Reformation and World View

Christian leaders in Ohio are strategizing and moving people into place to create a reformation that will bring America back to God, according to them. They plan to indoctrinate children from three years old and adults of every age resulting in hundreds of potential presidential candidates. Their intention is to replicate this battle plan now in every state.

As I listened and pondered this highly energized political activity, I began to ask myself this question: “Since reformation means re-forming, what is the world view of these reformers?” Just then one of them said, “We’d love to have your church join us as long as it agrees with our world view.” I have listened to a lot of “Christian world views,” one simply says we are dealing with an orchestrated economic crisis…just invest in gold. I did not buy my banner yet, that reads, “Put your confidence in gold!” My reason is simple: “Their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them…” (Ezekiel 7:16)

Some world views are saying our President is the anti-Christ, so get your gun for self-defense, move to the country, buy a lot of dehydrated food and bottled water until the Republicans take back the government. They promise to remove environmental restrictions on big business and re-instate trickle-down economics. Almost everything I hear may or may not be a good idea from a strictly human perspective, but it rings loudly of that now famous chant: “What about me? What about me?

There really is only one world view and its chant is, “What about the Kingdom of God!”

When these so called reformers take America back to God, are they thinking about America when the Aztecs tore the hearts out of thousands of virgins in one day to offer to their god along with who knows how many llamas? Perhaps these people were referring to Chris Columbus’s America (also known as Haiti) where he and his brother mercilessly tortured and murdered the island’s native caretakers because they wouldn’t turn over all the gold Columbus thought they had in stockpiles and were refusing to disclose.

Could these be the good old days they are referring to in the America of the Plymouth Colony? These colonists delivered the gift of treachery to their Native American hosts, surrounding a friendly village of Indians and burning whole families to death as they awakened. Apparently, by some of their quotations, they had the wrong idea about dominion. Dominion was never given to fallen man but to those who walked in the likeness of the God of Love.

If time permitted, I could go on to ask about the days of Washington, the Indian fighter, and those years when good citizens hunted native men, women, and children, like so-called sportsmen shoot groundhogs today. Later, some of these great Nimrods wiped out the buffalo herds in an ongoing massacre until the plains Indians were driven to starvation. What about going back to those God honoring times when the KKK hung blacks as easily as a fifties mother hung out the laundry. Almost no one dries their clothing outside today, but the clan still has its influence in these parts. Maybe you mean the Godly America of those days?

I spent my childhood in the 1950’s and it had some positive aspects, but a whole lot of us who entered the military or university in the early sixties, saw the shallowness of our parent’s lives who gave their all to materialism and the hope of a gold watch or a huge retirement pension for the rest of their life after 65, and had no spiritual life anyone would want to emulate. In those days most of us “dropped out” younger people did learn one thing: You can’t buy good drugs without a good job.

The seventies were also highly enlightening. By then many of us had discovered that drugs were actually very bad medicine and got delivered, express, into the heart of God and the Jesus movement. We quickly learned that we knew God and His Word better than most preachers, but they would only certify our voices if we would become their youth pastors or music leaders where some of us discovered it is very difficult for the captive bird to sing. Indeed it is hard to sing one of the Lord’s songs beside the polluted river water that sustains Babylon!

After all this sarcasm, you may have concluded that I hate America, but you would be mistaken, I love this country and compared to many other ones, it looks pretty good. The problem is that God tells us that we are not wise when we compare ourselves (or our respective countries) with one another. There is only one personal measure of a man and that is the Lord Jesus Christ and if any country was “reformed, and back to God,” its people would be arguing with the Pharisees when they were twelve years old. They would be ending an economy based on the prison industry where people serving 1 to 2 years are raped and infected with the aids virus! We would be mentoring our teens, inviting in our homeless, and feeding our enemies instead of rendering again evil for evil. As C.S. Lewis said, “The problem with Christianity is not that it doesn’t work, but possibly that no one has ever tried it!”

If you suspect this is part of my world view and that it sounds extreme, you haven’t heard anything yet. God says, “Don’t say the good old days.” Go ask a cow at a slaughter house, a sequoia grove being approached by lumbermen or a flock of Canada geese over a hunting blind if these are the good old days! You can’t go forward by looking backward. From my perspective we don’t need another reformation we need “Thy Kingdom come” and we need to be forward looking not trying to find God in our mottled past. The good days are still ahead. Jeremiah 29:11 encourages us, “For I know the thoughts that I have towards you (for all creatures and creation too) says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a hope and a future…” You may seriously ask me if I am certain. The answer is yes. Absolutely. I am one hundred percent sure because of my world view which will follow this posting and be entitled God’s World View. If I am a messenger of God, and love you, I must tell you the truth…even if, as Paul said, “The more I love you, the less you may love me.”

Here is a synopsis of that world view which is certain and is just one sentence. Hebrews 10:13: “From now on Jesus has sat down on the right hand of His Father expecting, until His enemies become His footstool,” therefore they will be part of where He places His feet! Principalities, and powers that hinder the development of love in us, that support hunting for sport and all forms of animal cruelty, and that oppose taking a stand for restoring the earth, are enemies of Christ’s peaceable Kingdom. If they are his enemies, His feet will be resting on their heads, like He did to the symbolic serpents, because these deceived ones have joined themselves to that snake of Genesis.

God has demonstrated His great patience for this hour. I hope your expectation is increasing even as we communicate. “Surely there is an end and your expectation shall not be disappointed.” (Proverbs 23:18) Remember, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” If you do not develop faith in God by building upon the word of God and the Messiah Himself, you are left with a political solution as your only alternative and it takes a lot more faith to believe in politicians than it does in God Almighty…more than I’ve got!

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