The Only Answer to the Oil Disaster

There is one solution, and only one, to Oil Pollution: An Open Letter to President Obama, the United States Coast Guard, BP, Transocean and the people of the Planet!

There can be no political answer! I once knew a great Senator and a real follower of Christ. He always sought to do the right thing, but he explained to me that politics was based upon compromise. He went on to say that it was very difficult because, “Every time you attempt to please one group, you automatically displease another group.” We need to do the right thing in spite of monumental career changes and temporary financial loss because change is coming more rapidly now, than a run away locomotive. The purpose of all of this rapid change should be clear by now…and if your eyes are as blind as to not see it even now…it will shortly be very clear indeed! Nearly everyone will be caught in a change avalanche whereby they will need to depend on God and Divine deliverance or perish! If they don’t expire from their unwillingness to change they are most likely to be in some refugee camp where they can still obtain some food, water and shelter (maybe some recycled FEMA trailers).

Respectfully, Mr. President, the one thing you will need the most to solve this dilemma unfolding in the Gulf is the same thing I hope you didn’t discard before you came to Washington: the risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. You cannot drink from the Devil’s cup and the cup of the Lord. (1Cor 10:21)

Why is BP lording it over the people like this spill suddenly brought all the things people thank God for on the forth of July under tyranny! Why does this government now single out three activities that God has blessed and waited for (environmental protection, the treatment of animals and peace activism) as threats to our government…unless they consider God, the Creator Himself, as a threat to what the kingdoms of this world are now pursuing?

More people than anyone can number have been enlightened by God, His Holy Spirit and written Word to walk in these three very precious realities: an end to doing those things which create war; an end to doing those things which cause animals to suffer; and an end to doing those things which might negatively impact the environment which is home not just for human enjoyment, but is called home for millions of different species. Even the rarest plants and animals in the Blue Planet’s huge offshore environment are being exposed to the accidental blowouts that inevitably have and do happen! The decision to harvest oil offshore with the foreknowledge that more spills can occur is revealing the mindset of the oil industry that places the creation itself as less important than profiting and the stockholders. Such pride and mockery of the Creator and His plan for the earth shows the despicable character of these lost and pathetic souls. It seems as though these men will not stop the ruin of the planet until all is destroyed.

Now, all the military/industrial competitors on the planet have discovered just the tool to finish the task: the well from Hell! BP in less than 80 days took us all into purgatory, but every offshore well means hell has enlarged itself! (Isaiah 5:14) This is indeed, the well from hell, already poisoning one third of the Gulf and according to NOAA, the oil spill has a 61-80% chance of contaminating the Florida Keys and Miami! There is no reason to believe it will stop there.

I won’t even fellowship with anyone who believes in violence. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Our Lord Jesus Christ, ultimately defeated their opposers non-violently and that is because they got over with what God was doing. God says, “My soul hates all those who love violence!” The Bible teaches us, “Do not repay evil for evil, for vengeance is mind says the Lord and I will repay.”

Jesus predicted that “nations will be failing for complexity.” I think that today we call part of that perplexity “unintended consequences” and we the people often see it as my Senator friend called it: compromise! Now corporations like BP, who continue to destroy the eco-system and place creatures like the great whales in mortal jeopardy have entered the fight with the All Seeing, All Knowing, and Almighty One Himself!

Creation’s Cry demands, in the name of God, to end worldwide offshore drilling, plug every one of those “Damned things.” Celebrate instead with us the International Year of the Whale, for if we fail to unite world wide commitment to get offshore oil out of the water, whales may have no hope!

Lots of people wear John 3:16 tee-shirts, but there is another scripture we need to publicize and it says: “And God made the great whales.” (Genesis 1:21) The word “great” as it is used in that sacred scripture can mean terrific, elder, long distant traveler, noble, and to be large in body, mind, estate, and honor! Any one, who studies the scripture as all followers of the Creator are instructed to do day and night, and with meditation and mindfulness, knows that not only will all stand before God to be judged one day for all our words and deeds, but we will also stand before His throne and four living creatures. Just as elders in the gatherings of the called out ones are teachers, spiritual judges and guides to our continuing transformation, the great whales may also be our elders in ways we do not yet understand. They are certainly great in mind, far above those who would presume to dishonor them by considering the oceans as just some water with oil in it!

God bound the fallen angels in chains awaiting judgment. (Jude 1:6) These now demonic beings preferred the deceptions of Satan to the promises and protection of a Father whose love and enlightenment and presence go with those who walk with Him.

Long before the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were built, according to some astronomers, God had pre-ordained for a meteor shower of great volume and density to bury those places in melted stone and burning sulfur. The very hot shower buried the two cities, but God sent angels to lead out and deliver righteous Lot and his children.

Noah built an ark before rain was part of any weather forecast. All but the eight people that helped Noah perished after Noah worked on the ark and warned them all for many years to repent and come aboard. The people of all the earth couldn’t find any good footing as the floods escalated. They got in over their heads, where they never needed to be and they could only inhale water! Noah would have probably opened that massive door as they pleaded and screamed outside the rising ark, but God had closed the door. He knew they were committed to intentionally make bad choices. He said, “Their thoughts were only continually evil.”

Don’t think for a moment God will allow all this wickedness on the earth to continue. Because God loves you He will spank as hard as it takes to try to persuade to turn from you wicked ways. God loves you for what His transformation can make of you in a cooperative union. If you reject His correction He will ultimately be perceived as incorrigible. (Mark 16:16)

We humans are often compassionate when real compassion would see the great things that must be protected from the deadly….dispatching the Serpent to save the good and purified and glorious in the sight of God. The sort of hoaxes that we see on the news whether it be about the bundling of real estate debt, bail outs for the rich at the expense of those trying to hold onto the family orchard or the BP reality show where the lines reverb like a viper’s rattle and are harder to swallow than snake oil. Soon all of you deadly entrepreneurs, according to the promises of God in His Word, will be nothing but ashes under the feet of the just.

Let me clue you in about where you are drilling. According to the Word of God, there will be earthquakes in that Gulf so great that stone mantles that have remained stable for eons will slide in all directions. Pipelines and casings will rip and tear and separate like drinking straws under a meat cleaver. That is where you are drilling and threatening the greater part of creation. You can read about it in Revelation 16:18.

Philippe Cousteau warned CNN listeners to not turn their attention away from this oil spill. Before this saga is finished it will be a sad one indeed and such a massive catastrophe (in my thinking it already is) that the world will remember as long as the fallout remains. The only way to turn this thing around is to not only stop offshore exploration and drilling, but to take on the monumental task of faithfully plugging every offshore well.

I discovered in Haiti that even the witch doctors ply their trade because of the love of money. Follow the money trail and it leads right to the well from hell. The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I would suggest to BP and all the others like them that you turn to the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and soul and mind and strength; repent and receive forgiveness and bring forth fruit that demonstrates you have become a new creature restoring the earth and caring for God’s creation! I don’t know if the Evil One offers food to those joining him in hell’s fires, but if you don’t quickly repent, I would expect some long dead and very, very oily oysters! Wouldn’t it be better to become part of the solution and do a little mourning in repentance now than spend eternity in isolation “weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth forever?” Hey, prayfully President Obama might even hire you to help plug all those offshore wells and redirect all those pipelines that cross the Gulf.

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