Earth to be Given Away!
(True Sanctuary Coming to a Place Near You)

The questions are who will give the earth away; who will receive it; and what will they do with it? At least once before it was given, but those who got it, lost it to the worst possible interests, and what it is facing today is certain destruction…unless there is a shift to give it the guarding, protection, understanding, and love it has been waiting, so anxiously, to experience once again!

God is in the process of taking back the planet from the lords of destruction and giving it to the holy ones of the Most High God: Creator of Heaven and Earth. (Daniel 7:18 & Psalms 37:22) Before you say, “Holy Ones, that leaves me out.” Consider this. Although your sins are scarlet, the Blood of Christ shall make you white as snow…and His Life in you will enable you to live, like Him, a life set apart to God: a holy life. Daniel uses the word “saints,” as does Paul, not to identify those chosen by the Pope after their death, but those chosen by Christ in this present world. We are all called to be saints! (Romans 1:7)

Adam and Eve fell, and became servants of error personified and all creation and every creature has been suffering under that cruel burden ever since. The plants, the animals, the soil and sea and even the springs of water and micro-organisms can endure it no more (neither can many of earth’s human inhabitants). Revelation 10:5-7 tells us that the necessary shift will occur soon and there will be no more delay. Some translations say, “Time shall be no more,” but the word time here is actually delay.

What if you knew you were going to be selected to head a great university, wouldn’t you study up a bit? Well, what those who inherit the Earth will be doing is what God created human beings to do: to guard and protect all the ecology of the planet, to learn everything about it, and to teach others. God wants every species and their protectors to become fruitful and the whole of them reproduce, flourish, and fill the planet. (Many environmentalists believe that over population is our biggest problem but I do not believe this at all. We are over consuming, polluting and destroying our planet, however, an earth filled with people who are a beneficial part of nature, guardians and protectors and nurturers will be a boon to the planet not a ka-boom.)

Spirituality, of course, was central to this mission of restoring the earth, because we must frequently come to the Creator who is Spirit with our childlike inquisitiveness, to ask for information, education, enlightenment, empowerment and just plain help. We may think we know a lot, but compared to the Creator, we aren’t even a blip on the radar screen! His nature itself is Everlasting Love and having given His Son to redeem us, we can have absolute confidence in that Divine Blessing, Love, Assistance, and Acceptance.

Nothing in Nature was ever meant to be lost or become extinct. The 24 elders around Heaven’s Throne are so sure of this that they warn us that, “God should destroy those who destroy the Earth.” Rev. 11:18 The Earth is destroyed by man, far more than any other species and it is destroyed one little niche or ecosystem at a time. Most die from the micro level upward which is why things like chemical and oil spills do so much harm. Nothing that hurts or harms shall enter into God’s Holy Mountain and if I live, and God willing, you can get my book in the spring and discover among other things, that God is “greener,” than you could ever dream! God has no pleasure in hurting or harming and we are being conformed to the image of God’s Son if Christ be in us. Yet…all over the planet every tree stands in the threat of chainsaws, every river of being damned, the mountains of being bull-dozed, the sea of being relentlessly mined and “harvested,” and all creatures facing hideous deaths.

Across these somewhat United States, The National Wildlife Refuge System seems to be a sanctuary of millions of acres for refuges for everything from waterfowl to coyotes. The real situation is a far cry from being “Refuges!” They operate to a large extent, to facilitate the cruel activities of “sportsmen” hunters who blast the waterfowl from our skies and where the “Wildlife Service” kills part of its nearly one-a-day cougars and more coyotes with guns, poisons, traps, and other techniques than you could believe. Trappers used steel-jawed traps and now resort to ones that strangle or squeeze the life out of such creatures as beaver, otters, and foxes.

You may still think the National Wildlife Refuges are sanctuaries instead of war zones, but some exploration will quickly change your mind. That is why, in light of the scripture, which tells us why we are and what we are to do with the Earth we are inheriting, we are leading and promoting the True Sanctuary Movement. (See Genesis 2:15 and look up “dress” and “keep” in the Hebrew in the Strong’s Concordance) On the bluffs of San Pedro, California a small area of open space was turned into a true sanctuary to save a species of blue butterfly. Pollinators like butterflies sometimes are critical to the survival of a unique flower or fruiting species. Don’t forget, everything is connected. The New Testament says it this way: “We are all parts or members of one another.”

Flying Squirrel

In 1999 we created our first True Sanctuary, The Esme Noel King Wildlife Sanctuary. This area of Pennsylvania attracts poaching as a pastime for many, where hunting season for deer and other animals makes the hills and forests sound like a war zone. Spotlighting hunters kill bucks illegally, hypnotized by hunter’s beacons in the night, just to cut off the antlers! This True Sanctuary offers solitude for daily lives and birthing, shelter from the winter storms and bullets, a resting place for relentlessly pressed creatures. The Sanctuary provides food for many creatures from flying squirrels and flocks of songbirds to deer and turkey. In past years, the King Sanctuary has hosted groups ranging from kindergarten through college level. It offers both an environmental education program and spiritually enlightening campfire circles. Wildlife photographers have been blessed by the opportunities it has presented and its impact on the community has been one of seeing more and more land being posted against hunting as God moves us through the dark resistance into His marvelous light.

Every creature, according to the Biblical concept, is waiting to see the restoration of the Love of God, experienced through His sons and daughters. These “new creation” sons and daughters refuse to hurt and harm His creatures and the Earth they depend upon.

If you wish to learn more about True Sanctuary, restoring the earth, saving species, or having your own environmental educational center in a True Sanctuary, e-mail us and we will help you get started. It is a wonderful thing to do and experience. True Sanctuaries demonstrate the reality that Love never fails, like nothing else except the Prince of Peace can and it is the future, thank God, for the earth!

Since the beginning of the King Sanctuary in 1999 until last year, we entirely financed the King Sanctuary’s activities personally. Sometimes we had to feed a busload of students as we shared with them around the campfire. And we always did substantial winter feeding for the wildlife. We never accepted one cent for anything we did. Last year between some major health problems, working on this critical book, and finding good homes for animals such as our Tibetan Yaks (if you qualify, we still have several), we obtained about $700 from a non-profit organization for the animals at the King Sanctuary on a one time basis for winter feeding. We had an unusually mild season and did not require the usual thousand dollars for tons of corn on the cob, black thistle and sun flower seeds and assorted fruits and nuts.

These winter months, until the book comes out, we have no funds to do the winter feeding or to put a metal roof on the corn crib which holds many tons of corn and is now leaking. The corncrib was constructed in ’99 and will easily last a generation with a good roof.

We are hoping someone will consider all the hundreds of creatures that need the winter help and will find it in their hearts to write a check or Money order to the King Sanctuary. Nothing will be spent for any other purposes than the winter feeding and corn crib roof. Last year and this year it is operated by The Church in the Green which emphasizes a deep spiritual relationship with the Creator through all Christ accomplished for us and every creature. Of course your gift is tax deductible. Every animal there will be even more grateful than we are for any help you can offer. Our prayer is to obtain $2000. One thousand is for the corn, sunflower seeds, etc. and the other is for the materials and installation of a metal roof on the corncrib at the Sanctuary.

We can’t overemphasize how important it will be in these next few transitional years, to have True Sanctuaries all around the world. It is evident that the pressures to kill everything from bush meat in Africa to creatures of many sorts right here in America will increase unless we come on the scene as the salt of the earth and the light of the world leading the way into a new earth full of hope. This hope must extend far beyond that of humans alone, but reach the lives of every creature. Thank you sincerely and many blessings for the New Year.

Minister David Prather


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