Sea Turns to Blood as Offshore Drilling Defies the Inevitable!

Months ago now reporters described the oil on the Gulf’s surface from the BP disaster as red in appearance, like blood! Revelation 16:3b says, “And the sea became as the blood of a dead man and everything in the sea died!” Half of all creatures on the planet live in the sea. When will we ever learn? How is it that those human creatures that were created to guard, propagate and protect the Creation have become, by far, its most significant threat?

The Ocean is the largest habitat we know of. There are nearly 250,000 known species in the Sea, but 10 times that many may make that briny deep their home! Some of those may just smartly turn off their lights and become invisible when they see us coming. Anyway, the Ocean is very under explored and scientists do believe there is far more beneath the surface than as yet has met the human eye!

Since this is the ocean let’s go a little deeper and there’s plenty of room for you because the oceans cover 70% of the earths surface. They contain 97% of all the earth’s water. The ocean supports 50% of all life on the earth. And the problems in the Gulf are just about over. Don’t believe it! That’s the impression some of you are getting by means of propaganda about the BP Oil Spill recovery in the Gulf. One government report announced that “most of the oil from the BP Spill has now dispersed!” A NOAA head said, “Fish will degrade that oil and process it naturally so it doesn’t bio-accumulate so it isn’t a situation to be concerned about! In time it will be broken down!” You can go back to sleep now unless you have ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “You can trust the U.S. Government…just ask any Native American!” Look at a bit of history and see if such talk of oil spill restoration has proven to be true in the past.

Marshland cleanup from oil invasion has frequently resulted in even greater damage to the eco-system! In 1978 the Amoco Cadiz spilled 68 million gallons off the coast of France. Response teams removed the oil off the surface of the marshland. Most of those marshlands have never recovered!! A longer lasting toxic residue remains after the initial processes such as volatile compound evaporation and microbial consumption. This occurred in the cases of the Exxon Valdez spill of almost 11 million gallons and the Ixtoc I in the southern Gulf of Mexico in 1979 with 140 million gallons of oil spilled. In both cases, oil is still present in those ecosystems in a form called asphaltenes which has a very long and still damaging “half-death.” Some fish species, as well as the sea otters, have never recovered from the Exxon-Valdez spill and one of two pods of Killer Whales in Prince William Sound is on the verge of extinction! From Martha’s Vineyard to the far side of the planet, the impact of oil spilling into streams, wetlands, lakes, rivers and the Ocean itself continue to impact the web of life with sometimes insidious results.

Now that we’re down here, like the two scientific expeditions that just exited the floor of the Gulf, (one from the University of Georgia and the other from the University of South Florida) let’s get to the bottom of this! We have listened as the military/industrial complex tried to keep us in the dark, now pay attention as these University scientists turned on their lights! Suddenly they saw dead zones as black as the night sky, but this sea bottom “sky” lit up with countless brightly shining stars which actually were micro-droplets of oil and dispersants covering the sea floor everywhere they searched. You’re going to need a few gulps of oxygen before you take this in.

These scientists say this crisis will not be complete until some far distant time and the recovery will be something other than what existed before the spill! They are very concerned that a lot of these toxic droplets which are destroying phytoplankton, one of the foundations of all life in the food chain, are migrating into the Desoto Trench which will likely critically impact a huge number of fish species.

It seems like we have put too much trust in dispersants! Dispersants are the perfect magic act for this headline generation who pays little attention to details. Dispersants fulfill our favorite deception called slight of hand which is performed with a song from most peoples Hit Parade entitled: “Out of sight, out of mind.” In real life, it doesn’t work like that. Neither the oil nor the voodoo of a chemist’s lab will resolve every cancer we have inflicted upon Mother Nature! Just one empty quart oil can will impose more hardship, death, and destruction upon a biologically flourishing spring run than we can handle emotionally or intellectually grasp! Species that filled such a limited niche for thousands of years, generations…or even eons, suddenly face a Hiroshima of their own…from nothing more than the introduction of a tossed away oil can!

Do not kid yourself that the enemy has vanished thanks to another massively toxic assault on the biggest and deepest oil spill in the world!! The real villain isn’t even the oil spill itself or the barrels of dispersant emptied from the top of the barges and the bottom of planes. The real enemy is within the mindset, objective and direction of fallen humanity who long ago abandoned their post as guardian of their planet and their Creator to side with the enemy of their soul, God’s creation and all the souls on land and in the Great Sea!

God has said everything in the sea will die, but He has also indicated that those who cause such destruction on the earth should be destroyed because of their actions and because they obeyed not the Gospel of the Kingdom and showed no interest in knowing the very Creator that made them. (2Thessalonians 1:8) In reality they chose careers that not only made them unavailable to guard and protect the earth and its creatures as all who are translated and transformed would be sufficiently illuminated to do, but they went beyond this to subject entire eco-systems and countless creatures to annihilation! This judgment should come from the Creator and never from human hands! (Revelation 11:18) You might ask is our choice of professions significant to God? Absolutely. “Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” (Colossians 3:17) Why you work at what you do is also very critical because God will examine your heart. If you take a job just because it pays a lot, that sounds like you may have taken it for “the love of money, which is the root of all evil!” (1Timothy 6:10) The scripture is clear that no one can serve God and money!

Now you may demand, “Is this some kind of a test?” Yup! God never transforms us without testing our genuine progress each step of the way. Testing is part of the process! In fact, we are all being tested from time to time. Shortly all who dwell on the earth will face an incredible test. (Revelation 3:10) The test is a little like, “Do you want the money and an easy life, or do you want friends who stand for integrity and love and truth and God Himself even if it costs you?” Are you willing to demand, that all over the earth, offshore drilling must end completely even if we have to walk because gas is too costly? What is your choice?

I know God says, “Everything in the sea died,” because He always sees the end from the beginning, but what about our accountability? What will we answer God if we are a part of that section of humanity that wishes to continue to live luxuriously (Revelation 18:7-9) even if that means continuing with offshore drilling…thereby causing more than 50% of all the species on Earth to become extinct? If you were the judge, would you want people like that to rule and reign with Christ on the earth and could you, if you were the judge, permit them in their carnal mindset, to live forever in the New Heaven and the New Earth? You might get some help with your reply by recalling that God saved Noah and his seven other servant of God friends and relatives and partially did that by destroying the wicked that filled the earth! If you were among those who rejected God’s plan to display His love and protection to all creatures will you not do it again when we have only half the species left…only the land animals? Will you one day change and protest the barbarism we call our civilization? Will you at some later time support the remaining plant and animal species after you previously permitted all in the sea to be destroyed? Will you then become a friend of God who created the eco-systems which helped make up the Paradise where He intended and intends for us to live?

Generally we do not see major decisions made in one great leap especially one in a very different direction. Almost all major life changing decisions are made through a series of many small choices. Still, I pray for you, that you change in all your ways to pleasing God before you reach the point of hardening your heart forever! Be careful because time is not an enlightener. This is why we sometimes find people like the very young man who is changing an African nation for the better or reading of an old North Korean dictator who is keeping an entire nation of human beings in the dark! Time is not the teacher, but the Holy Spirit both draws us to God and “brings to remembrance whatsoever God has spoken!” (John 14:26) We get enlightened by the revelation of God through the Holy Spirit according to the very word of God. This is why Stephen the martyr declared in Acts 7:51, “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Spirit: as your fathers did, so do ye.”

Long ago, the great Apostle Paul was aboard a ship bound for Rome. In Acts 27 you can read the entire story of the miracles of that adventurous voyage, but here I must focus on verse 10. We pick up the story where Paul is a prisoner on a ship sailing for Rome. He is warned by God that the ship will encounter a terribly destructive storm: “Paul said unto the men of the ship, ‘Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with great danger and damage, not only to the cargo and ship, but also of our lives.’” The soldiers’ commander chose not to believe Paul’s report. After a smooth start, the storm got unbelievably bad and after many days when it appeared that all would be lost, Paul stood up and spoke again: “Sirs, you should have listened to me…for there stood by me this night, the Angel of God, whose I am and whom I serve, saying fear not Paul, you must appear in Rome before Caesar, and God has given me all who sail with you…”

Right now most of us are sailing with “the Ship of State,” and that is who I want to address in closing. President Obama, you recently reasserted through staff, that you are a Christian. Jesus said, “If we say we are Christians, we ought to walk as Jesus walked.” I must say to you, the Captain of the Ship, that if we continue to allow offshore drilling, we will end up killing all life in the sea…whether that happens 5 months from now or 50 years from now. According to the indwelling Spirit of Christ and the Bible, particularly Romans chapter 8, God loves every creature He created and is bringing about the situations on Earth that will cause Him to return and take back the Earth due to our mismanagement. Like the Apostle Paul, who told us to follow him even as he follows Christ I must say that I also belong to God whom I serve day and night. I perceive that we are soon to lose all life in the sea because of, primarily, offshore drilling! When losing the water’s zoology, how will we view ourselves? How will we answer the creatures on the Throne of God on judgment Day? What will we tell our children and grandchildren?

Like the American chestnut we plundered or the passenger pigeon we massacred, once we stop loving something enough to revere it sufficiently, to protect it, and honor it…we will soon lose it. We lose all that we cease to love! If we show only a callous denial of a real solution to an untenable environmental situation, God will deprive us of our pleasure to enjoy it. Mr. Obama, by a Presidential Order, you could end all offshore drilling! If we continue to expose half of all creatures to an oily grave, what on earth does that say about us as citizens of the planet?

My fellow citizens, while you are waiting to die and go to Heaven, God has a plan for the Earth and He wants it to be successful. If you would be obedient to the Heavenly Vision, (Acts 26:19) it would include you. The problem is that not many, even of those who profess to know God, serve God and know His Word, do not perceive His intention or hasten it. (Ephesians 3:11) Therefore, God says, “In that day, the inhabitants of the Earth will be few.” (Isaiah 24:6) The earth and all creation is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the Sons of God who are co-operating with the Creator in making His Vision reality! Won’t you join the few? For more information contact us at [email protected]

May the peace, power, love and joy of the God of resurrection and restoration fill your hearts with all creations’ expectation.


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