Good Garden Seed is Heaven Sent

Every good and perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father of Lights with whom there is no variableness or shadow of turning! In Genesis, the seed book of the Bible, we find that God is in the planting business and not only does He plant bio-diverse gardens filled with beautiful and interesting trees to refresh and supply those gardens; He plants an abundance of Rivers to create watersheds to nurture and water those paradises! And these streams in the desert are only the beginning seeds of rivers that converse the Earth, once it is divided! Little wonder the followers of the Creator sing: “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.” We can be thankful for what God brought forth and also that He did not introduce GMO’s to confound, frustrate, and destroy His masterpiece.  
Isaiah 2:4 says, “And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”  As a young man, when God quickened these words unto me, our nation was just leaving Vietnam. They abandoned countless tons of metal in the form of war machines there and God had me look at how much agricultural implements such as plows and pruning hooks could come from such a waste.
I had previously been employed by a large casino and now that I had become a Christian I did not want to continue with that career. I had seen far too many lives destroyed by gambling but then the Holy Spirit instructed me to get involved instead in agriculture. When I asked Him how I could do that in a big city, He told me to try landscaping. Immediately God did a miracle and I became a landscaper for a growing firm which became very large and in demand.
Some people think they are better than God because they think working with the soil is too low an occupation. In fact God Himself was eager to plant a garden. He never was led to produce a manufacturing corporation or a diversified Mall, not even a slaughterhouse, thank you God, just a garden. It is a rewarding and inspiring kind of work. The first garden on earth was planted by the Creator Himself, as I have said and it was called The Garden of Eden which means delight or pleasure.
“A river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.” (Genesis 2:10) Much of the topography and geography of lands in the middle-east shows that it probably was made up of sand in many areas. Today most theologians believe Eden’s garden was enormous and indeed in order to grow every kind of tree that was beautiful to look at and had fruit bearing seeds would require a humongous tract of land. This is particularly true because various species require differing elevations, and therefore temperatures, humidity and soils. Mangoes and pie cherries have completely different needs as an illustration. Many types of seeds have differing requirements regarding temperature and lighting needs to germinate!  God gave us a full cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts, and grains, which some people would destroy for temporary gain at the expense of those of us, who the Creator charges with protecting!
I have experienced agriculture in sandy or desert areas. Squeeze some sand in your hand and you will find that it is soft in a different way than soil filled with humus. Plant the seed and meet the need. If the sand is fertile then just add water, step back and watch the earth and the Spirit bring forth life. If there is no river in the desert, life is almost impossible to sustain.
Eden’s first river was called “Pison” and means “dispersive.” The Pison passed through places where there was gold and many precious stones. This indicates prosperity. It split into a total of four heads and these other rivers were called: Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. Gihon means a river of paradise. Yes, two are better than one. The third river, Hiddekel, is the Tigris River. Tigris refers to tigers. When tigers run into a herd of antelope, or a flock of ostriches, brother do they scatter these herds and flocks!  But the creatures, no matter how aggressive, will soon be led by a little child. They will drink together, all of them, and no one will harm them! God’s sons will remember that their Heavenly Father put them in a garden and they shall enjoy bean trees, bread fruit, figs, and water cress to name a few…not in Heaven, but on the restored Earth. Such revelations are not demonic drug trips or fairy tales, but they are realities of the future rapidly becoming the present!
The Tigris River, one of the four heads, appears to have distributed or scattered its water over many areas. When water in the desert is not distributed it either creates a stagnant lake or merely a route to the sea. When water is widely distributed, trees begin to grow along side of it and gradually migrate away from it as their shade develops. The trees not only grow and spread, but they create watersheds which prevent erosion and hold the water in the earth rather than allowing it to fill the ocean which may be even thousands of miles from its source.
The river Euphrates which is the fourth listed in Genesis 2:14 means a rushing river or to break forth. No matter what the Euphrates nourished or re-hydrated, it rushed from an elevation of approximately 11,000 feet to 2,200 feet at the place where the Keban Dam now stands.  Every spring, snow melt and rainfall fills the Euphrates for its long journey some of which is actually white water. This part of the Euphrates is also called, Kara Su and Murat Su Rivers. It could have easily carried tree seeds and others to the sea where it could continue to be floated to other parts of the earth.
People as diverse as singer Gloria Gaither and writer Rudyard Kipling have exalted the belief that God’s intention was to spread Eden all over the earth and possibly beyond. As I have already mentioned without water the spreading of life and the maintenance of it is impossible. Eden stands as a preeminent reminder that received the Word of God on where we began, and is a monumental clue to where we are going!! Jesus promises to give us the water of life freely. Drink up!
The Church is the gathering together of the called out ones. Real fellowship is focusing on the things of God. What God planted in His garden on the earth will belong to the manifested sons of God forever. Daniel 7:18 says, “The saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.” It is our responsibility as the body of Christ who should only do what they see the Father do to maintain all the species in His garden and never permit even one of them to become extinct. Therefore, the Church in the Green is opposed to genetically modified plants which can eliminate through cross breeding and cross pollination the very species God created and left as an inheritance for us as the inhabitants of earth.
I understand how divided the US is. An international writer on the influence of Christianity in America recently had a guest speaker who said that world views on environmentalism and global warming is tearing America apart. He said there are two views: one is that man is the parasite of the earth and the other is that man is the steward of the earth. My position is that man who is a co-worker with God and led by the Spirit and the Word is qualified to be a steward. The humanity that disobeys the Gospel of the Kingdom and rejects it is a parasite. I have to credit the speaker with saying that God put Adam in a garden. We can’t find a better starting point and at least the KJV acknowledges Adam was to keep it and that word means to conserve and preserve and fence it about. He also mentioned that only two kinds of people exist on the earth; those who are motivated by greed and those who are motivated by the gospel.
I do not have anything to boast about, but I know I have tried to never be motivated by greed. While others in my past profession, over my life time, have tried to earn the maximum possible amount for their profession, I have always wondered how I could give my clients the lowest charges for their benefit. I always sought to get some degree of increase, but greed was never a factor.
Today we are faced with GMO’s and the church is opposed to GMO’s on the basis that in places like Canada the farming of GMO’s has cost many farmers both their occupation and their land. The poisons used to kill the herbal competitors on the land seems to have done more damage than good. Some corporate farmers claim they have a right to make a profit, but I believe the Bible teaches they do not have a right to any increase for destroying the earth and killing animals that have access to such crops because of lack of adequate fencing. Those who farm genetically modified organism’s put themselves in conflict with the direction God is leading us by His Word. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap. What we sow today, will impact our futures! We as a church are opposed to the planting of genetically modified organisms because they threaten the garden of God which He planted. They cross pollinate and the characteristics of GMO’s are often not completely known, kept secret and nearly never made public without a court case. Such careless actions that impact the creation dishonor the Creator and ignore His rules governing the care of the planet.
You cannot call yourself a Christian while ignoring the Word of God and selecting only certain scriptures to embrace. Everyone who claims he is a part of Church in the Green is open to the teaching of God’s Words and encouraged to do nothing less than embrace them. When we are all brought to the place where we serve God with one accord, it is apparent that speaking the truth in love, and holding fast the faithful word are two of the ways in which we can learn to serve with our brothers and sisters. Apparently the majority of states feel it is their right to completely destroy plant species that compete with agriculture in case after case. Plants that are treasured for their medicinal properties as well as nutritionally desired are totally eliminated, when possible. Chinese Yam for example, has been grown since the beginning of time and is not only a delicious table vegetable which serves as the main ingredient in soups and stews and is a tasty low-glycemic replacement for white potatoes but is perennial and medicinal. One of its many uses is in treatment of Type II diabetes. Perhaps this is because it does not suddenly turn to sugar in the digestive tract. This is placing important parts of God’s creation in peril and He does not take such activities lightly.
Destroying species because they are not native is ridiculous. Once, all species were native only to the Garden of Eden. Abad and Shamar have no place, according to the scriptures, in the hands of fallen man. Abad and Shamar were designed to be implemented by those who were in the likeness of God (partakers of the Divine Nature) and were in daily fellowship with the Creator. These are those which have ears to hear what the Spirit says and a heart willing to perform the will of God. The will of God, as some very bright spiritual teacher stated, is the Word of God.
Let us all be workers together with God by all speaking the same thing, exactly what His Word says and not waiting till the earth shakes and the sky thunders and the Planet we know is broken into little pieces. God not only loved us enough to send us His Son, He loved us enough to make us a paradise garden and supply us with true non-hybrid seeds to plant! 

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