularly in my own faith: Christian. I am conscious of the division politics has brought into the church as it replaces the gospel. What I have observed happening within Christianity in America first appeared as a sore spot transitioned to a boil and has emerged as a malignant cancer of ominous proportions!

If you would ask me where America is today, I’d say we are close, in similarity, to where the French citizens were outside the French ruler’s palace, when the Emperor asked what all the noise was about. When his aid replied, “Sir, the people have no bread,” the Emperor responded, “Let them eat cake.” The rest of that story is swift History.

I never drop hints and this reference to where we are in American is no reflection on our present ruler. The comparison is directed at the angry and dangerous divide between right and left wing Churches who have ceased studying and practicing the teachings of their professed Master. They have exchanged them, many times unknowingly, for politics from the podium. Jeremiah said it like this: “The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their own little Kingdoms, and my people love to have it so and what will you do in the end thereof?”

Today many divisions of Christianity promote the teaching of their own “ten points,” while avoiding at all costs any scripture that contradicts that doctrinal statement. One thing has to be certain: Either Jesus was a prophet or he was not. Either He was the Messiah and Savior of the world, or He was a con and a liar and deceiver. If He really was a prophet and more, why haven’t you heeded what He said? Jesus warned us, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not one dot or dash of my word shall pass away until all of it is fulfilled!”

Because God’s professed followers know not His word, they are more than willing to follow the first person that represents their sexual preference or political persuasion and can hum a tune. They are nearly ready to die for their cause, which is often just to be as mean, threatening, and ornery as possible. Yet, they are unwilling to reason together as the Lord advises. They don’t study the scriptures thoroughly on important issues, but they are willing to instead blindly follow some “leader” filled with hatred for others who differ with them.

Right now you can witness some of this “religious harlot riding on the beast” of the world’s political system right on the tele ready to kill one another over health care. I am an ambassador for Christ and His Kingdom which is the Kingdom of Love, Peace, Joy and Righteousness in the Holiest of Spirits. Don’t think that any politicians are going to solve all our health care needs, neither are any people in the Insurance or health care Industry. First and foremost, our health care must come from the Lord our Creator who made heaven and earth and by following His original menu for health and physical wholeness.

In Noah’s day, God flooded the earth because, “All the earth was filled with violence and their thoughts were only continually evil.” I am far from suggesting that health care is not a very important issue, but violence is never a solution. The civil war (now there’s an oxymoron) turned fathers against their own sons and sons against their fathers. It left wounds that are still festering and causing animosity in the South.

War is not the answer. Even mentioning war may seem inflammatory and totally uncalled for by some readers. If I still have my finger on the pulse of America, I suggest that across this country there are churches who behind their choirs and happy shouts are preparing for just that. All actions are preceded by thoughts and resolution and war is no different. They are determined if they cannot win politically they will resort to civil war or violence!

Just yesterday, I listened to a prophecy that confirmed my deep concern for what might be coming to America, and I don’t mean Eddie Murphy. The speaker specified that we are now in a time when “everything that can be shaken, will be shaken,” Hebrews 12:26-27. One of the things he elaborated upon was “the great and terrible conflict and shaking coming within the Christian Church…”

I recently was directed by the Lord to review a one hour sermon from someone I have benefited from listening to in the past. His sermon and teaching was, for the first time, so offensive, anti environmental and animal rights (and anti-Christian unbeknownst to him) that I literally felt nauseated. Almost every comment he made was followed by “Praise the Lord,” or “Amen” from the congregation. At face value I disagreed that some of what he said was Biblical, but it seemed to be sprinkled with a lot of scripturally factual substance. The closer I scrutinized his words the more I began to shudder at what he had just injected into that happy crowd!

The entire church had just imbibed enough witches potion to make them want to turn me into a frog and bite off my legs. They swallowed the last drop never realizing they had been duped. I am certain not one of those precious souls even thought about their early church brothers in Berea who became stronger spiritually than others because they daily sought the scriptures to see if what they were being taught was true. Acts 17:11 How baffled I felt to think some day people of the same faith might be acting as vigilantes, or shooting at someone I love, because it wasn’t important enough to avoid hatred, war, and murder by studying God’s Word and daring to incorporate and understand the parts of it we have been avoiding!

One of the many scriptures we animal rights people point to is Isaiah 66:3, “He that kills an ox is as if he murdered a man and he that sacrifices a lamb is as if he cut off a dog’s neck…” But it is proceeded by the second half of verse two which says, “To this man will I the Lord look, even to him that is (poor) browbeaten and needy and of a smitten spirit and trembles (be so careful that you quake) at my word.” “Browbeaten” amazingly was the best definition I could find for the word translated poor in the King James Version. After listening to an hour of that poison it certainly was appropriate to know that God was waiting to give me the antidote!

After reviewing that man’s sermon which had rocked me to the core, I rejoiced in the release the Holy Spirit brought to me as I looked up the Hebrew and Greek meanings of the words in the concepts he warped and twisted. He tried to discredit everything we know God’s word and intention reveals. Just like Isaiah 66:2b promised: God looked to this poor man, David Prather, who felt as browbeaten and needy as any human being ever did and transformed my countenance by revealing what the word was saying in spirit and in truth.

Just as Jacob wrestled with God and refused to let him go until he was blessed, you can do the same. Take those sacred cow scriptures along with the verses that threaten them and expose them to God. The two of you may struggle all night in the darkness. You can wrestle with God in that seeming theological conflict and although God wins every battle, if you hang on for dear life and continue the struggle He will always bless you. What I say to one I say to all who press in to God’s word knowing that He will look to you, be blessed. If in the years to come you die in defense of the real gospel you will have died enlightened and if you live you will be a great teacher who brings the light of the Kingdom to others who were once duped by the darkness. And who knows you may end a war before it gets started.


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