What is Dr. King’s Message to Us?

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, but even more importantly, we celebrate his accomplishments. I demonstrated with many others in support of Dr. King and I know he would want us all to feel that way. The difference he brought into existence is amazing.

Many of you young people can not imagine a day like the one I am about to describe. I recall when the people I was sitting with pointed to a black woman and the white man she walked with and said to me (as if it was a criminal act), “Look at that n-word wench with that white guy.” I remember another incident when my friend Al and I got off an Air Force bus in Biloxi, Mississippi because we were ordered to leave our black friend in the back of the bus and move to the front (a sort of reversal of the Rosa Parks story). We told the driver we would walk before we would honor that system and the driver forced the issue, so we exited.

Now, today I am watching the greatest outpouring of giving and concern I have witnessed in my lifetime. And this is for the Earthquake victims of Haiti! While I was out raising funds for my precious black friends, I got an e-mail from a daughter on the east coast that another daughter on the west coast was raising money for Haiti at the same moment I was. Now I find she is also considering going to Africa to work where her closest girlfriend has moved and is a leadership role model in the necessary activity of caring for orphans and showing them the love of God.

The last church in the Bible was lukewarm and although it claimed to be “Christian,” it left off knowing Christ, loving Jesus personally and passionately, and getting the news of the Kingdom into the entire world. God sent them an angelic messenger to say, “I want to vomit you out of my mouth unless you repent!”

No honest person can look at Martin Luther King’s relentless dedication and passion and not see that his dream has come to pass. In a speech he gave the night he was killed, he indicated he had spoken the mind of God faithfully concerning racism and was not concerned about the possibility of laying down his life at all. He was one satisfied man who surely heard, in spite of any personal faults, “Well done, my good and faithful servant! Now enter into the joy of the Lord prepared for you before the foundation of the world!”

I am not saying there is no longer racism in America, but the change is obvious beyond argument and it is a beautiful thing in the eyes of the One who created us all from one blood. The overwhelming outpouring for our black neighbor just a short trip off the coast of Florida should warn our governmental agencies and bureaucrats that we, as Americans, will not stand by and tolerate any more abuses of Haitian people or treating them differently than Cuban refugees or enslaving them by economic policies and laws that are not fair and equal. The Bride of Christ, the whole world, and the American donors are watching to make sure that no one running rescue operations does a repeat of New Orleans.

I want to thank the American people for their compassionate response. The one day last week where I participated in a solicitation of contributions outside a chain store, was the only day in my life where people were running over to drop something in the bucket. It was cold and people who were eavesdropping from the distance scurried to give before their ride picked them up. One woman in particular touched my heart when she put her bag of groceries on the bus to a rural county, hobbled back off and opened her wallet to show me. As she took out its three dollar content, she apologized saying with tears in her eyes, “I am sorry, but this is all I have. I wish I had more to give.” If you know your Bible, you will immediately recognize who she reminds you of. Great will be her blessing!

Many people who visit this website are familiar with our animal right’s position and our defense of it because it is backed up by the Creator Himself in His Word and in His Holy Spirit. As I think about Dr. King, I am wondering if God doesn’t have a message for some of us who every creature is depending upon to liberate them from minds that don’t even recognize cruelty, murder and abuse when they see it, nor are touched by it in their hardened hearts. If you are a professing follower of the Messiah, you should know that Roman’s 8 tells us that all of creation and every creature is eagerly and anxiously awaiting the manifestation of the real sons and daughters of God…so they can be released from the bondage of corruption into the kind of loving nurture, treatment, and eternal hope that all His children are promised. If you don’t know this and the many other scriptures and writings of the saints of God down through the ages who wrote of their transformation through this Divine revelation, you don’t know much about your Bible or God’s Kingdom.

As it turned out, Dr. King did inspire another message in me that coincides with the message to the last church in its old musty wineskin and is written about in Revelation 3:14 -22. That message is to emulate the example of Dr. King in all you do in bringing to pass the will of the Heavenly Father on Earth in relationship to the effort God has called us to when we pray, “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” That is not some unfocused prayer which says “whatever will be will be.” If Dr. King had taken that position we would still be in a racist society. God’s word tells us exactly what His will is, such as love our neighbors as ourselves and don’t hurt or harm any creature and to cry out boldly for all the oppressed. One of the best promises in the entire Bible comes from Isaiah 58:5-11 which, if followed, will change any life wonderfully. Meditate upon it for a while, look up any words you don’t thoroughly understand in a Strong’s Concordance and ask Christ to empower you to implement it in your life and your world will turn from dimness to warmth and brilliance.

Let the word of God and Dr. King’s example give you the guts and gusto, the commitment and faithfulness to bring about the change the world will be blessed by. God didn’t tell the church I referred to simply to repent but the message was, “Be zealous and repent.” Debate is fine if it leads to action, but faith without action stinks because it is dead. Join forces today with other animal rights groups or start your own. Abhor violence, hate it, stand against it in any form, and take a clue from the news channels right now to see how you lose people when violence is advocated. Now get activated until we are successful.

The newscast, after Dr. King was shot reported, “An advocate of non-violence has become the victim of violence.’’ Jesus said, “Fear not. Don’t you know not even a little sparrow can fall without God being right there with it?” That is God’s word. While I detest the shooting of our beloved Dr. King, I don’t believe when he looks down at the results of his labor, he sees himself as a victim, but as a deliverer guided by the hand and word of God. Be no less!

May the Holy Spirit fill your human spirit with all the fullness of God in Jesus’ name.

Your servant,
David Prather

Post Script: All donations will assist Haitians needing long term recovery after the rescue operations are complete. If you are interested in being part of a team that will initially do short term projects under indigenous Haitian oversight in rural areas of the country, contact me by e-mail at [email protected] Leave your phone number and I will return your call ASAP!


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