Star Thrilled to Learn of Chitto’s Fourth Miracle

Chitto, the Tibetan yak has received three miracles in the past year, now she and Star have produced one of their own. If you don’t know who the Star is or have never heard of Chitto, click on the article “Put This on Fast Yak.” Chitto has experienced four miracles in a row. The first was her refusal to die and ours to put her down when vets who worked on her declared she didn’t have a chance. During the first grueling vet procedure I was concerned that Chitto could be pregnant and was informed that any calf she had would have been killed by the injections the vet gave her. She was certain about this and said, “Don’t worry the fetus will be absorbed if she is pregnant.”

The second was a creative miracle when she manifested a new rectum after that part of her body had been removed. The third was when I, due to visual impairment, needed to find a sanctuary who would adopt her and at that very time someone from a sanctuary called me looking for a yak!

I had mentioned previously that when I began to get to know God through a Eureka, California ministry in the 60’s called Lighthouse Ranch on the spectacular cliffs of Table Bluff overlooking the surging Pacific, I was taught that in this generation God would be manifesting many miraculous healings and resurrections. I am fairly certain that the wonderful minister who laid down his life for so many of us new converts would be as surprised as I was when, 40 years later, I began seeing multiple resurrections and many miracles in answer to prayer. The surprise was not that these things came to pass as prophesied but that I was seeing them happen with animals.

Faith works by love. If we don’t love animals I doubt we will have much results praying for them. We laid hands on Chitto and prayed for her in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as soon as the vet had given her the death sentence (you really should read “Put This on Fast Yak”). We have seen three animals raised from the dead, a young yak killed by a Texas longhorn bull, a whitetail deer struck by a vehicle and Romance the Romanov sheep, but nothing could have thrilled us any more than the news we got today. It was Chitto’s fourth miracle, as all the photos reveal.

We preach the gospel to every creature just like Mark 16:15 instructs us to do. We also understand that Colossians 1:15-16 makes it clear that Jesus Christ is the firstborn of every creature in Heaven and on the earth. Obviously this refers to a whole lot more than just human beings, it refers to all beings. Chitto not only has heard the gospel many times, she has a hope given to her and every creature, by God that differs little if any from our hope. If you don’t believe that there are quite a few pages you need to tear out of your Bible! (Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that.)

And now look at her, Chitto is so full of miracles she produced one of her own: it’s a boy. The couple who run the sanctuary were as excited as any two people could be except for my wife and I as we danced and clapped and shouted thanks to God around the living room and the office when we got the news.

I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope Chitto becomes a poster child for those whose prayer is that the deliverance promised to all creatures will soon be manifest in all the earth.

P.S. Yvonne and I don’t pray, teach, or minister for money, but we do have a big vision which includes a 24-hour a day television station broadcasting quality programs on protecting the environment, exploring the lives of animals and activating people to defend all creatures. We are looking for others to join forces with and talented people, who like us, will donate their time at least until this adventure has wings. If you need prayer for one of your beloved animals, even if doctors have given up on it, we will be happy to take your requests. Many prayers don’t work because some people don’t know that Christ has taken all our errors and exchanged them for His righteousness therefore they don’t understand that they are “righteous” in the eyes of God. Beyond that James tells us that our prayers need to be “fervent.” Fervent means red hot and James 5:16b says, “The effectual red hot prayer of a righteous person produces much.” We have nothing to boast about in ourselves. Anything we can do you can do if you have received Christ, humbled yourself under the hand of God, received power by being baptized in the Holy Spirit and have purified your heart. Yes you can! Miracles are not just something to yak about; they are one of the beautiful parts of the abundant life.

God Bless you Chitto!


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