The Point of No Return!

There sat Satan on his rotten boney haunches like something out of a Durer wood-cut, just finishing off the last mouthfuls of flesh from a stripped human carcass.

As he wiped his mouth, I noticed a long line of people stepping nearer to him. They sauntered lethargically, as if somewhat hypnotized, as he very dispassionately looked towards a woman dressed in street clothes. He waved a scaly hand at her saying only one word: “Next.”

God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness, yet Jesus said, “Never-the-less, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) We are I have no doubt, right now entered into a frenzied struggle that is political in nature. This struggle, unless peacefully resolved, will result in the eventual polarization of humanity, and will either greatly reduce or enormously accelerate the suffering and destruction of the earth and all its creatures. (Rev. 11:18)

If you are merely sitting on the sidelines waving a 50 cent flag that reads, “I love my cat,” you are going to have little or no effect on this conflict of the ages. The possibility of God failing to deliver His creation is zero because He cares more for the sparrow than He does for those who are hell-bent on refusing to be reconciled to Him. Once a certain city in Samaria was besieged by famine and warfare to the point that they were surviving on bones and dove’s dung. The prophet Elisha told a notable leader, “Tomorrow at this time, wealth will be abundant and food will be very inexpensive.” (2Kings 6&7) The leader laughed and mocked the prophet who then told him, “Assuredly the Lord will accomplish this miracle, but you will never taste the food or live to see the great blessings.” If we do not begin to take up our beds, get off our laurels, and begin to open our mouths widely, we will see no miracle, only a tragedy that we could and should have prevented.

Jesus knew that devilish plans were on the coming pages of history to destroy Jerusalem soon after His ascension, but many of those Jewish people were destroyed by the Evil One in 70AD because they would not hear Christ as Prophet. (Acts 3:22-23) Now it is past time to start organizing, shouting, and leaping and praising God for the fact that God is ushering in His Kingdom. Command those who care to fervently work to create an energized base nationally and in every neighborhood. Trust me; the hour is coming when no man can work. Who so ever will, may come…the halt and the blind, the weary and broken-hearted, the highland gorillas, the black rhinos, and the golden-crowned Kinglet.

We have a short window of opportunity and what we can reap is immeasurable gain for the entire creation and every creature, but it is more than an understatement to say the laborers are few. Recently some Christians got together with some health care organization, I believe in Washington D.C., to give thousands of free HIV tests. A number of health care leaders and workers were so impressed that they became Christians. Many of them commented, “We didn’t know you people cared.” Similarly, every time I take the message of animals in Heaven to the streets the response is great and most people had no idea that the Word of God makes it clear that animals have an eternal hope given to them by our Savior.

You can make a tremendous difference this fall by zealously taking the message of God’s caring for all creatures to the highways and byways. You can learn this information in ten minutes. Those who care little or nothing about protecting our thousands of vanishing species or animal rights are planning to use all the right words to get you to join their political swelling ranks, but unless you are wise enough to walk with the King of Kings, you will probably be wasting your energy. Those who care about all creatures and can hear creation’s cry must become ever so watchful for there are those who right now are lying in wait to deceive. (Ephesians 4:14) James tells us, “Faith without works is dead.” A good way to check someone’s real beliefs, if they claim to be concerned about the environment or the rights or treatment of animals, is to ask them what organizations they belong to that address these issues and what activities they are personally pursuing to help all creatures.

Jesus told us that we must be as wise as serpents, but as harmless as doves. According to a statistic I recently read, the average minister knows less than five percent of the Bible and regularly teaches only out of that little bit. There is a true saying out in the world, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Jesus warned us of this day saying: “If it were possible, even the very elect of God would be deceived!” Right now, as I write, there is a deadly dance of political parties, deceived, or at least becoming so. They are so well organized that they plan by sometime in October to take over. They will sound like Jesus reassuring us that heaven is just a vote away. They, for the most part, care nothing for God’s vision. Many of them can’t wait to be the heroes who perpetuate a world of barbarism and cruelty. This is what is going down right now like a hailstorm in front of a hurricane. These are the expensive sheep costumes. They will cost the planet and creation more than it can possibly afford.

I have no doubt these wolves in sheep’s clothing (into whose midst Jesus calls us to be turning up the light) are effective sheep decoys. No doubt many real sheep have joined this very dangerous assembly. These so-called leaders don’t know or care about God’s vision and where He desires to take us. I ask them, “Who among you can lead in light of your dereliction of duty to your Creator?” If we are not prepared proactively and taking God’s vision to the streets, with enough enthusiasm that He won’t spew us out of His mouth, we might keep our wax-filled ears open for a stuffed mouth calling, “Next.”

What is about to happen, unless we abruptly and instantly awake out of our sleep, unite and put our time, energy, money, and lives on the line for all creatures, is a political reversal that will be even worse than the avalanche we are currently riding. Peter said, at one point in his life, “The end of all things is at hand.” He was looking ahead to the near time when Israel’s entire civilization was nearly annihilated.

We are standing on one of those times where even the best of intentions may fail. The questions really are, like in Noah’s day, “Who will survive the perfect storm? How many species and creatures will we be able to put on board, and when we land on the silent shores of an earth and society ready to be made anew, will we still want to kill each other? Will we see the necessity of co-operating with God’s vision for the earth, humanity, and all the God-blessed creatures around us fortunate enough to have survived, to move into a new age where Love is the founding principle and Integrity the Watchman on the Wall?”

Heavenly Father, we pray that no one who reads this and no more long lines of animals will have to hear those terrible words: “Next.”


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