Koala Bear and Two Kangaroos Raptured with Carnal Christians!

I suspect this headline was not fulfilled May 21st 2011, but I am certain the Lies and Deceptions proclaiming that Jesus will return on any specific day, is a lie and a deception that is far from harmless. Satan was a liar from the beginning and he only comes to rob, kill and to destroy. (John 8:44) When we contradict scripture (such as the one that says not even the Son of God knows that Day, but the Father only), we in our error, give the Destroyer the ground he needs to destroy lives and rob people of faith! No one is partnering with God as His co-workers when they “speak not according to the Word of God!” (Isaiah 8:20)


These are not only perilous times because enormous earthquakes are coming, or because exposure to many nuclear disasters are on the horizon, or even because multitudes of women are being kidnapped and held captives for the international sex-slave industry, but because other “gospels” which are not the real gospel are being preached in every community of any account, and around the world today! (Galatians 6-9) I am aware that this is so prevalent that the gospel which I preach, which is the gospel that Paul preached, sounds weird. This reveals the depth of the errors that are being taught by those who have no revelation in the word.

We must acknowledge that Jesus Christ was either an insane person; a false prophet; or who He said He was: the Savior of the world, the One who being sinless, died for our sins, and the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit and purifying “fire” all who obey and follow Him! (Acts 2:32) Just as there is a real redeeming Christ, there are many false Christ’s, and false Gospels. (Matthew 24:24)

Many people do preach another Jesus, for example, a Jesus who never did miracles, or one who never died for our sins, or one who never raised from the dead bodily after three days in the belly of the Earth, or a Jesus who can and will be assassinated after He returns to Earth! Some even preach a Jesus who can return whenever He wants, in light of their false fact that all the prophecies have been fulfilled concerning Him so there is nothing left to restrain Him from coming. The actual fact is there is one small thing that requires countless hearts and hands led by the mind of Christ that must be fulfilled before He can return. If you don’t read anything else, read the following text from Acts Chapter 3. It will save you much trouble in this life and the world to come. This message was preached by Peter: Acts 3:13-21. Read it. It will help save your soul and keep you from deception. As you read this text in you Bible, remember that the word “restitution” is literally “restoration” and the word “receive” is literally “retain and restrain,” thus we must conclude that the Heavens will not release Jesus to come to earth until all things are restored by those whom He has restored.

Lies about Jesus coming at any moment sound motivational but in fact when they cannot be fulfilled, they turn many away from the Lord of Lords and the Prince of Life. Such lies can cause believers to doubt their redemption or an atheist or agnostic who have the opportunity to receive the real Son of God to accept an anti-Christ or substitute Christ who can bring them into the ultimate betrayal! You might say, “Brother David, this one teaching that Jesus can come at any moment is so common, can it possibly be one that the great Apostle Paul calls “another Gospel” that is cursed along with them that preach it? Paul warned the believers of what was coming our way! He warned them day and night with tears for the space of about three years! What he saw in the future which is now the present made Paul so sad, he could not keep from weeping! (Acts 20-31)

The Apostle Paul perceived that in the years to come the gospel would be distorted into another gospel so that the story of Noah’s Ark, for example, would be all about Noah’s efforts to save eight people and forget to mention that Noah also followed the Divine instruction to save every animal species alive upon the face of the Earth to replenish it. Those who preach this false gospel tell how God made a covenant with humanity and signed it with a rainbow, but fail to point out that God made the same covenant with every creature! (Genesis 9:9-10) This may sound like an insignificant point but in reality all these minor perversions lead us to a very different conclusion than the word of God does. Jesus said every dot and crossing of the t’s are important. These ongoing distortions of telling the gospel create "good news” from God to mankind that basically reduces God’s concern for all creatures to almost “unimportant” when in fact the Bible clearly demonstrates that animals even share the very throne of God with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul foresaw the days following the dark ages when his gospel would not include deliverance for all creatures (Romans 8:21), but only the human ones, yet these false teachers would still refer to this mutilated gospel as “Paul’s.” It is not! Such failure to tell the whole counsel of God causes people to even fight against the words of God which warned people not to destroy the earth and cause them to ask “how could anyone be stupid enough to think that human beings can destroy the earth?” (Acts 20:27) These preachers of another gospel disregard the warning of the elders in Heaven that God should destroy those who destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18) It is incredible to hear countless professing Christian ministers scoffing at this scripture which warns mankind not to destroy the earth and to see them openly wrestling against the word of Almighty God.

Finally Paul wept because He saw that the very churches which ultimately would prevail against the Gates of Hell and maintain Christ’s victory over death, hell, and the grave for a thousand years would first be at the top of the list of dangers for Christians to overcome. These dangers include the rider on the red horse who kills with the sword and takes peace from the Earth, and the solar flares that take out all the satellites and knock our world back into the electronic dark ages! These churches leave both their bad and good footprint on the planet and climax boringly in the Laodicean Age of lukewarm Christianity! Only after the terrorizing blast of God’s troubling wake-up call and the revival of the purified and obedient and chastened called out ones, do a people emerge who live “to serve God with one consent” and not just to be served by Him. (Zephaniah 3:9)

It is, to a large degree, only then that a great and troubled multitude bless Heaven and Earth and recognize that Christ cannot come until we, the many sons of God grow up into Him in all things, honor the Heavenly Vision, serve the Lord with one consent, and restore the entire Earth and all things under the leadership of the Spirit, knowing that God and the Heavens have destined us for this hour. (Ephesians 4:15 - Acts 26:19 - Romans 8:14) Then we shall know that until then, the Heavens must retain and restrain Jesus Christ the all powerful and wise…as Peter proclaimed and as all the Holy Prophets have known ever since the world began! This little prophecy has not yet been fulfilled, and when it is, the wicked will only be ashes under our feet and the Holy Ones will inherit the Earth! (Malachi 4:3 – Daniel 7:27) *

*The reader will note that generally speaking different translations of the Bible do not mean different messages. One may say “tent” one may say “teepee” and a third may translate “wigwam.” In reference to Daniel 7:27 and all other cases where the word “saints” is used I prefer to use the translation “holy ones” because “without holiness no on shall see the Lord.”


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