The Dance You Don’t Want to Miss

Life is sad; Life is Awesome; Life is Beautiful; Life is a Journey; Life is a Trial; Life is a Classroom; Life is a Suffering; Life is an Adventure; Life is both a Destination and a Dance! Garth Brooks sang it best in his song: “The Dance,” when he gave wings to the words “I could have missed the pain, but I’d of had to miss the Dance.”

The sacred text describes life as “the dance of two companies,” and this dance leads somewhere wonderful for all who love its music! If you are not on the Sacred Path, you may not see what this phrase, “the dance of two companies,” is pointing us towards. But once you get it, learn the steps, so like Fred Astaire, you stumble no more or step on anyone else’s toes, you can swing on the very stars and dance into Heaven itself. All you need is to pay careful attention and exercise quite a little bit of patience.

Let me be a lot more specific and begin by saying “You are cordially invited to the dance!” The Spirit and the Bride say “Come.” The man, who saved Yosemite, John Muir, said it like this, “All the wilderness seems to be full of tricks and plans to drive and draw us up into God’s light.” As the Song of Songs tells us in 6:13, “This is the dance of two companies or encampments.” These are two dance companies with two styles, two forms of interpretive expression, but with only one objective: to bring heaven into us and through us to fill the Earth. The one dancing company is all about the Earth, as Muir indicates. The other troupe comes from Heaven itself influencing, inspiring, and impregnating this Earth and all its fallen creatures, beginning with humanity, causing it to move and transition from sometimes nasty looking grubs into gossamer butterflies. This dance was going on inside the Shulamite woman (read Song of Songs 6:13). The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. She represents that spiritually receptive part of humanity being transformed, step by step, into the very wife of God. See Revelation 19:7.

Let’s get back to the dance. When I was a child, I used to get beaten up by gangs in school almost every single day. This happened until I was beginning High School. God did a miracle when He supernaturally permitted me to knock out the biggest guy in school after the gym teacher, who I know enjoyed blood sport threw me into the ring with this visible hulk. My gloved fist barely touched his forehead and he went down for the count. I, the coward of the county became free of torment and even popular after I learned a little dance called the Twist. Life itself has its own twists and turns, so much so that Ecclesiastes says, “To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” If you are stuck in a rut that should immediately put a skip in your step!

God wants you to dance! The great psalmist of Israel danced so passionately in celebration of the God who made us all, that his wife chided him for making a fool of himself, but David responded by saying, “Wait till I dance tomorrow!” God can put a song in your heart every day and put your feet to dancing too! I am absolutely not suggesting you take up Hip-hop or the Twist, but joining the eternal dance that begins before the throne of the Creator right here on Earth as a celebration of the Divine in our heart, filling our human spirit!

Let’s look at how He can put that song in your heart or absolutely anyone’s and why it is not only a great transformational blessing, but also a necessity! Two of my sons just love to dance. They may also have begun falling down at first, but the rhythm in their genes overtook their pain. Jesus said it like this: “If you suffer with me, you will also be glorified with me.”

If you have Christ in your life you have all that you need right inside you to turn your feet to dancing and if you don’t have that assurance… He promises to reject no one who comes to know the Heavenly Father through Him. He will turn away no one, no matter what pain they have experienced or even what pain they have caused! Then, you too, can be filled with hope which will not be disappointed because the Holy Spirit will be shed abroad in your heart! That calls for some fancy dancing!

If you read 2Kings 6:17 you will see that second dance company above the tops of the mountains in chariots and horses of fire. Elisha the prophet’s servant was troubled when he saw the enemy of God’s people filling the great valley. Elisha eliminated all his grave concern when Elisha asked God to open the eyes of the young man. Becoming aware of this second company of dancers often requires the prophetic word to open your eyes to it (God does nothing without telling His servants the prophets). (Amos 3:7) As the scene on the mountains became apparent, he exclaimed: “Those that are with us and defending us are far more than those who are against us.” Such is the case with all who would “do the dance,” as Morgan Freeman so joyfully demonstrated in the film “Evan Almighty.”

Part of that Heavenly troupe appeared to lowly shepherds and announced, “Fear no more, for we bring you exciting and joyous good news which shall be unto all people for unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the LORD!”

Jesus said, to those who know Him, “You are the salt, the protectors and preservers of the earth and you are the spiritual illuminators, the very light of the world!” He did not say perhaps someday you might become those things, but He said: “You are the light of the world and you are the salt of the Earth!” There is one small problem with that…you may not always feel like dancing…or that you are salt or light!

Jesus said we should seek first the Kingdom and everything else will be added unto us. Often I do not even feel like getting up in the morning except for two things. I need to eat breakfast for physical health reasons, but I know that, as Jesus warned us, “People cannot live by physical food alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Our Heavenly Father needs to daily refuel our soul, transform our mind, emotions, and will, and remove our stinking thinking! By renewing our mind and transforming our lives every day with spiritual keys to Kingdom living, He changes us from recently sleeping dead dwarfs to brightly shining stars. As another song says, “You can dance, you can dance, you can dance all day. You can dance all night if you do it right and dance the night away.”

I will close with a little testimony as my feet go leaping upon the mountains of spices. Many who desire to be the protectors of the Earth and its creatures have been so drained and dismayed over the horrific BP Oil Spill. But it was only after all the leaders in government in Louisiana agreed to pray fervently that the oil was stopped from its marathon push to fill the Gulf that it came to an abrupt halt! I listened as a church there announced that this commitment had been agreed to and acted upon and in the next several days the input of oil came to a more than welcomed end according to national news services.

If you are an animal rights activist or environmentalist, you will fail at many of your efforts to protect the planet because wanting to be that without the accompaniment of Heaven’s encampment and their supernatural power and ability, you will never have enough confidence and enthusiasm to see the total victory that will cause you to celebrate in advance…and join the dance in the midst of your pain that I share with you. I truly send my love to you.

To those professing Christians I must say, if you already claim to know God intimately but don’t care about the planet, its ecosystem and the treatment of all its creatures, I assure you through the Word of God and by His Holy Spirit that whether you realize it or not, you do not use the mind of Christ and you lie…perhaps even to yourself. How could anyone dance while all His creatures are hurting and being slaughtered as if their lives are meaningless? They are suffering through every conceivable type of abuse while they are waiting to discover the true Sons of God who are so deceived that they may be working in a slaughterhouse or hunting or trapping for sport! Such blindness and ignorance to the Word of God and His intention is without excuse!

You may be dancing, but that is only because you don’t understand what manner of spirit you are nor have you studied the scriptures to be a workman that does not make God ashamed of you. You are dancing with yourself and not with God, His purpose or the Heavenly vision. Be certain Lady in Waiting, that you are called to be the salt of the earth and to share the good news with every creature not just the likes of Ted Nugent. We are sitting on the very edge the age to come as the marriage of the lamb draws near while carnal Christians hope to be raptured forgetting that without holiness no one shall see the Lord. Those who preach another gospel, one that excludes all creatures and the whole creation from God’s unchanging plan are under a curse and they in their wildest dreams will not rule and reign with Him during the coming thousand years. And no matter what anyone tells you the scripture is very clear that massive restoration must occur before the bridegroom will come. It is the dance of two encampments that the Lord will cause to be one as the wedding nears and not hopes of pie in the sky while we watch the earth die. Let it no longer be said that you draw near to Christ with your lips but by your works, deny Him. My fair lady, let the dance begin!


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