What is Creations Cry?

Creations Cry is not just a is the collective plea for deliverance echoing from every part of planet earth from every living creature. Although humanity has been involved in a transformational process from ancient days to the present, there has been little change in the way we treat both animals and their homes and habitat: ecological niches that we call the environment.  

Today there is a great awakening.  The Creator and all the universe is calling us to awaken unto righteousness and to raise the crescendo, until no soul, no matter how base, may  fail to recognize the error of killing or mistreating God's creatures.  Many animals, from the smallest to the greatest, are more noble than most humans in many ways and make not only our world, but heaven itself a better place.  The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans chapter 8 that animals not only have rights, they have the same rights and blessings as we ourselves and will spend eternity in the glorious liberty prepared for all God's children.

As children, some of this web site's visitors prayed the "Our Father" at the beginning of school.  "Our Father, who art in Heaven...Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."  For many of us that was nothing more than a vain repetition.  Scripture informs us that it is the red hot fervent prayer of the righteous that produces tangible results.  Never-the-less, God's desire has always been to bring forth Heaven on Earth, no matter what skeptics may say to the contrary.

Can you slaughter animals, hunt, trap, or even worse, simply kill for sport and enter fully into that precious and gentle Kingdom that we pray will come and is, in fact, in the very process of coming?  I assure you that we cannot.  In Isaiah, God said, "Nothing shall hurt or destroy in all my Holy Mountain (a reference to His Kingdom) for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters fill the sea."  Many folks cling to "that old time religion," but care little about knowing the heart of God in a living and transformational relationship. In Isaiah 66: 2 and 3, God speaks to such people.  "I, the Lord, will look to this person whose spirit is poor and sorrowful, who really cares about my word.  He who kills an ox is as if he killed a man, and those who sacrifice a lamb are like those who cut off a dog's neck."  Could it be more clear than that?

We are at a juncture in time when the polar caps are melting.  Emperor Penguins may not survive.  Baby Harp Seals are annually having their brains bashed in by children of the Creator who feel that this barbaric treatment of something so precious is necessary for their human benefit and survival, ignoring their own human capacity for unlimited creativity.  Because they have never received or comprehended the love of God, they are unable to pass it along to every living thing.  

One Environmental Organization says if we do not act now everything in the Ocean will die within the next ten to twenty years.  Everything!  Would it surprise you to know that God created human beings to guard and protect the earth and to spread a place called Eden, filled with glorious bio-diversity all across the planet and possibly take it to the stars?  Kipling  alluded to this in his beautiful poem, "When Earth's Last Picture is Painted, " and a Christian writer who has sold more books than almost any human being is saying the same thing today.  

Long ago it occurred to me that unless Heaven is formed inside us, our entry into Eden would change it into hell on earth in a short time.  And now, God be thanked, The Kingdom of Love, Joy, Peace and Righteousness in the Holy Spirit is being formed in a central core of human beings on the Sacred Path all over the earth today.  But the Kingdom of God includes every creature.  There is, absolutely, a restoration of all things coming.  Until that Day, wars will rage, great apes will be slaughtered to feed greedy loggers, corporations will defile our streams and rivers, and politicians will overthrow environmental protections.  Countless innocent animals will continue to be heartlessly killed to meet the addiction of people who would fare better on a diet that contained every good thing and eliminated the hurt and violence.

Just about everything you read about in the papers was predicted thousands of years before it manifested.  Be sure prophecy will continue to unfold like a lotus blossom until we see the end of this very tired old age and the beginning of a brand new age.  Acts 3:21 says, "the heavens must receive the Lord Jesus Christ...until the times of the restoration of all things, which God has spoken of through the mouth of all the holy prophets ever since the world began."  If you ever encounter a prophet or a so called spokesperson for God and they do not even mention this restoration of all things, they are NOT a Holy Prophet.  Do them a favor.  Show them the road, that perhaps through the God who is Love, they may yet discover the sacred path.

If you know these things and live in them, God calls you to be a leader.  Scripture calls you, "the head and not the tail."  Don't  let anyone tell you that the Kingdom of God is restored while they are shooting Canada Geese who mate for life for the fun of killing.  Or that they are raising fur bearers to electrocute in the most horrific manner to "make a living."  Tell them if they care about the Kingdom of God, that scripture warns, "nothing that defiles shall enter there."  Remind them that God commands us in Philippians 2:15  to "Be blameless and harmless as sons of God."  Tell them to study Romans chapter 8 a little harder until they discover: "Every creature and the whole creation is anxiously and eagerly anticipating the manifestation of God's true sons and daughters and that God gives every creature the same hope God has given to human beings."

Here in the peaceable kingdom, miracles happen every day. Where earth is no more to support greed and ignorance, but for the Creator's good pleasure and we all can rejoice in it together in one accord.

I recently heard Bono say, "Stop asking God to bless what you are doing and get involved in what God is doing."  Believe me, you will be walking on Sacred Ground and there will be angels all around supporting you and your efforts...because you choose to walk in love.  And remember, "God is Love."  Explore our web site regularly.  As it grows, you will grow with it into God and all you can be.


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