Should GoDaddy Go?

Did Elephant Killer and GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons lie when he defended murdering one of God’s most awesome creatures? He claimed the Elephant was destroying very poor peoples’ crops, but was that his exclusive motive? God, Himself, personally planted the first “cultivated” garden. Fortunately a PETA spokesperson gave Parsons exactly the same solution that God gave the first humans charged with protecting the garden. Fence it! Although CEO Parsons, perhaps a billionaire, couldn’t figure out where the Zimbabwe farmers could ever get the money for fences, I bet everyone else in the world could find an answer to that question!

On CNN, Parsons objected vehemently to Piers Morgan’s implying that Parsons could have paid for the fence and some food for the people. The GoDaddy CEO insisted that such thinking was a modern error on the part of modern man. I don’t know whether the CEO of GoDaddy is a Christian or not, but for the most part that doesn’t matter because I would guess 90% of Christians today have no idea what the Bible is all about. It might help if they would actually read it. Only a remnant of perhaps 10% meditates in God’s word and has some understanding of a very clear message. Here’s one scripture that might change Parsons’ outlook if he hasn’t already seared his conscience beyond awakening it. “Tell those rich in this world’s wealth to quit being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money…Tell them to go after God, to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous.” (1Timothy 6:17-18 – The Message)

Parts of Zimbabwe contain indigenous peoples who cannot afford fencing or solar electric chargers and this same problem faces many creatures and people in all 3rd World Countries. This is why, we who have vision, inspired ideas, God’s heart, and connection with Christ’s body on the Earth must help not only the animals live under human care and protection, but simultaneously provide ideas for sustainable careers for indigenous people, give them assistance, food producing tree seedlings and plant seeds, and financial support until their goal of a sustainable future materializes. Actually, what they need is some on site friends and mentors. And don’t forget the fence, fence, fence! Believe me, those who survive the conclusion of this time of transition will be growing their own food and irrigating it…even where we never have irrigated before! By the way the majority of animal species never touch an electric fence whose jolt I have experienced hundreds of time, and they are intelligent enough to sense and steer clear of those fences many feet away and thus avoid contact.

Just consider how many young people would love to join a project like that to fence the elephants out of gardens and let them roam freely. And plus have a water-well drilled for the farmers and put in some irrigation for better food production.

I don’t know whether Parsons is like Nimrod, just a despicable “mighty hunter before the Lord,” or some redneck dude who doesn’t have a clue about where we are today in Bible prophecy. He may not have any friends who know God, and instead he may believe ignorant pastors who know for certain their political party is right, but have never heard Jesus’ voice, yet are certain God made animals for us to kill. A lot of those preachers call that the circle of life, never recalling that it is the meaningless and cruel circle of fallen life. It is absolutely not the world God created or the world God is restoring! Without God and His word, none of us can have faith that no problem is too big for one man plus God Almighty to solve. Perhaps Parsons has never been exposed to the illumination of the gospel so pray for him.

There are certain sins people commit which are “unto death” and the Bible seems to indicate that praying for them will not change His decision to remove them from the planet but we cannot assume that those people died without any hope of being perfected. God sought to kill Moses yet thousands of years later he was on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus. Thank God for that. What we do know is that Jesus said that these “end of the age days” would be as the days of Noah and saving every species alive upon the face of the earth is an activity that has always been in God’s heart although often disregarded by humanity.

Right now there are a number of websites that can transfer your domain name from GoDaddy. Some GoDaddy customers are waiting to research vendors who will not support killing animals and even list a number of potential choices you might consider. Hey, Bob this would be a great opportunity for your to repent for no one that hurts or harms will enter into God’s holy mountain.

One of my favorite scriptures speaks of the elephants, and ironically, it is used to justify and even glorify the slaughter of cows and other cattle. And to many Christians it seems to be promoting the enjoyment of plenty of steaks and chops! It is very frequently quoted, improperly I believe, by thousands of so-called Christians every day when they shout happily: “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills!” That would be pretty stupid if you think about it. First, why a thousand hills? Why not nine hundred and ninety? Or what about twenty-seven million hills? In one real sense God owns everything and in another, He owns only what we place in His hands.

Would it surprise you to know that in the original language neither “owns,” nor “a thousand” is even in that scripture? The word cattle relates to a herd animal such as an ox or other bull animal that can crush out the grain whose strength can be harnessed. Elephants are certainly used in much the same way as oxen only to do far greater tasks. The word “thousand” is actually the Hebrew word “eleph” from which we get the word elephant.

I’ll go now with a hope that you will pray for the wild things, act for their well being as you are enabled, and read this translation below of Psalms 50:10 which is an amplified version with word corrections. “For all life, every living thing in the endless spread out shimmering green and the ancient old growth forests: even the families of huge terrifying elephants on the looming mountains I see, instruct, understand, nurture and care for.”


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