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Bobby and Sherrie Burnette have been working in Haiti for over two decades doing near impossible tasks, educating and feeding hundreds of children from various communities across that nation and deep into the mountainous regions. I can honestly say they go where no man less equipped could go. They run many medical clinics for many Haitian families.  “Love a Child” is vigorously transforming, through their many outreaches, a huge and almost impenetrable area of Haiti.

The photograph of Bobby and Sherrie shows the school and children at Fond Parisien, Haiti. Bobby and Sherrie have orphanages, a Christian radio station and many training sessions to help Haitian people grow produce they can sell in the market place to buy food and clothing, additional medication, books and school uniforms. The facilities for the various markets are well constructed and help families grow fruits and vegetables for the benefit of multitudes.

Love a Child

Money from the sales also provides children with shoes and uniforms as I mentioned, both are required by law for children to attend school. I have known personally a number of children who carry their shoes down rugged mountain trails even until their feet are bleeding and put the shoes back on when they arrive at school. I was in one village when some Haitian brothers I had met only once before recognized me. They had been without any food for three days. They hugged me and asked very concernedly, “Brother David, have you had anything to eat yet today?”

I have watched while public school children have practiced their English reading old newspapers under a street light. While there may be circumstances and certain people in Haiti I couldn’t care less about, the average Haitian reveals more trust in God, courtesy, and love for his fellow man than I almost ever encounter in the United States. If anyone deserves our help, it’s Bobby and Sherry Burnette and the Love a Child Ministry of Haiti. Bobby Burnett, himself was never able to utter a word until he was sixteen years old.  God healed him and made him an effective minister and preacher. I found out first hand that you don’t preach God’s good news to people starving to death, until you feed them something to eat first!

Right now this man who loves God’s word and God’s people deserves our help more than almost any Christian minister in the world and so does his wife who literally drains herself pouring out her life in service to Haiti’s sick and hurting.

Bobby and Sherrie and those assisting them feed over 7,000 children each day from food containers holding 270,000 meals costing $10,000 per container alone. Their total monthly expenditures exceed $250,000 for many areas of ministry, to vast to cover in this request, including orphanages. All of both decades of this ministry’s very effective service to the people of Haiti will abruptly end unless you help. Your smallest gift to their ministry is appreciated and the biggest gift you can imagine will bring you great blessing and keep their ministry from ending.

This is a true story. I was dumping unwanted documents into the fire from a box of papers dating back almost ten years. As I dumped them, (everything from old phone books to old landscape plans and Bible notes), a door blew open and a tiny wind lifted the photograph,   used in this article of Bobbie and Sherrie out of the fire, and deposited it at my feet.  I was totally unaware any pictures were in the box.

If you ever read the history of Bobby’s life, you will see that God has already rescued him from many of the enemy’s intentions to rob, kill and destroy. Now we can give back some of the love that he has shared in our stead for our near neighbors who have suffered more than we can imagine. I can barely walk but if I could I would swim to Haiti if I had to, just to help with these exemplary missionaries who live in Haiti and can be contacted with your gift of any amount, small or great. Remember Jesus said, “What so ever you have done to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me!”   

Mail: Love A Child, PO Box 60063, Fort Myers FL 33906

Telephone: (239) 210-6107 (Fort Myers)

Online: by clicking on the “Urgent September        Missions Gift” button

Thank you, in Jesus’ name! In Judaism there is a saying. If you save one person it is as if you have saved the world. If you give in remembrance of the really poor, God says He will repay you and keep you in all your ways.

Minister David Prather,

In His Service


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