Heal Their Land

The manifestation of the sons of God brings with it the responsibility of restoring the earth and the abounding presence of every animal and plant species.

One of the most frequently quoted scriptures is 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” To some, I am sure, this means I will restore prayer in public schools, or I will outlaw abortion, or even I will give more power to the Republican Party. But what does it say and what does it really mean, “I will heal their land?”

Most so-called Christians today are not even aware that the land is gravely injured, wounded, and suffering. The word of God says “the wilderness mourns,” but have you listened to its weeping? Romans eight tells us that the entire creation is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God because the creation itself and all its creatures will be set free into the glorious liberty that all Christ’s real offspring enjoy! You are just waiting to go to heaven, but did you know that Jesus is waiting for us to be praying and working towards heaven’s coming to earth. Hey, He is going to be right here on the planet for a thousand years, and He says, “God should destroy those who destroy the earth.” Most of us have no idea of what our wicked ways are, so how can we turn from them? Is it bad to smoke, but okay to smoke up the atmosphere? Is it bad to drink alcohol, but fine to dump toxic chemicals in the river?

Most of us don’t know anything about what God’s creation looks like in its unspoiled condition. The insects that are now spreading disease across our land would have been devoured by countless bird species from nighthawks to upland plovers had we cared about our land. Hundreds of species of fresh water clams and mussels would be purifying our rivers and streams if we cared about our land. Seas of wild flowers would be perfuming our air and songbirds of every hue and color would be de-stressing the challenges of our daily occupations. Instead of being havens for chain saws and mono-cropping, our forests would be filled with the Creator’s diversity of fruits and nuts to feed humanity and nature. Some of the Native Americans had a better idea of protecting God’s handiwork, but we killed them and took their land and now we fight about property rights. We forgot about the law of reaping what we sow! Still, if we respond, God will heal our land.

But once the land is restored, what has to be done to maintain that healing? And what has to be avoided? And what are the benefits of a healed land? And what is the cost of the cure? Who cares that the ancient old growth forests are the unique mishkan of Almighty God? Psalms 132: 1-6

We serve God with lip service, but where is any evidence that the leaders and even the followers of our generation want or are ready for a healed land? Are we the meek that inherit a healed earth, or those whom the earth vomits out “because the land cannot bear them”? Let us not talk about “healing their land” when we know almost nothing about the earth…which is the Lord’s, or God who is Spirit, or what the scripture teaches about keeping the earth. First let us learn what God already revealed in His Word concerning His position on the environment and our relationship to it as Sons and Daughters of the Most High and then let us commit our energy and lives in service to Him and all He has created.

There is no doubt that this teaching, the very dream and expectation of God, will bring some distance between those who are stuck in their “old time religion” while God is doing a new thing. Yes, He has always been committed to this new thing. Salvation, redemption, the new birth, being filled with the Holy Spirit and abiding in His word results in transformation and restoration. But we are being transformed and restored to become transformers and restorers of paths to walk in and you will notice I didn’t say places to “jostle one another in the streets.”

Many are focused on their old wine skins which keeps them from seeing the new thing that God has birthed onto the current scene. That old thing which prevents them from seeing God’s new thing causes them to say they oppose it and “no one ever spoke of restoring the earth and all creatures in other generations.” No doubt there is a polarization because they got so caught up in God’s word pertaining to caterpillar life that they were unwilling to enter the cocoon of death to old things so that the newness of life in the butterfly stage would emerge. Their protestation and insistence seeks to mourn that they will not support the climax of God’s intention on the earth but this climatic move of God which He has always anticipated with great joy affects not just man but all creatures and it will fill the earth like the waters fill the sea. I proclaim it this day in your ears.

Indeed the restoration of the entire creation was spoken of by all His holy prophets and has finally begun to be proclaimed presently by more than a few holy men and women of God. The only thing new about it is that we are now preparing to act upon His dream and not merely say we believe in it. From Isaiah to the Apostle Paul and from St. Francis Assisi to this present hour, this revelation from the heart of God and His written word has burst forth this man-child, who is just now stretching forth his baby hands towards His Father. This man-child is weeping and will not be satiated until He sees the restoration. God has thrust many bold anointed new leaders for this new generation to bear up on their wings of prayer and praise what His sons have been shown.

We have been the cutting edge of this divine revelation from the word and heart of God since the mid-90’s. At Church in the Green, we will connect you with the best biblical teaching and ministry preparation to see the gospel of the Kingdom go forth with power and to see the earth transformed. Simply send us an e-mail from the home page to get started. I leave you now with a quote from John Wesley, one of many noteworthy gospel teachers from hundreds of years ago: “I believe in my heart that faith in Jesus Christ can and will lead us beyond an exclusive concern for the well being of other human beings to the broader concern for the well being of the birds in our back yards, the fish in our rivers and every living creature on the face of the earth.”


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