Three Oil Spills Happening Now!

As I end today’s environmental report, there are three oil spills happening simultaneously as I write! It is a Deep Horizon indeed, born in Hell. BP needn’t worry: FEMA is hopefully to the rescue! End Offshore Drilling Now!

The problem facing all Earth’s ecosystem and the entire web of life is far more serious than a valve failure on the Deep Horizon. The corrupting of the earth is the result of the corruption of humanity, drugged by all manner of deceptions carefully contrived by an Evil destined for a pit even deeper than the oil and dispersants poisoning the Gulf of Mexico!

Unless we are, as a people, committed to lifting our voices to the heavens and demanding that our representatives end all offshore drilling, everything in the sea shall die! When we cease to love something, we inevitably lose it. Jesus was concerned that although Peter may have loved him, loving Him was not the priority Peter was demonstrating. We as a nation are demonstrating we care more about reasonably priced gas in our cars, power boats, four-wheelers, race cars, chain saws and riding mowers than all of the diversity of life in the sea!

There are many creatures there on levels we have not even, as yet, clearly understood, who are far beyond us in many areas of development. We have virtually turned our backs on all of them for the love of money. The Bible warns us that “Offenses must necessarily be, but woe unto them through whom the offenses come.” The reason these insane and destructive decisions such as doing offshore drilling are made and brought to our attention is to expose the One influencing their very bad choices. If you don’t think exposing the world’s oceans to this sort of risk is insane, I question all your values.

Most people in America today believe in God on a level that is close to unimportant. Their belief doesn’t make their erroneous decisions any different than the unbelievers they live like. Beyond that, they believe myths that have nothing to do with the word and revelation of God and could not get 5 out of 10 answers right on a test of their knowledge of God designed for a Sunday or Sabbath day school student. For this reason God says, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

One day people will look into a casket at a puny little demented human being and ask astonishingly, “Is this the man that deceived the whole world?” (Isaiah 14:10-12 and Revelation 12:9) The corpse would have been Satan incarnate. Not many people believe they are being played for a fool by an actual Devil engaged in deadly warfare with God Himself for your mind and your eternal soul but Jesus was revealed to destroy his works. The angels in Heaven can still rebel against God but when they see what Satan has done to this earth, its creatures and fallen mankind they don’t take their eyes of adoration off the Creator. Unless we identify the source of our deception, Christ in our life is somewhat insignificant but He came to put the adversary, also called the Destroyer, and those who follow Satan’s destructive ways out of business. (1John 3:8) This is why the New Testament says that Jesus will not return until the evil one is revealed. (2Thessalonians 2:3)

When I was in the military, when my best friend and I passed pretty girls, we would turn around to follow them and laugh together saying, “I can resist anything except temptation.” Those choices were never any laughing matter. We messed up the lives of people, born and unborn. We thought we were just having a good time. Today, we know we were blinded by the Evil One, and doing works out of Hell itself, destructive works to life all around us. (2Corinthians 4:4) We would have boldly and ignorantly proclaimed, “Why in Hell would we believe in a Damned Devil?”

What will you do when you discover that your choices to live a life free from “suffering by resisting evil,” led to the elimination of all life in the sea? (Revelation 18:7) Either you will sit alone for a thousand years weeping and contemplating the results of your error (Revelation 20:5) or you will be alone in the fires of hell for the Eons. There is a third choice however and I know you will like it.

You could receive forgiveness for your dishonoring God with your words, decisions and the way you really live and turn to Him with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. You can be translated out of the kingdom of darkness and ignorance into the Kingdom of God’s Dear Son. The Bible describes it like this: “Repent, be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, washing away your sins, by calling upon the Name of the Lord.” Then…you can ask God to lead you into your eternal purpose. God desires to reveal your purpose to you even more than you are interested in discovering it. Simple peace activists ended a war which hard line hawks were promoting. These activists ended it without any awareness of any such thing as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives great power to stand up and make a difference in how soon the Kingdom filled with Heaven pushes Satan off this plundered, abused and suffering planet.

Activists with no Holy Spirit ended the Vietnam War through speaking the truth to power, persistent activists, and non-violent protest. Down through history God and His Spirit supports the objectives of those who do not know God but happen to get behind a divine idea. Even Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense, a dedicated supporter of the War, recanted and wrote a book publicly confessing that he and his partners were morally wrong. Just think how much you can transform evil with the presence and power of God in your life.

The staunchest despot’s knees grow faint when they are facing the hand-writing on the wall! The writing is plain, but unless you and I are willing to “suffer for righteousness sake,” any hope of positive change is an out of reach pipe dream. The evil doers know that and are betting you serve the same gods they do: Mammon and the Great Status Quo. Life may be short, but it was never made to be insignificant! Trouble is…life doesn’t work very well when you serve other gods.

By now, I have spent countless hours researching the data, facts, and statistics supposedly available on the internet regarding the Deep Horizon disaster, Gulf of Mexico offshore rigs, and reliable information on the measurable threat to the environment. My results are worthless because the experts have no answers. The common Octopus, one of my favorite animals, is a potential casualty of this on-going fiasco. It can fully change patterns, colors, and textures in the amount of time it takes to read this sentence. Most of the “expert” information changes at a competitive speed with the eight armed octopus. The experts on off shore drilling have just two arms, but make no mistake; they are armed with every trick in the book and very dangerous, because they believe, obviously, that gambling is a science and for the moment, they have lost. They very well may get back to the wheel of fortune once more. But the enormous questions will remain: Will life ebb away in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Straits, and when will we see the next big oil spill on the horizon?

Today, I heard top cabinet personnel assure us that they would see to it that such a spill never happens again. One politician said that we have over 1,000 scientists and governmental departments working on this thing. This is very scary information considering that legally and morally they were obligated to have in place reliable, tried and tested solutions to prevent the spill and to remedy it speedily if it occurred. These experts forgot to tell us that there is no way they can control such further offshore spills unless offshore drilling is banned!

I have often called this not the information generation, but the “misinformation generation.” This offshore circus has taken that term to whole new levels or I should say depths! Today, as part of my investigation, I actually learned a word I have never used before! It is obfuscation. In general it describes a practice that is used to intentionally make something more difficult to understand. Obfuscation is, according to some researchers being used to intentionally weary, wear down, and weaken through mental exhaustion critics with any hope of obtaining the real facts. The Bible calls obfuscation an activity of Satan. (Daniel 7:25)

We are at the end of this age. Some commercial fishermen now toss back into the deep over 90 percent of their catch although it is dead and lost forever. Jesus said that is what the angels will be doing very shortly with the nations. Are you on board with the Lord or will your horizon be very deep indeed?

Drunkenness and chemical abuse are far more common than one might suspect by both drillers and others on working rigs. I am in no way suggesting that any drugs or alcohol were in use on the BP Deep Horizon rig or that everyone connected with drilling is an alcoholic, but I do know personally that for many drillers and crews in the industry drinking is the favorite sport and heavy drinking was implicated in the spill of the Exxon Valdez. Even some of the people who are paid government overseers of Gulf exploration and drilling were drinking, doing drugs, even cocaine, and were having casual sex with oil company employees while being unfaithful watchdogs. Such behavior, in and of itself should have caused their immediate dismissal. The Bible says that in this end of the age, it shall be like in the days of Noah. People will be banqueting and drinking…and the earth shall be filled with violence. The word the King James Bible calls “violence,” is actually a Hebrew word that includes bribery, deceptiveness, extortion, and environmental destruction.

In light of the true meaning of the word, what a violent people we have become! The scripture says that before God wiped out depraved and no longer fully human beings at the time of “Noah’s flood, “The earth was filled with violence and their thoughts were only continually evil!”

When we let violent people like this “rule the seas,” we spread the toxic corruption from the sheen on the estuaries that kills blue-fin tuna larvae, to the deep haunts of great and noble whales, dolphins, and octopus. An oyster is a far superior being than a human who prefers spiritual darkness to the light that illuminates everyone who comes into this world.

It is too great a threat to the oceanic eco-system to allow one watchdog to become a lapdog, or to allow one stoned supervisor or drunken driller to operate a well. No one with a conscience would take such a chance.

Man was created primarily to have a teacher-student, father-son relationship with the Creator to enable mankind to carry out God’s will. His primary will is all about union and communication; literally oneness with the Father of our spirit and through that relationship, creating a planet where love reigns, where doing the loving thing is always the right thing, where mankind has the primary responsibility to guard and protect the earth and all its creatures.

Offshore drilling will always face some accidents which have the potential to extinct some, or if severe enough, possibly all sea creatures. This also is a chance we cannot ever take and still remain true to our mandate. Other disasters such as the Valdez Oil Spill have already screamed from Prince William Sound, “Oil and water don’t mix!” If we had been walking with God according to the knowledge that comes from above, we would never have needed to heed the Prince William alarm or the more powerful blast shaking the Deep Horizon!

The conclusion is that all offshore drilling must end. We must also adopt simpler lifestyles, explore our energy sources, and greatly lessen our dependency on petroleum. If we do not follow this course, we will give many species that dwell on terra firma and water world a death sentence and bring the destruction that comes not from human beings, but from the Almighty upon our lives and upon our nation.

We are at the end of the age. People are more concerned about their own pleasure than what is good for their fellow human beings, the web of life, or having any unwavering resolve to guard and protect the planet. People are ready to die for their silly little pet ideas, but have no inkling of what the Creator and Mastermind of this Earth is being forced into doing very shortly because they hold the creation in reality in contempt. Revelation 11:18 indicates that God should destroy those that destroy the earth and Romans 9:28 says, “For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.”

The first thing God will tell anyone involved with His vision to save every species alive upon the face of the Earth is, “Your participation is not about you!” It is about the Creator’s manifestation in the world and His Eternal Vision and Purpose.

Right now, there are 35,000 offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Thirty-five thousand wells, often with flakey environmental permits, insufficient blowout prevention that other countries would not allow, and government supervisors, some of whom are in bed with these oil companies…and an earthquake coming greater than the one that turned Pangaea into the continents. No wonder the book of Revelation says: “Every soul in the sea died!” (Revelation 16:3) Just about nothing in the sea would die if we stopped pouring every sort of toxicity into it from sewage to deep water crude and dispersants.

The choice is right now…follow Palin’s advice “Drill baby, drill.” Bore your way into hell or stop offshore drilling now!


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