Overpopulation is not the Real Threat Environmentalists Believe

I know how hard it is for many environmentalists to accept the fact that God is speaking to millions of people right here on the planet today! I am one of those people that God speaks to every day, but what is harder for me to believe is that we are seeing repeated environmental disasters for which no one is prepared and ready to negate. In a world that professes to be so advanced, storing deadly chemicals in or near a waterway is really unbelievable!

This week we are facing yet another environmental catastrophe as toxic sludge pours into the Danube River: Europe’s second longest waterway. Apart from some pretty miraculous intervention the heavy metals will rob the river of much of its life and empty into the Black Sea. Greenpeace worries the attempt to neutralize some of the toxicity may add to the disaster.

We are watching scripture unfold as we move from the first description of the Gulf oil spill “looking like blood” to a world famous river which flows through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine bearing “red toxic sludge.” God has spoken from His word about this transitional period where a minority will listen while others continue to party on and reject every effort for the Creator to share His mind and His power with them to facilitate guarding, protecting, and restoring the earth.

God also weeps that so many have used their free will to engage in folly, vanity and error. God loves all of us. He is love and He corrects everyone who has not fully rejected Him. Although He is the Creator of all things Jesus said, “They have rejected God because they love darkness (wickedness and ignorance) to live a life full of error and harmful destructive practices.”

It appears from news sources that the aluminum company responsible for the containment of these 3.8 million cubic feet of chemicals like toxic arsenic, cadmium and chromium is mainly concerned about getting past this focus on the disaster and back to work. While government officials are saying that homes toxified by the spill must be vacated and destroyed, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Hungary will welcome an expertise to help clean up the spill. The EU will give assist in ending the disaster but not until such help is requested! This sounds hauntingly like the way the Gulf oil spill was initially handled.

There is no way the resilient but fragile eco system of the planet can survive the greed of one world economy and reckless “undevelopment” of life systems that took thousands of years to colonize, adapt and develop. It is an understandable position for us environmentalists to think that overpopulation is a problem. Please listen to me as a spokesperson for the Great Spirit: Our Father in Heaven who sees the end of every matter from the beginning. There couldn’t be too many people working to get the message of restoration out there and there certainly could never be enough people actually doing the work. Consider that before this age terminates and the black boards come down and the green boards are installed, these two foretellings will be fulfilled: “The inhabitants of the earth are few and I the Creator will make a man as precious as the rarest gold.” God, I hope you see, is our spiritual parent. “God is Spirit.” (John 4:24) And God is the speaking spirit. He creates simply by speaking and He communicates to our spirit which is why the scripture says, “That to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is both life and peace.”

God is so much a speaking Spirit that He calls His first-born Son not just Emmanuel which means God with us but also, “The word of God.” It is necessary that God speak to us regularly and He will do so to all who welcome His son and our prepared to follow Him wherever He leads. God created us to, in the spiritual realm, talk to us so He could always reassure us of His constant love, support, encouragement, inspiration and even indwelling and so He could parent us and raise us up to be like Him. It is not in error at all to say that God created His offspring for fellowship and union: for a continuing, caring conversation. He tells us we can bring every question to Him and He promises to answer us if we have entered into this love relationship with the Spirit who made all things.

In the natural realm He made us according to His word to guard and protect the earth and to spread Eden from one corner of it to the other. The calling that He has on our lives can only be accomplished from regular input from Him which is why He said, “Man cannot live by food alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Soon we who survive the incredible beating this world is beginning to take will be called upon to work with the Creator in restoring the earth. I recently had the opportunity to interview someone in that age to come in the Spirit. I asked him what he did there and he said every day he spent a lot of time meditating but he was somewhat conflicted because every day he knew his desire was to continue the restoration of the planet with others from his little corner of the world but it was difficult to pull away from meditating in the presence of the Creator and listening as secret by secret was revealed to his understanding by the Master of all things.

Many Christians actually say, “Meditation, what is that? Christians don’t meditate!” And today this is sadly and obviously true for the most part because they do not love God who is Spirit. They do not seem to care about His word, nor do they understand that both the old and new testament tell us, “To meditate in His word day and night so that He can make our way blessed and whole.” (Psalms 1:2 & 1Timothy 4:14)

The reason I stress that overpopulation is not a problem is because before we get out of this hellish environmental mess that will soon threaten every species including humanity on the planet we will need every one on board! That means every hand, every head and every heart to turn this thing around: to be the Noahs of this generation. Scripture says for the sake of those who love the Creator, who delight in the Spirit and who see that this environmental destruction stop, these days will be shortened. If they were not, scripture tells us that no flesh would be saved. That means that not a bird, not a sea creature, not another mammal or a man would be left alive on this planet…if God did not intervene. As this all plays out we will see strong corrective measures being taken against those who continue their exploitation of God’s creation and great reward coming to those who cease in every way possible to hurt or harm God’s creatures or destroy the earth.

Every one that God loves He corrects. The Bible tells us that correction and instruction are the ways of life. I am not so macho as to hide the reality that every day my wife has to bring something to my attention that I am not doing in a productive way and help me find a solution. I am grateful for all the help I can get. God does the same thing and although He ultimately turns those who continue to exploit the planet into ashes under our feet, His desire is that every person on the planet would turn full circle towards restoring the earth and relishing their correction and redirection by the Creator into wholeness and fulfillment, in harmony with all He has created. God indicates He is very near the time when He will no longer close His eyes to all the willful ignorance that is turning a salmon stream into a sewer, an ocean into a toxic stew and a birthing ground into a killing field.

There is a very special blessing on your life just for reading the Book of Revelation and an even greater one for keeping the things that are written therein. (Revelation 1:3) Time would not permit in this message to tell you about all the calamities that are coming upon those wicked people who love money more than the earth, the habitat and the creatures God placed upon it. There are a multitude of corrective measures that God is forced to permit on the earth in this time of transition in a last effort to turn humanity in the course that will bring the flourishing of Heaven on Earth. Many who will not take the good path that leads to eternal life and a symbiosis where all things are gathered together in one, (Ephesians 1:10) will face such things as hailstorms where each stone weighs over one hundred pounds (Revelation 16:21), a huge comet slamming in to one portion of the earth and several other instances where one-third of all humanity is killed by mans inhumanity to man. There are many more other incidences as I mentioned but cannot go into now.

Jesus said, “When you see these things happen, look up and rejoice for your deliverance has drawn very near.” The population of earth will soon continue to decline at startling rates from many sources but God promises if you are part of the salt of the earth and the light of the world, an illuminator, “Only with your eyes will you see the repayment of the wicked.” If you start to believe in God He will start to believe in you. If you draw near to Him He will draw near to you and if your heart becomes perfect towards loving Him and His ways, He will find you amongst all the hoards currently on the planet and show Himself powerful on your behalf to make you a world changer.

Finally let me point out what this world really needs and that is people who will persuade, influence and teach others to become a part of the solution and not the problem. Currently there is a deep and ever increasing work going on in the hearts of those people who in spirit and reality adore the Creator. Many, although still far too few, experience His mercy and His power and His enlightenment as they grow up into the stature of God’s own Son.

Don’t worry about overpopulation for the days are coming when it might be difficult to find a co-worker to bring back the American chestnut or to find a bull elephant to mate with a female or a group of happy children to assist in creating a perennial garden covering the remains of a flattened city. It’s all there in the book but you’ll need His help to understand it. If you’re looking forward to knowing Him, ask Him to reveal to you by His spirit in the name of Jesus all that is written and go make some disciples who can follow your example of getting to know the Creator for to know Him is certainly to love Him and ask Him to begin to reveal your eternal purpose because there’s a whole lot of places waiting for their share of Eden.

Afterward: In this article I have not been trying to say that this one red sludge spill will forever destroy the aqua eco-system where it entered the Danube to the place in the Mediterranean where the Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles drain it from the Dead Sea. This is not the first such incident, even though it is now considered to have an equivalent number of gallons of pollution as flowed out from the Deepwater Horizon spill into the Gulf of Mexico. I am saying that the severity of environmental contamination coupled with the demand of potential changing political forces demanding the right of big business to operate with less environmental regulations in place presents the most dangerous of all potential situations for earth’s ecology. An interesting footnote is that while the majority of theologians who address “end of the age events” agree that everything in the oceans will ultimately die. (I believe this is due to the fact that water flows down hill so that we not only are dumping inconceivable amounts of sewage and toxic waste of every sort directly into the ocean, but the very geographical design of earth’s topography sweeps incalculable amounts of the same from the land into those waters.)

Theologians who disagree that everything in the sea will die say that this means the Mediterranean Sea and not the entire seas of the earth. This spill, which is high for example in its Mercury content, has certainly begun that process. MAL Rt. Hungarian Aluminum Production and Trade Company that owns the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant rejected criticisms that they should have taken more precautions at the reservoir.

Those of you who live in countries along the Danube need to organize to prevent corporate destruction of your waterways now particularly if you believe prophesies given to Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation. They are not merely about some land far away in a distant time. We are talking about now! Remember we always lose what we fail to love.

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