Making Meditation Magical

There are many types of meditation. Some of them include costly inventions like buying a mantra. Some spiritual practices require day and night meditation, yet most of its adherents have never tried meditating even once!! But meditation, with the right focus, understanding and motive, can be your most powerful and effective transformational tool. And I testify that it is wonderful, almost magical, free and freeing! Let’s take a look!

No matter how difficult life appears, the right meditation can bring joy, focus, and stability into your life. In college, I had a journalism professor who had the longest, bushiest eyebrows in the world. He was ancient, or seemed that way to me, and spoke like Sir Alec Guinness of Ben Obi-wan Kenobi fame. In some of my classes, I was more interested in the girls than the subjects, but in this professor’s class, I had “photographic memory,” because I loved to watch his face. That focus eventually helped inspire my purpose and career. Long ago I led a meditation of an Infinite Way group; attended many sessions with A Course in Miracles teacher Marianne Williamson; and spent countless hours learning meditation from a teacher who received seemingly dependable daily benefits from this blissful spiritual exercise.

Joel Goldsmith, the founder of The Infinite Way regularly emphasized that “the goal and purpose of meditation is to keep our mind stayed on God and to acknowledge Him in all our ways.” When I was invited to co-lead The Infinite Way class, nearly everyone there said it was one of their most powerful transformational experiences ever. This was not because of me, but because my focus was on the One Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I find it impossible to be in conscious communion with Christ in me, and not have the manifestation of the anointed one pour forth. God is not the means of obtaining something in meditation, but the conscious union and communion with God is its very aim and goal. When you enter into that blessed state, you will understand what David means when he says in Psalms 104:34, “My meditation of Him shall be sweet. I will be glad in the Lord.”

My favorite saying from A Course in Miracles went something like this, “There is a world filled with great peace, joy, and love; and there is a world which God did not make. Where you abide is your choice!” Psalms 16:11 informs those who were previously unenlightened: “You will show me the path of life: In Your Presence is complete joy.” Meditation with the purpose of being in God’s Presence brings with it the world we sometimes forget: the world that God made, not the one that abides in darkness. For me, any meditation that is not “contemplative meditation,” (contemplative meditation has a focus), is generally, a waste of my time. Meditating with the focus on lesser deities than my Creator who created all things is a waste of my life. Focusing on God is the principle, but not the only issue you need to deal with. If you want a dynamic unforgettable seemingly magical transformational experience, make God your focus and also be attentive to the points following this story.

I once was overlooking Oak Creek Canyon high above Sedona, Arizona. There were hundreds of people in this turn-out overlook buying merchandise from temporary sales tables. The entire bustle was distracting from the spectacular view and quietness bathed in sunlight. As I left the crowd to peer over the Cliffside at the flowing stream, my heart and attention were captivated by an elderly Navajo man. He was standing on a precarious rock outcropping suspended in space as he looked up at the heavens. His breath energized a long wooden flute as he played a meditative melody. Twenty minutes later when he and his music finished joining with the Godhead and the surrounding creation, his eyes met mine and my thrilled and smiling face reflected his own. Continuing to smile, he quietly said just one sentence, “We all need to listen more, don’t we?” I never have entered into meditation with any other expectation than hearing from God and I have never been disappointed, once I learned how to meditate.

Going into the silence or “being still and knowing the I AM GOD,” that Abraham and Moses encountered is an awesome feeling, but even deadly drugs, I’ve heard, can give you an awesome feeling. Contemplative Meditation is far more than feeling and inner stillness. Going into the silence and listening have an objective which is to hear God’s living word just for this moment and just for you. So now we have another tool in our contemplative meditation toolbox. First is focusing on God; the second is inner stillness and outer silence which enables listening; and the third is hearing from God, His living word that issues forth from His Presence, which is the purpose of listening. God may speak something as simple as, “I want you to rest in me,” to “You can find all that you seek in seeking first my Kingdom.” Or to a real breakthrough transformational light bulb moment that leaves you a different person with a new direction and sobbing in tears for joy, but speak He will in His still small voice.

My conscious involvement with meditation actually began with singing! I lived in and helped support a Christ-centered commune in Coquille, Oregon where my daughter Selah, whose name happens to mean meditation, was born. A number of miracles occurred there including God turning baby Selah around into the correct position, after she had fully entered the birth canal. Although the firstborn Son of God, the Lord from Heaven, Jesus Christ taught me some important things there, very little of my time was celebratory, enjoyable, or transformative. The Bible says, “In His presence, is fullness of joy.” That established, I knew nothing concretely about meditation, had little of the Presence of God and was often spiritually parched! But one day I was so dry that I heeded a scriptural admonition to, “Be filled with the Spirit by singing…psalms to the Lord.”

Just below the commune was a small forested ravine with a brook, birds, Myrtle trees and delicious blackberries. I took my Bible, sat in this mini-paradise and expected to accomplish little with my voice except frightening the birds! I began to sing to the Lord from a psalm. By the time my 20 minutes were up, as an old hymn says, “Heaven came down and filled my very soul”

The final tool you must have may be a little more complicated, but never from the perspective of the Divine. God is never confused, nor is He the source or author of confusion. In this world where we are called to serve, this world that God did not make, people are in such pain and confusion that some are cutting themselves repeatedly; some are addicted to powerful narcotics; and some have what I would call “almost an inability to acknowledge or love God.” This poses a real problem to experiencing meditation as it is meant to be experienced and therefore makes deep enlightenment and its product, glorious transformation also known as advancement, nearly impossible. We do know that “With God, all things are possible,” but this does not eliminate the probability that some things are more difficult than others for human beings.

The final “metaphorical magic,” for making your meditation the ultimate experience you can enjoy on earth in a daily way is really loving God. When a certain rich young ruler came to Jesus with this concern about loving the Eternal Wise One, he had one recommended change for this man which he was not willing to make and the man went away sorrowful. Not being fully able to love God is a huge bump in your road, but it is not a mountain that cannot be removed. Scripture says, “Declare a thing and it shall be established.” Why not start right now by announcing with commitment, “I renounce any inability to love my Creator. Because I am a child of God, His love is in me and it never fails. Love manifest in me, in Jesus’ name. Amen”

I just heard a realtor say of a home-owner who recently paid $600,000 for a house worth only $450,000, “This is just one of those hard lessons in life that people have to learn.” We all have some hard decisions to make at times but the good news is that through communicating with your spirit, God’s Spirit will gently guide you with tender care through the process. Not only God the Holy Spirit will guide you, but Jesus said, “My words are Spirit and they are Life. In contemplative meditation, focusing on part of a verse of scripture, an entire verse, or even a paragraph may be read before we go into our meditation. In a brief search of the Word of God I found over 20 places where we are instructed to meditate in God’s word and locating synonyms for meditation would produce many more.

Life is an ongoing education that perhaps continues forever, and I have some proof of that. Since that seems to be the situation, I want to be very selective about who my instructors are! God says His instructions and corrections are the way of life. I know personally that the designer of the Universe will send you around the world at great expense to teach you something you did not even have an interest in learning. To make that worse, you may wait a long time to discover why you needed to understand that or where you would apply the concept. You may not believe in correction in direction, but God’s goal is for all His children to be like Him. Scripture says, “Everyone that God loves, He corrects.”

Some day we will all see that Invisible One and when we do, “We shall be like Him.” 1 John 3:2 God will complete that work in you if you let Him. It was for this eternal purpose that He formed you in the womb and continues to shape you as you allow. His way is not by might or by power, but by His Spirit working with and developing your spirit. But be warned, God says, His Spirit shall not always strive with flesh. “His ways are not our ways.” “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord illuminating and transforming you from the inside out.” Proverbs 20:27 God may have to permit you to go through a motorcycle wreck if you continue to treat everyone cruelly, but that is not His way. Through contemplative meditation, you can, as Paul the Apostle did, co-operate mightily with God who desires to operate mightily in you. God transforms no one without their consent and willingness, but those who know Him in reality can’t help but love Him.

None of us start out knowing God in this life…not really. Since God knew us before God made us in an earthly body, I grant that we may have come here with some sub-conscious recollection of God. Most do not remember much or anything at all about that. But look at what those who do know God do and what benefit there is in not only redemption, but also focusing on God, the word and meditation resulting in transformation. All of this is motivated by God’s love for us and our responsive motivation: our love for Him. “Then they that treasured the Lord, and thought upon His name, spoke to and often taught one another and the Lord listened and paid attention and a book of remembrance was written for them and placed before the Lord. And they shall be mine says the Lord of Hosts when I display my most precious things, my jewels, my treasured ones, and I will spare them as a man who spares his own son who serves, adores and reflects him.” Malachi 3:16-17.

All conversations about God ultimately return to love, for God is Love. Because God’s goal for you is full Sonship, that means being a joint-heir with Christ, He sent His firstborn from the dead to bring about at-one-ment with Christ through the atonement in His blood which He shed for your errors. If that wasn’t enough, God’s Son also gave us His resurrection life. When we received Him (His Spirit), the same anointing that is upon Him is on us forming Christ in us which is the reason we have a real hope of being manifested as true Sons and Daughters of God. The simple thing I am pointing to is that although sinning can have repercussions and does have correctional consequences, God sees His Son in you and He sees you as what you are going to become. God is wise, but He is not an owl and he doesn’t give a hoot about your past. Your past is over which is why it is called the past. Your future is a gift that begins now which is why it is called the present. Perhaps you are starting to understand why the loving Heavenly Father is always my meditation destination!

All worry, fears and anxiety over earthly concerns disappear in that Holy Place where you are welcome and invited. The source of that is no further away than the Holy Place in you where your spirit and His are one. When your intention is to lay aside the inner turmoil and bathe your soul in His rest and restoration, surrendering your little empires, you will discover that the Omnipotent Father and the Suffering Son are both one and that they have chosen to make their Heavenly Kingdom in you. In this Perfect Love, you cannot but hear His voice and be anointed with gratitude that He has bought you with a great price and translated you out of your own ignorance and the murky darkness and into the True Light. “Father, all is done. We receive your Son. May our hearts always praise you for heaven’s gates are open as long as light dispels darkness and there is no night there.” See Revelation 22:5 and meditate this now: begin by ringing the bell, banging the pot lid, striking the triangle or singing a Hallelujah chorus. At least give a leap of joy or be thankful. Before you go into the silence, make this proclamation your meditation. I am a child of light; I renounce all darkness in the name of the Son of God, Christ Jesus. My destination is to rule and reign in that place where there is no darkness, where the gates never shut for all harm has ended and the light of the Lamb who gave Himself for us illuminates all. Father, Illuminate my steps now with your voice and begin and continue to transform me with Holy Spirit for I am its temple.


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