Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

I love America. I also may love my teenage child, but if they are hanging out with bad companions and engaged in all manner of destructive activities, the love they get, I assure you, will be tough love! God teaches us, by example to hate the sin, but love the sinner. We can’t do better than that and God expects no more or less of us.

As you read this you may discover we owe not only a debt to America but to WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

I love America. I love my favorite wilderness park where I watched a real lion outside my tent who acted like he had some say about what happens there! I love Yellowstone that reminds me we all live precariously on top of volcanoes big enough to bury us under new earth and thermal waters capable of heating huge cities when solar flares have eliminated the possibility of a restored electrical grid in my lifetime. I love Sequoia with its “Redwoods” that prove that the heavens and the earth still share some terrain.

I love great writers like Jefferson when he reminded us that we would only remain a free people so long as we remained primarily agricultural; the writers of the Bill of Rights, that my mate can vote, that the government has no authority to tell a spiritual body they call “religion,” how to function or interfere in the free operation thereof; and that we have the safety valve of free speech.

No enlightened person would surrender their obligation to place their higher power I call the Creator, on the same plane as mere human oversight! I recently heard a joke about three things God cannot do, and one of those things was: make an honest politician. We only have to turn on the television to confirm that. Fortunately, freedom of speech stands as a sentinel upon the wall. Perhaps we don’t have the power to send prior heads of Halliburton or Blackwater or even the nation itself to Correctional Institutions at the time of their crimes, but we can keep “the fear of God” in them when they discover the piper will be paid! Anyone who claims they love America while justifying our murdering and deception of Native Peoples or the destruction of our environment does not love America. Anyone who supports cruelty to man or beast loves neither God nor America! Anyone who does not treasure the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the right to gather and freely practice our Spiritual pursuits, to run the crooks out of office, and to maintain a free press with freedom of speech, can’t love America because they have already forgotten her. A land that denies these rights, just as easily, could be Nazi Germany at the time of World War II! We and our allies tried and executed some German citizens because they did not “betray Nazi Germany” and obey their higher power, even if that was only their conscience. The New Testament (1Timothy 1:19) warns us that putting away a good conscience results in “spiritual shipwreck!”

Freedom of speech is critical to a free society. God’s Bible begins with the power of words and the great good that they produce. It is the truth that sets us free and keeps us free. If “America” survives it will only happen because we hold the truth as our sacred teacher, and acknowledge that all liars will eventually find themselves in some lake of fire! Whether it is literal or metaphorical, you might discuss, but whether or not they will have gone from the frying pan to the fire that burns away, minimally, all their impurities, has already been settled!

I have never read WikiLeaks, but God, am I thankful for it. We can’t say I am proud of our boys overseas if they are raping women or children or shooting innocent civilians or torturing soldiers or deceiving other countries about our reasons for being in their lands. Jesus said, “What ever you do to others will be done again unto you.” I take Jesus’ word over yours, Joe, and if it is true, men who corrupt the virtues we hold dear in our country, are not heroes, but traitors of the first order.

Julian Assange may go to jail for something he did or did not do, but he should get an International Award for the “Most Important Writer” during the first 11 months of 2010 for knowingly or unknowingly working as a co-worker with God! I thought some of you would ask why! Jesus said, “Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” (Luke 11:3)

Like me, you may not know what Julian Assange’s personal life is like; therefore please celebrate him for his work’s sake! The survival of America depends on us supporting an America with integrity and a conscience…anything less will eventually put us on the garbage heap of time: right where so many other past Nations have fallen.

I thank you Mr. Assange, for your bravery and for helping to keep America free and honest (if we ever were honest) and I hope my readers will thank him too. And I thank God that his word never fails so that we can boldly say one day the thieves and corrupters of the US who lied when they pledged to protect the Constitution and serve the people become the real villains with whom we would never want to be associated!

If America still prays here is a prayer for her from Psalms 25:21: “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I serve thee.”


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