Have You Seen that God is Green?

Blow the Trumpets! The lightening is flashing and the thunder is pounding! The voices of many waters are announcing to a people who profess to know God, but have not even honored the Almighty by both reading and meditating in His Word. This is what they are proclaiming before many witnesses: “God is Greener than anything you have ever seen! God is Green! Amen, yes, God is Green!”

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I almost forgot to mention, “Some of His closest companions and most faithful servants…with more insight than most of the prophets…are warm fuzzies!” But who am I? I can only say I am therefore I think, and I think upon the things that are written in His word and The Lamb’s Book of Life! And what a life it is!

Are you set in your ways or will you turn with me to Revelation chapter four and look where the King of Kings and Lord of Lords sits ruling until His enemies become His footstool, the unrepentant wicked are ashes under the feet of His Holy Ones, His sons are manifest, and our raped, abused and plundered planet and creatures are restored. Everything! When you have some time do a little studying in Acts chapter three, after we all read Revelation chapter four. Beginning with verse one:

“After this, I looked, and behold, a door was opened in Heaven. And the first voice which I heard was a trumpet talking with me. (I heard it too…and Oh, the music!) And the voice said, Come up here and I will show you just what all is going to happen!” You might have noticed that John the revelated writer began this verse with the comment: “After this.” The ‘this’ he was referring to was God warning to vomit out of His mouth a wretched, miserable, deceived, unenlightened, boring, relatively inactive church. In God’s letter to Laodicea’s church, He begins in chapter three and verse one reminding the participants of the veracity of Jesus Christ and the fact that Jesus is “the beginning of “the Creation of God.”

By the time this brief letter gets down to verse 16 and Christ is warning them that He is literally going to take them to the curb if they don’t take some serious designated actions and repent; He begins to remind them that He loves them. By verse 20, He has shown them that they are so distracted from God and His purposes by their prosperity and all their things, that Jesus isn’t really given time or place in them where they can find any spiritual food or recognize that they are the real Temple of the Son of God. Jesus ends the letter to the last church…the one in Laodicea reminding them if they overcome the things He has exposed, they will sit down on His throne with Him, even as He overcame and is set down on His Father’s throne! I always used to think the lukewarm church was bad rubbish to which God could only say good riddance, but His letter to them seems to be filled with hope partly by reminding them that Jesus created the Creation and by inference, they are still reminded of God every day, even though they lost or never knew the joys of feasting spiritually with Jesus…and reminded every day they could still see and hear creation’s cry! Jesus was still inviting them to recognize that they were called to be part of the solution…the head and not the tail…and to take a good look at the Throne of God and realize they were being invited to overcome their obstacles and sit down on God’s very throne with Jesus and the animals! Oh, you didn’t know about the animals? We’ll take a look at them soon.

Well, immediately, John was in the Spirit after Laodicea got the bad news and the hopeful news, and John was looking right at the Throne in Heaven and, “One sat on the Throne.” (Revelation 4:2)

Now this One that sat on the Throne is the One who will soon reign on the Earth for a thousand years and if we overcome in this life, we will rule and reign with Him and we will now and ever be with the Lord. Better get to know Him! Revelation 4:3 pictures Him on the Throne and says He was to look at like a Jasper and a Sardine Stone. The most delightful Jasper is called “picture jasper” or “landscape jasper.” In the western US you can purchase it at rock shops. When some jasper stones are cut open and polished, they reveal pictures of the natural world. Often the landscape created in them is clearly a vision of a forest behind a meandering river, a snow capped mountain with lower hills and fields, or a volcano erupting into the evening sky! Seeing is believing in these cases!

This is where Strong’s Concordance leads you as to the characteristics of a Sardine stone. Strong’s says ultimately the word means a stumbling stone or a mill stone. Different “experts” have differing ideas on this stone. I just gave you two. Millstones and stumbling stones are names sometime leveled at Jesus. (See Matthew 18:6 and 1Peter 2:8) Both stones are often quite large. The Concordance says they are red in color. I love a place near Chrystal Peak, California and a nearby Reservoir called Sardine. It has many colors reflecting from the mountains and the sky like silver, gold, bronze, blues, purples, browns, reds, and greens. Sort of like a sardine darting through the waves. This illustrated to me that He on the Throne was no particular color: not a white man, a red man, a black man, an oriental man or an Arabian man…but an all-inclusive man where the important thing was not the color of a man’s skin, but the important thing was his character. The red of the Sardine stone certainly represents the blood Jesus shed for our redemption in our stead and the Jasper reveals that His commitment to the Creation is at His core; His very heart and is literally written in stone!

So far I have been simply dancing around the edges of this revelation that the Holy Spirit is unfolding from the Logos, but now we can look at absolute evidence which was hidden from the generations of long ago…even many of God’s prophets. “Everything that Jesus looks at from the Father’s Throne is connected to His Green perspective. I am sure you older readers heard of someone who always looked at situations through “rose colored glasses.” Well, God and His Son Jesus look through green glasses and they never have to put them on or take them off!

Look at the second part of Revelation 4:3: “There was a rainbow round about the Throne in sight like unto an emerald.” Emeralds are GREEN just in case you did not know but this rainbow was not your usual bow like an upside down rocker from a chair painted “all the colors of the rainbow.” It was round about the entire throne and if it was not a bow shape, they might have called it a disk or a box, but it was a green rainbow facing every direction. In order to have that bow in every direction what you need is actually an umbrella shape so that what ever particular direction you are looking you have a rainbow over your head and green coloring your vision. Where there is no vision the people perish…and if your vision isn’t green, it isn’t God’s vision!

Genesis 9:12-13: “And God said to Noah, this (rainbow) is the token of the covenant which I make between me and humanity and all the animals for perpetual generations: I do set my bow in the clouds and it shall be for a symbol of this covenant between me and the Earth.”

This little article barely touches this wonderful subject. Be sure that you will see more and more of the judgments of God against those who destroy the Earth! If you hear any preacher or politician say we need to remove environmental restrictions so we can have more money in our pockets, be sure to inform them that God Inspired the Green Movement to protect the Earth and its Creatures. (I will try to do a follow-up article on “What about the Animals?”) Know now that Bible believing Christians serve the God who is too GREEN TO DESTROY THE EARTH. From the Throne, Earth Day really is Every Day!

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