Solar, Water and Wind Power are Inexpensive Energy Sources

While such things as passive solar and water power that requires no damming of rivers and streams are relatively inexpensive, the greatest power available to mankind is absolutely free. It is called the gift of the Holy Spirit. It has the power to teach you all things, even how to discover new energy sources or to change the world.

No wonder God says you will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you! To an inquiring mind like mine and I hope yours, understanding is second only to love in navigating through this life. In fact God says in Proverbs 8:14, “Counsel is mine and sound wisdom: I am understanding itself.” God sends the Holy Spirit to teach us all things. (John 14:26)

No matter how long you continue your formal education, you will never find a collection of professors and mentors who are able to teach you all things. George Washington Carver was so humble that he asked God only to show him many things a peanut could be used for. The list begins with plastics and is mind-blowing because it contains so many items! The Holy Spirit can show you: why your father was so mean; where you can find your lost child; how to react to a neighbor who hates you; what is coming in the next ten years; what it takes to be a great husband; whether to relocate or stay; how to pray effectively; why you specifically were created; or what is the real world view from God’s perspective.

The greatest value of the Holy Spirit to us humans is his purpose of leading us from divine precept to precept with understanding, and guiding us through all the long and winding roads that lead to full enlightenment. In this state, we can be filled with all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:19) Unlike becoming God, the goal is like the plot’s focus in Star Trek the Motion Picture where Voyager refused to give something to the Creator, rather her goal was to return to and join with the Creator. I don’t know what the Creator of Voyager had in mind for her, but the good news is for all those human voyagers who wish to be totally reconciled to God, He has planned this wedding for a very long time.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Our nature and focus must be changed from the carnal to the spiritual: this is the work of the Holy Spirit in us and the aim of His teaching. God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and He sent forth His Spirit (Galatians 4:6) on behalf of His only begotten Son to obtain a bride. The bride is the consummate goal and objective of God’s dealing with humanity. The bride who will become the wife is not trying to replace God, but support, cherish, magnify and assist God in the spreading of the Kingdom of Heaven throughout infinity and eternity…with all of its new human creatures and all of its Eden potential. This is why ultimately the Holy Spirit was sent forth. He is given to those who have gladly chosen to exit their old way of living and benefit from Christ’s death and resurrection life through faith in God, water baptism and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Right now anyone is pre-qualified by Jesus Christ (Revelation 22:17) to begin practicing and training under the tutoring of the Holy Spirit, to be His helpmate/companion: the one He died for and now lives for and waits for her to come out to meet Him. (Matthew 25:6) Second Peter 3:12, tells us that more than just going out to meet Him, we should be looking for that day and hurrying to the day of God wherein Spirit will be Supreme and the elements will melt.

Even though what I just preached to you is a very brief overview of one of the major themes of the Word of God and His Story, comparatively few preach it, or the goal of the Holy Spirit, because Satan hates it and he certainly has his share of ministers out there. They watch to turn away listeners the moment someone says of the Lord: “When we see Him, we shall be like Him.” They, then begin their rant of warning: “That is what the devil himself said. I will be like God!” They tell their people to run from such lies when the very word of God not only declares that we will be like Him, but is working endlessly to make us manifest Sons of God and cause His wife to make herself ready, with her enthusiastic co-operation for that Great and Cosmic Wedding Celebration. (Revelation 19:7) (1John 3:2) All things have been supporting this marriage and its celebration wherein all can say the marriage of the lamb has come. Even every creature has suffered since the fall of man awaiting this restoration and union of the bride and Heaven’s bridegroom. (Romans 8:18-21)

I am convinced that God would never have allowed such suffering of all His creation unless it was to bring about this glorious marriage. As we move towards completing this series on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit I will post an article on understanding women. Its main point is that women who are not damaged emotionally by their environment are looking for a husband at some point because they were taken out of man. They are simply trying to “make it back home.” Likewise all of us came out from God and by His grace and that alone, which includes necessarily the empowering of the Holy Spirit we could never complete that journey or even understand it.

Part of the definition of worshipping God is to give magnification and weight to all that concerns Him and in my brief study of world religions; I have never heard anything as “heavy” as this! How could you or I ever achieve such a union and be filled with all the fullness of God apart from Great Grace and the Holy Spirit of the Invisible God working in us and going with us to teach us all things? As the scripture says we have not followed cunningly devised fables. When the Holy Spirit teaches you He will give you all the evidence and proof that you need to be absolutely convinced of what He is revealing. That is why we say if God showed you something nothing can change your mind and nothing can prevent it from coming to pass. Jesus said, “He shall take that of mine and reveal it unto you.” First John says, “You have an anointing from the Holy One and know all things.” I do not believe this means you know all things like you might know everything about horticulture or fixing a car. I believe it means that because you are filled with the Holy Spirit through His revelation in you, you have access to all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Unless we gain this, how could we ever rule and reign with Christ? Or how, when He says, “Go forth and raise Lazarus junior from the dead,” could you simply say, “Yes my beloved,” and go and do that? This is God’s counterpart which only the Holy Spirit can lead you into becoming. (1Corinthians 3:9) What this marriage means is nothing less than God living in you and you in God. It is the climax of everything He has done for us and our ultimate experience and consciousness to His glory. By ourselves we could never get there to such a transformed being moving in such awareness. John the Revelator saw that God obtained this glorious bride. (You should really read Revelation chapter 21.) This bride is fully prepared, fully transformed and ready to assist God in His eternal program of filling all things with His powerful creative works and He brought forth His bride just as John saw from little specks of earth and stardust like you and me.


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