Please Come to Haiti if you Can!

A Short Trip to Haiti can bless you forever. If you are interested in becoming part of a team going to Haiti for two weeks early this summer, contact Minister David Prather after you read the following information.

Planning and preparation will involve a few spare hours and a weekend over the next month or two and you can be a part of a mission that is non-sectarian and will actually benefit the people of Haiti. They are wonderfully intelligent people with beautiful hearts. If you match that description, God may request your presence in Haiti.

The team we prepare for Haiti will no doubt have the adventure of a lifetime, experience lots of walking, hard work and some of the most rewarding effort they have put into anything. Much of our time will be spent working in much more rural areas and areas far from Port-au-Prince. You may be asking why. Haiti is a wonderful land where it was not damaged by the earthquake full of people who, for the most part, are the kindest, most loving people on the planet. A number of famous people you would recognize in a flash have said they’ve traveled all over the world but Haiti was where they left their heart.

As a minister I have been involved with Haiti since before 1980. I have lived there and I know the Haitian people on the whole are some of the best human beings on the planet. Some of my dearest friends, a sculptor and a brother in Christ, and his precious wife will meet our team upon arrival. They will connect our team with families from the earthquake disaster area. My preference is always to help where no help is occurring and many of these victims have friends in the northern part of Haiti who could help if only they had the resources to bring them there.

Many people hospitalized in Port-au-Prince today will exit surgery with no hands or legs and others may simply be handicapped. We will focus on the overlooked, those who still have no homes and now possibly only one parent. Our objective will be to facilitate connecting them with friends and relatives in northern Haiti who will be a vital part of their support system. No children will ever be relocated from Port-au-Prince unless accompanied by their parents who will continue to parent them.

We will be assisting people for purposes of shelter, critical medical care, potential employment within the community and getting them to a safer and less stressful environment.

We may be applying antibiotics like Neosporin on an open wound or getting water purification tablets to an elementary school. Because we have already been working with educators in Haiti, efforts will be made to get students back into school, and solar cooking ovens to families we help relocate from the south. Haitian bus trips, taxi rides and lots of walking with backpacks of food, water and medicine will certainly be on the agenda. My experience is that Haitians are less knowledgeable about the scriptures but better at living them than most Christians in the USA. Seeing that you care will bring you and them more joy in the midst of sorrow than you could ever imagine until you experience it.

Getting several shots, passports, etc. may require a few months. We’d like to have a team of at least a dozen people. Your first trip will likely be for 2 weeks. You will have a blessed positive experience that literally changes your life if your experiences are anything like mine. And you, as part of a team, will be an important part of changing and saving and bringing hope to people you will quickly see as extensions of your own family. The rewards and memories will last you a lifetime and God will bless you! Your only qualifications need be a desire to help, integrity, a healthy mind and body, and an attitude of gratitude.

In the event you want to return to Haiti for a longer period, like 6 months or a year, we are working on startup operations to do reforestation, family farming for community food production and educational advancement for those who need it most. All of our activities in Haiti are done in cooperation with indigenous Haitian leaders within a community.

Pray about coming to train for a weekend and going with the team to Haiti. You will need lots more information. Individual questions will be very briefly answered by e-mail. If we believe you are ready for a real discussion, we will exchange phone numbers. No one is a robot in this troop of love. You play a beautiful and critical role on the team, as you do what you do with God’s best in mind.

E-mail us at [email protected]

Love in Christ, Minister David C.W.Prather


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