Global Warming Ends

911 operators are being overwhelmed with calls to assist children whose tongues have become frozen to flagpoles according to CNN. Like wooly mammoths, dairy cows are freezing in place while munching on freeze dried daisies. Record snowfall hits New England as chopper pilots continue to search for Boston, frost turns Florida beaches into ice skating rinks, and global warming was found dead and floating atop a chunk of iceberg in the Caribbean. Rush is ranting about a farewell ceremony for Global Warming and Al Gore is considering a another bid for President in 2012!

Okay, okay, not so fast. “Blessed are the peace-makers for they shall be called the children of God.” It also says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” “Unless you become converted like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” And if you are a kid, nobody will object if you pray for the return of Global Warming. Go ahead. Please.

Now let’s look at this global warming thing seriously. Let’s use its new name, climate change, and end this stupid war between those that believe in global warming and those who are simply hoping for it. Jesus said, “Take no anxious thought for tomorrow for today will have its own share of evil (and blessings).” I believe He said that to remind us that life is full of the unanticipated and unexpected both bad and good. My Dad used to say, “The finest plans of mice and men come to naught.” That is why God lets us know He is there to help all who call upon Him. We can’t get through it all without Divine help. And as His children, we aren’t supposed to! What we can do is expect the unexpected.

It snows in Los Angeles, freezes in Florida, rains in the desert, and has an occasional pyro plastic flow on the Big Island. As Sinatra would say: “That’s life.” And it doesn’t prove anything! Climate change isn’t ending just because we get a mini-ice age or two. “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather,” lets talk peaceably…we may need each other. Weather forecasts fail, but love never does.

One day when I was living in Reno, Nevada, it snowed so much that the city came to a standstill. My girlfriend and I walked to work downtown through a trackless winter wonderland. We only saw one set of tracks until we got two blocks from the clubs and those were the footprints of a cotton-tail rabbit. 395 North didn’t look like the highway to Stead Air Base and Susanville, but rather a glaciated river waiting for the spring thaw! When I asked God why He permitted so many people to be inconvenienced, the answer I got said, “I just wanted everyone to know I am still in charge.”

Global warming or climate change isn’t going away as long as we continue to fill the atmosphere with polluted hydrocarbons. If I run my lawnmower in the garage for a moment, it may not send me to the hospital or the morgue, but let all the folks in my town run their lawnmowers in my closed garage and we’ve got warming, climate change, and environmental terror, even if the overhead sprinklers activate.

In the Bible it says that the sun will shine seven times brighter. When it comes to matters like that and global warming/climate change, it takes a good bit of study to discover the complexities of these scientific events. If the sun actually shone seven times brighter they’d be carrying you out of here on a spatula and they’d have to be wearing asbestos suits. Phoenix would be 700 degrees in the shade and it would have to emerge like the mythical bird of the same name from its own ashes on a regular basis. Studying the scripture about sun spiraling solar amplification will reveal it is talking about ray intensification and then only about certain rays such as ultra-violet.

We are already seeing the increase in cancer from the intensified UV exposure around the globe, but what does the Bible say about global warming or climate change? When we consider the answer to that question we won’t stop talking to our neighbor because he believes global warming is threatening the biosphere when others don’t even know what the biosphere is. They only know it is bitterly cold. Global warming causes such things as melting of the ice packs which can cool the strong currents of the ocean such as the Gulf Stream and thus produce colder winters in regions formerly warmed by that current. Global warming is a very complex effect which can bring about desertification in areas which were once rain forests and bring excessive moisture to areas that were once destinations for sun lovers.

Climate change and global warming are not ever going to be accepted by many people so long as they don’t know what the bible says will be the over-riding factor at this time in earth’s history. That factor is identified in Isaiah 24:20a when God says the earth, during this time of shaking, “will reel to and fro like a drunken man.” A drunken man doesn’t know where he is going. One moment he wants to head back to the bar, and the next moment he is heading for the head.

Right now because of global warming we have climate change and because of climate change we are experiencing the furnace on high while the air-conditioning is also turned all the way up. What we need to consider is that both sides of the argument are right part of the time and that the real event is the earth’s trying to shake off the inhabitants that are causing the impact on the biosphere. Don’t take my word for this: Read Leviticus 18:25, “And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomits out her inhabitants.” If we approach what is happening positively we can receive illumination and direction concerning both the needs of the planet and the desire of the Creator that we would all walk in intimate relationship with Him.

The ancients weren’t ignorant as some suggest. Daniel implies that we are acting like insane people until we understand “that the Heavens do rule.” (Daniel 4) The ancients frequently watched the heavens. They knew the stars and their influences on climate, even other heavenly bodies, where and when they would appear in our night sky and occasionally our atmosphere. Stars like Sirius and constellations like the Pleiades were more famous than a Rolex watch and told them the times and the seasons with accuracy. See Job 38:31. Many people even plant their gardens today based upon ancient wisdom to coincide with phases of the moon. You do recall, of course, that the gift-bearers, who came to worship Jesus, were called the wise men?

The ancients had pyramids and obelisks and many other astronomical devices to inform them of the times and seasons. Without such devices, people would likely have been concluding the earth was indeed reeling backward and foreword when it seemed like summer one day and felt like winter the next. With God’s very available help, His great Love, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can do all things…even make it through this winter. God has given us authority over the elements so far as we need it to bless our loved ones, both human and otherwise, but that authority does not include climate change. In other words, I cannot command the weather to be sunny and 70 on my farm and a next door neighbor command minus 30 and snow. We cannot play with God’s creation merely for amusement. Climate change that happens suddenly can be devastating to both habitat and animal species.

When a mountain is blocking the way to what God wants for our lives or His creatures’ lives, we can speak to those mountains and they will get out of our way. Jesus did not say to pray for the mountain to be removed but He told us to speak to the mountains. God says to, “Declare a thing and it shall be established.” For the most part this only works if you are living a lifestyle that is set apart to God. We often command the rain, snow, wind, or hail to cease, or go around our property and God has blessed and honored that greatly. Remember that Jesus commanded the wind to cease and immediately it was still. It will be unto you according to your faith, so remember that Christ taught, “Because I go to the Father, the works I do, you shall do and greater works, you shall do.” “It is not by our might or power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.”

We won’t stop climate change without changing our actions both by reducing our carbon footprint and restoring our forests and replacing our concrete and asphalt with paths to walk in. Many Christians are hoping to get out of here via the rapture but most of them seem not to have read the part about that, which says, “Every man that has this hope in him purifieth himself even as He is pure.” (1John 3:3) No sense in arguing about whether we are having global warming or nuclear winter. The fact is this earth will seem more and more like something is unbalanced and we are riding a roller coaster with a mind of its own until we all recognize that a higher way must appear and be here manifested on the earth and it is called, The Way of Holiness.

Definitions: The Biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems and can also be called the zone of life on earth.

CNN, here, is the Comical New Network. *Climate change is no joke.


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