Can we Make Beautiful Music Together?

Many leaders from psychologists to ministers wielding the greatest influence in the earth today insist that atmosphere is a critical component of worship and even the reception of ideas. They go so far as to insist that no movement without accompanying great music will be influential in a major way and no movement that has mass enjoyment of its music can fail to take over a society. One definition of the Kingdom is God’s heavenly government influencing society. Our goal and objective for living is to see God’s Kingdom manifest in this world in the midst of the darkness until the entire world is filled with light and life.

We are searching for songwriters and musicians. I am not influenced or motivated by money, but by God. We are not as a new organization able to pay for your work but we do know that promotion comes from the Lord and God will repay those who care enough about creation to work on this music development project. I have worked on getting the theology out there for 14 years and I am certain it is about to reach critical mass. Without music expressing the scriptures on this matter it may become a powerful but small section of the general society. With great music I am persuaded it will become as embraced as the Beatles and their contemporaries were in the 60’s, but enduring much longer. Music will make the difference and I’m hoping you will be a part and a partner in making that difference. All creation, every creature is hoping you will too, I really believe that. We receive no salaries nor can we pay any salaries at this time, but we are interested in people who want to be connected with others who will be among those who take back this earth for God and His heavenly vision. We are searching for individuals or groups that can produce inspired music that is contagious, anointed, with truly and clearly biblical themes to which they may have added some quality poetic license.

If at any time any of this music is sold in the form of songbooks, whoever has contributed will be receiving a proportional part of that selling price equivalent to their contribution. At no time will this song book be used to generate funds to benefit me in any way other than its potential great blessing of getting the whole gospel before the world: the whole gospel which includes every creature and the whole creation.

If you are interested, please e-mail with contact information and whether you are a writer, musician, etc. and how you might be interested in assisting something that I know will be blessed, a great blessing and accelerant to get the message out to those who are waiting for this idea whose time has come to brighten their lives and discover their purpose in seeing the restoration of all things.

Let’s go, the Lord has need of you. (Matthew 21:2) I can lead if you’ll proceed.

This work is not about me, it’s about cooperating with the Creator in what He is doing until the knowledge and glory of the Lord fill the earth. Let’s create this songbook: every page, so please, “fill it up,” but never with regular. It’s time for high octane!

Thank you in Jesus’ name,
Minister David C.W. Prather

I have included an example of a song I wrote in 2006, called Creations Cry for your examination.

SONG: Creation's Cry

Father, Let Thy Kingdom Come:
Let the drummer beat the drum
And Let every creature hear
Love has banished every fear

We’re Your Kings and Priests on Earth
Of Christ’s fruits we are the first
Doing all our things with Love
That’s the Name of God above.

All creation waits in hope
Tell me how else could they cope
No one that harms shall enter there
Father Listen to our prayer

Father Let Thy Kingdom Come
Play it loudly on Thy Drum
Let the Earth now be restored
Let it sing with Heaven's Chord

Every prophet holy man
Ever since the world began
Has spoken dearly of that Day
So Let there be no more delay

Let the seventh angel sound,
Let the rivers, sky and ground
Once again be thy domain
And every creature Praise Thy Name. (Repeat 3 times)

Copyright David C.W. Prather 2006


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