Thy Kingdom Come

Surely, if you have received the Messiah, you have prayed, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven”…but what are you doing to make that happen? Faith without works is like a body without a spirit…it isn’t going anywhere! We are called to be partners together with Christ. As Lance Wallnau says, “Christ isn’t coming for us, until He comes through us.” Scripture puts it this way, “Without holiness no one shall see the Lord,” and Jesus said, “The works I do, you shall do and greater.” It is easy to be called, but you have to be co-operating with Christ bringing Heaven to Earth to be chosen!

I was walking down the icy gravel driveway into the King Sanctuary. The entrance is 1100 feet long and usually crisscrossed with countless deer and turkey tracks. From 1999 until 2007 we fed 200 of each species all winter long. Last year the numbers were often a tenth of that. Now, as we approached the entrance, there is blood on the dirt road half a mile away where a wounded deer has crossed it. The sanctuary itself is like a beautiful gift wrapped container…but hollow and empty within. Deer freeze before night spot-lighter’s beacons, but now many so called sportsmen are illegally “jack-lighting” them. Jack-lighting is like spot-lighting with the twist that the petrified animal is gunned down as it is blinded and stares at the killers. Recently jack-lighters have been much more “at work,” and while arrests have skyrocketed in many northeastern states, most escape detection. I am more and more persuaded we may lose our deer herds like we did once after the Industrial Revolution began. This time however, there may be no available funds to initiate another re-introduction of deer and no forces to enforce the laws against poaching due to other prioritized distractions.

No matter what men say, God cares greatly about every creature and species and has made it so clear that you can’t eliminate his animal kingdom and have heaven on earth. You can say “Thy Kingdom Come,” and pray it, but will you help bring it to Earth?

About 1980, I began working in Haiti with some of the most precious people on earth. I do not exaggerate. I have known multitudes of people professing faith in Christ from every major denomination in America and if all those people would move to Haiti they couldn’t solve all the problems or meet all the needs there in a lifetime. There are many Christian parents in Haiti carrying their starving and now dead children to the cemetery every day and weeping because there was no money for food and now there is no money for a coffin! Lots of these little children are quite likely just like your own. And that’s just one small country.

Across massive areas of Africa, whole villages consist only of children whose parents have died and left them vulnerable to nearly every threat known to mankind. Once in a rare while, a couple from Wisconsin may permanently move to a mountain town in Haiti and transform a few thousand lives there or a woman from Newport Beach, California may go to Africa and end up adopting ten villages and be provider, mentor, and mama to a thousand children. But where are all those who profess to be following Christ? As I walked down the trail to the Sanctuary the other day praying the Lord’s Prayer, I became overwhelmed with sorrow and a flood of tears realizing how great is the harvest and how few are the laborers! I couldn’t get past those two phrases: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

The wild creatures desperately need wildlife sanctuaries all around the world giving animals’ refuge from killers for sport and the war against them coming from many directions! And we need people willing to learn enough and enlightened enough to operate them. We, the church, those walking in the faith once delivered to the saints, need to take a stand on this by including it in the confession of their church or we will also lose this right. God makes it so clear that we are the salt of the earth and the lights of the world and are called to cry out for all creatures that have no voice.

You may think doing drugs is cool, necessary, or a sign of superiority, but God says fascination with drugs, which Revelation calls sorcery and pharmacia, deceived every nation and will keep you out of the Kingdom. (Rev. 18:23) I have nothing against Mexicans or any other race. Many of them are some of the nicest people on the entire planet (my oldest son whose mother died long ago is part Mexican), but I heard tonight that not only is the Mexican Mafia taking over the drug trade and illegal distribution in our towns and cities accompanied with horrific violence, but are now occupying our “Indian” Reservations as their bases of operation!

For perhaps a year, I have been counseling and ministering to a man who has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Recently he agreed that he needed to go to a Christian Drug Treatment Center to get delivered from drug addiction masking his psychological and emotional pain. Through a referral service, I was directed to the best Christian facility in my state which I was told was also the least expensive. When they told me it would cost this poor man $190 a day, I wondered what would happen in my little town riddled with drugs if someone I was street preaching to, said he wanted to go God’s way and get into recovery and I told him it would cost $190 a day? No doubt, he would tell me to beat it; he would sit down laughing out loud with all his buddies and possibly shoot up some heroin right on the spot.

Our cities and God help us, even the countryside’s are filled with war veterans and young people today that God loves who are addicts sliding down a slippery slope into refuge pits of humanity and taking so many others with them. We need recovery centers all over this nation and God’s people operating them on five loaves and two fishes and a Risen Savior…but where are all the called? Did no one ever hear the Savior’s cry to rescue the perishing?

I had the craziest thought recently. It was that the devil was starting a Bible School for little demons. Then I remembered how Jesus interacted with Satan when he was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil himself. (Matthew 4:1) Satan was quick to quote the Bible to the Son of God! Considering that, I then recalled a little Christmas story you wouldn’t want to live out! I was living at the beginning of a ministry house that was called, “Clark and B,” after the street corner it stood upon. We had no foreknowledge that it would explode spiritually into a part of “The Jesus Movement” called Lighthouse Ranch on Table Bluff, California overlooking a majestic part of the Pacific Ocean. Ultimately it developed into a world wide ministry called Gospel Outreach and took the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

During that particular Christmas season, about 1970, the twenty or so occupants began going home for the holidays. Just a very few had no where to go or no funds to get there. Then Pastor Jim Durkin asked me, since I was using the season to do some focused Bible study, if I would watch out for the few young converts to the faith while it looked like, for the rest of December, the entire glorious ministry had disappeared off the planet. Clark and B had a practice of giving food, shelter and a good washing in the water of the word and some unfeigned love to all comers for one night, often a few days longer if they had some horrific need and a permanent welcome into the family of God, if they became truly new creatures in Christ.

The first day or two of being the novice watchman for people even younger than me in the Lord was a sprinkling of fellowship, ministry, and a sense of aloneness at the breakfast table. About the third day, all of that changed dramatically!

Two young women from Oregon showed up stressed, cold, and as wet as the winter rains which kept suggesting I should build an ark. The women asked if they could spend a couple of days and I felt compelled for the first few minutes to welcome them unrestrainedly. Only after they began telling me their plight, did I notice the arrowheads with red tips they wore on necklaces. I began to feel a little hesitancy and doubt, tinged with fear, about my decision to give them shelter and wondered if I could walk with God through this circumstance!

The women said they were part of a Satanist commune deep in the Oregon woods and their neighbors had literally burned them out of house and home. When I asked what the red on the tips of the large arrowheads was they responded, “Human blood.” Unfortunately, I had already assured them that a couple of days R&R would be fine, but I was about to discover that these ladies were part of a Luciferian Sect and celebrated the claim that 18 grown women had offered themselves as human sacrifices to Lucifer and were then placed on an altar and killed by their leader. This was pretty heady stuff for a young lad like I was. Since fear of the unknown is often worse than the fear of actual threats, I asked the women the name of the leader and one of them softly answered: “Snake.”

While they drank some hot tea, I began to explain to them that Lucifer had been cast out of Heaven, been permanently stripped of any authority, and that Jesus Christ had the Highest name named, not only in this world, but in the world to come. They rapidly succumbed to the words of the Gospel, but only enough to take the wind out of their sails. After that, they ended any conversation with the statement, “Snake will explain everything to you when he gets here tomorrow!”

I prayed more and slept less that night and I was very impressed when Snake showed up. I knew that statement would surprise you, but I appreciate people’s developed talents even when I may not like the person at all. For example, I have never liked Tiger Woods or much cared about golf or competitive sports, but I greatly admire Tiger Woods for beginning young and taking his golfing achievements to the limits. I especially believe that a species with a brain as big as we humans are blessed with…should never waste it. Many of us do not seem to have ever read that part of Holy Scripture that says not only are we to love God with “all our heart and soul, and strength, but also with all our mind.” Snake did that. The problem was his mind was warped and twisted, and he served a literally demented god. But he was brilliant!

Just recently some preachers I have heard have surpassed Snake’s knowledge of the Word of God but the number is still few. He could argue his premises with the agility of a fencing champion and I could only nullify those arguments by absolute dependence upon the Holy Spirit. He boasted about the 18 female sacrifices and the two women, now reunited with him again, volunteered that they would gladly do the same. After hours of discussion over the Scriptures, I ordered the group to not communicate their beliefs with any of the Christians living here and sent them away the next morning when the rains had stopped. I think I heard several years later on the radio that Snake had been arrested in Oregon for multiple murders, but since I did not hear the report use that name, “Snake,” I have never been certain. If anyone wants to research it, I’d be happy to give them the little more info that I have, but the point of telling this story is to illustrate that a servant of Satan can know and effectively use the Word of God (even if for the wrong reasons) more skillfully than nearly all Christians. Merely knowing the Word of God without practicing it can be of no benefit at all.

Pathetically, many Christians aren’t even familiar with the contents of God’s Word, but even if they are, “Faith without works is as dead as a human body with no one in it.” The Word of God warns all of us that profess faith in Christ, “Be careful to maintain good works.” (Titus 3:8) We are absolutely saved by Grace, through faith and even our faith is a free gift of God, but through opening that gift and “putting on Christ,” we become New Creatures who have good works prepared for us that we should walk in them and do them. (Ephesians 2:10)

The New Testament says, “If we love our life, we will lose it, but if we lose our life for His sake, we will find our meaningful and purposeful Life.”

When the head of the Church of Satan was interviewed years ago by several of our major news magazines he said in essence, “We don’t get what all the concern is about, our religion basically says if it feels good do it.” Doing something only when it feels good or because it feels good is the exact opposite of what the message of the gospel is.

Yesterday, the chickadees were eating out of my hand and that experience felt absolutely wonderful. There were no birds in sight, I called them, and a moment later there were a hundred little angels descending upon me. God created sex for a woman and a husband and I have never heard a husband not enjoy the intercourse. God daily fills us with good things to eat. Yesterday, just when two jars arrived from a dear sister that contained foods that kings might go to battle over, I thanked God again that He does all sorts of things to make us feel good and give us comfort. Lots of things make us feel good, but we are not to live for those things, rather, we are to live to do the will of God and only those things which please the Creator, Yes-you-awe (my spelling) Messiah.

We were created through Him, by Him, and for Him. Christ is our Life. We know His will. Isn’t it far past time that we give our all, just as Jesus did, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth? (1st Corinthians 3:9)


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