Thanksgiving Miracles: The Beginning

It is not only the big miracles that sustain some of us, but also the little ones. As a child who felt neglected and somewhat abandoned; as a person who wanted to experience heaven and bring it to others yet brought them some hell; as a nature lover who wanted to hear her speak, yet discovered only a cold silence, how did I become filled with thanksgiving and dance into the Kingdom of Light and how can you?

Like the earth that began to emerge from the chaos of an indistinguishable ruin, I came from a wonderful, harsh and dysfunctional family. My arrival, from a practical view didn’t improve it. After a very long journey, that took half a lifetime, I was enabled to help bring some degree of Heaven to those who I honor as parents and siblings, but only after endless miracles and being “captured by the hosts of Heaven,” and being introduced to the God of all Grace. Just as Moses could never have crossed the Red Sea apart from a miracle, I would be an empty floating corpse on the sea of this life if not for an endless string of miracles. Before I transition to that world filled continuously with the greatest miracles of all: immeasurable love, indescribable joy, and uninterruptible peace, I felt it might bless you to see what God would do for someone like you because God did it…even for someone like me!

Perhaps the first miracle I remember was my mother reading stories to me as a child just leaving infancy. Words and the proper and intended use of them possess the miraculous ability to convey into our lives every sort of knowledge and wisdom and understanding and even God Himself. Although my mother did not read me stories about God, they were always loving stories with a beneficial lesson that, at least taught me to care.

My father was the hardest working man I have ever known. He frequently would roar poetically: “I slept and dreamt that life was beauty…but I awoke to find it duty!” Eventually I learned from my Heavenly Father that after we have done everything that needed to be done, we have merely done nothing more than what we ought to have done in the first place. For a lost soul like I was, being given the miracle of words to embrace and being drafted by duty were both little miracles which can accomplish great things in anyone’s life!

My third miracle was the joy of my cat Joey coming into my life and my black protector: a dog named Caesar. They both acted as surrogate part time parents: Joey as the nurturing mother figure and Caesar as the protective defender of my life and well being. Caesar, Joey and I avoided family conflicts by disappearing into the natural world and discovering it too wanted safety and love. Through my first two furry friends, I learned that animals can be friends to people and that they appreciate love as much as we do and that after all is said and done, many times their main difference from human beings is the miracle of their faithfulness, character, and unconditional love.

King David said, “I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” That little clause “in the land of the living,” is also a miracle and not some unimportant words tacked onto a scripture. It means that God will keep us from giving up through the care and help of people! This aspect of God’s miracles came into my life in the form of Louie Gonzer.

In our rural neighborhood, there was almost no way for very young adolescents to earn any money at all. My father always bought me a new pair of Florsheim wing tips, quality dress slacks, several shirts and pairs of sox to begin school with, but local rummage sales provided the rest. Sometimes one could get a summer job mowing a lawn, but with only a push mower with no engine, the competition was just too great. Before he hired me, Mr. Gonzer bought a new power mower for me to use to keep the lawn of his vacation cabin mowed!

In our family, in its early years, you were better off at avoiding disappointment if you wanted very little. One thing I did want was to buy my own clothes as I was sick and tired of other boys making fun of me because I was “wearing their old trousers that their mother had gotten rid of.” Sometimes people in my neighborhood would hire a kid to mow their lawn and after the job was done renegotiate for even less pay, but Mr. Gonzer was very generous with his money and always included a nice tip or a gift like a pocket knife. I knew Mr. Gonzer didn’t judge me all the time like I felt my parents did. He seemed to not only genuinely care about me, but also wanted me to “turn out well.”

When Louie died from old age, I cried quite a few times because I knew he had made some kind of impression on my heart that would set me apart from other kids I knew who insisted there was no way they could ever amount to anything. If your child is neglected, someone will also come into their life, for good or for evil. After Louie befriended me, I still knew this messed up young man had a very long way to go before I attained to the likes of the “before pictures” of Charles Atlas or the compassion of my cat, but I no longer believed that I would have to do it all on my own. Believe me, with my negative perspective on life, that change was no small miracle. If you perhaps trod this same path and followed the miracles to the One who is our miraculous Heavenly Father, look up this scripture and it will tell you where we have come to thus far: Hebrews 12:22. The revelation pouring from that scripture for those who take the time to read it will be a transforming kiss from God.

Later in this Thanksgiving series I will share some fantastic miracles which involve the Divinely Supernatural Intervention of Almighty God, but I would do you no favor by supposing we should pass over the everyday normal miracles that have every potential to transform meaningless, wasted lives into ones filled with great meaning, worth, and significance. Never walk by the least miracle without honoring it and giving God the thanks for it because you can never experience Heaven on any level or at any time without giving thanks. God resides in a secure city full of wholeness and great joy. Psalms 100:4 tells us to enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and into His city with praise!! Here is something to praise God for when your heart and your lips are overflowing with thanksgiving…you have just stepped into the city of the Living God.


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