How to Make Your Dog Healthier and Happier!

According to scientists all dogs and coyotes came from wolves. I used to love to drive the long driveway to Le Pavilion at Ram’s Hill in the Anza-Borrego State Park. This famous desert is actually known as San Diego’s best kept secret. The reason I loved the cruise was because a very old coyote had discovered the date palms that lined the boulevard and slept nearby so he could feed on them during the day. He was a beautiful animal to watch and I was amazed that he had adopted a date diet. He gave up all fear and I think I heard him humming a tune about, “How Sweet Vegetarian Life is.”

How to Make Your Dog Healthier and Happier!

My own dogs were abandoned by their mother as puppies at the King Wildlife Sanctuary. They ate meat robustly and the white male developed hip dysplasia and his female sibling who is black and tan along with white Dwight also developed severe hair loss. The hip dysplasia was genetically passed on by the breed which is prone to it. They did not improve after several sorts of treatment, and then I became a vegetarian. They had lived on an all meat diet and some pancakes made with peanut butter flavoring for treats. When I switched them to all vegetables, they waited patiently for their dinners only to find they were looking at them. There wasn’t much interest! I then began to feed them a small amount of broth with pieces of cooked offal which is normally quickly discounted at our local grocery market. The offal consisted of chicken gizzards or livers and or trimmings from beef cuts.  I hated to feed the dogs even meat by-products, but watching them starve wasn’t an option!

Sometimes they now get soy meal patties ground up and stirred into their dinner mix avoiding meat as they joyfully continue to transition and they eat every vegetable gleefully.  We cook everything for an adequate time mixing rice, noodles, cornmeal or other grains as well as lots of beans of various kinds to absorb the juices.  I still am seeking ways to eliminate the meat traces altogether!  Any reader’s advice is appreciated!  It would be wonderful to see them go from carnivore to vegetarian in one generation.  According to people who have observed her, my dog’s mother has single handedly brought down many wild deer.  I saw a neighbor’s Collie do that in a blizzard, and it was a gory scene!  May God have Mercy and speed up the process of change. Jesus said, in Matthew 24:22, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened!”

Today, my offspring of a wild killer get a largely vegetarian diet. They devour every last cooked offering of carrots, celery, Swiss chard, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, corn, peas, squash, tomatoes, fruit and beans all of which are served abundantly. We usually vary their menu and their tails both wag while they are eating. I have been able to reduce the meat they consume by about 90%. Eventually, Lord willing and I live, I will try cutting down the amount of liver pieces, etc. to zero as they happily acclimate to the new food. Dwight has lost his hip dysphasia and both animals have glossy, beautiful coats. I can’t recommend a better way to feed your dogs if they were meat addicts. It took no special effort to get them to enjoy their vegetables but I may have to gradually introduce them to nothing but vegetables. I believe as they grow used to what they are now consuming they will eat it without the meat scrapes. I am already delighted with their progress.

What I like the most about this diet is two-fold: first, I am only purchasing the animal by-products which most people in our area do not eat so it would just be tossed out if it wasn’t sold at a reduced price; and secondly, in case of a monetary collapse, I can grow most of the necessary ingredients for their dinners. I don’t give them dates because the palms won’t grow here well in the artic weather but sometimes they do get a chopped banana, apple and a few raisins.  I’m very pleased about them eating many types of beans as they get quite a bit of protein from that. For better recipes than I can offer go to

For treats, I give my dogs heated soy burger patties which they love or I make them elderberry pancakes. If you go online you will discover that elderberries are incredible foods. The dogs love Elderberry pancakes.  You will find if you Google elderberries they have so many health benefits that many holistic doctors consider them to be perhaps the best berry on earth. Some rate elderberries even much higher than of the more exotic berries and fruits. They lower the LDL (bad cholesterol), they ward off, according to an Israeli study, types A and B of influenza and many other afflictions. Human beings often make a tea from the leaves to end headaches, arthritis or upper respiratory congestion and constipation. But never give your dog anything made from the leaves or bark because they can store up cyanide from the plant which can become injurious to them, the berries, however, are very beneficial. To make the pancakes, I mix up a one quart bowl of pancake batter; add a little stevia or applesauce to the batter along with the elderberries, up to one-half cup. This should provide treats for two large dogs (50lbs. or over) for one day.

If your dogs are not yet used to a vegetarian diet, you can toss in a hot dog which has been run through the blender with a little liquid. Cook these like any other pancakes not much larger than a silver dollar and they will eat as many of these treats as leave your hand. To make these doggie pancakes can require five minutes per dog. Making your own homemade dog food can be a good investment in your furry friend and leaving your dog free to run the countryside can cause him or her to revert to their bad habits they have been secretly practicing since fallen mankind made his costly little agreement with the Devil!  It began with Adam no longer caring for his position of serving the Creator and the entire creation. It digressed to Cane killing Abel. It degenerated to a world where we put down 4 million cats and dogs just in the US annually…which is one every eight seconds! Between help from God, vegetarianism, and loving care and education, we can reverse this trend.

I have a wonderful update to share with you pet lovers. For a long time I felt like I stood alone in this campaign to end man’s exploitation of animals. When Paul preached this gospel once delivered to the saints, at first, no man stood with him. I was so happy when I discovered and Frank and Mary Hoffman’s hosting of many websites that fight animal cruelty. While a few internationally known evangelists on television did take a stand with those defending animals, they were very few in number. Today I not only met a wonderful vegetarian cat lover who I will address in an upcoming article but I heard a writer who is prolific (well over a 100 published books) and one of the most highly respected Christian mentors who said on international television: “They say there are no dogs in heaven but of course there are! Who would tell you there aren’t?” With your help I will prepare that answer, it will be quite a list, but back to our televangelist/writer, “I know you argue about the soul and the spirit but who would know about those things anyway?” I would know about those things, and so would millions of other people around the world who study God’s Word. Borrowing the evangelist’s words, “I only want to teach people who honor God’s Word.”

Praise God for advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It looks like He is cutting the time short for the false gospel that excludes canines, felines and all other creatures. That is no small thing. We can anticipate a world where no one shall say, “Know the Lord for all will know Him and His devotion to all life from the least to the greatest.” (Jeremiah 31:34) When we know God we know His likes and dislikes. As one spiritual teacher said, “We are not supposed to be seeing how close we can come to hell without falling in, but how close we can come to God’s will for the earth.”

You can contact me with your comments on dog food or anything else at [email protected]. Victories are rarely won by standing alone. Your peaceful activism is profoundly appreciated.  


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