Your Tax Exempt Gift Will Mean So Much to So Many

Your gift at this time will mean life and bring joy to very hungry humans and animals! Right now we need funds for wildlife at the Esme Noel King Wildlife Sanctuary and for people in Northern Haiti who are waiting to take responsibility for their own food production by obtaining land for a collective garden.

Everything from deer to flying squirrels and turkeys to red cardinals are hungry indeed at the King Sanctuary. Eleven hundred feet of driveway into the facility was laden with ear corn, shell corn and sunflower seed last week and all traces of it disappeared in just twenty minutes. When I returned to the road, a bird lover and wildlife photographer stopped by my wife’s van to talk. When I told him how ravenously hungry the wild creatures were at this haven of rest from the seasonal wars on them by hunters, he replied, “Oh, I know. Deer are getting up on their hind legs to eat out of the bird feeders around our home to the point where I must now buy grain just for them.” Currently, the deer do look healthy, and our winter feeding efforts have kept it a happy valley, but funds are stretched to the breaking point and a continued cold winter with these deep snows will assure suffering and death to those animals large or small who do not stay sufficiently nourished.

For Haiti we have collected and are sitting on a small amount of cash towards securing some acceptable growing site as the situation there becomes more unstable. I have been encouraging these very hindered, but ambitious and industrious people to cut themselves off from imported bulgur wheat and rice imports which far exceed their incomes due to inflation, and grow all their own vegetables, nuts, and fruits. We have free plant sources from an NGO and we have the expertise, but are far below the money needed to obtain the land.

Both the King Wildlife Sanctuary and the Haitian project are under the umbrella of The Church in the Green, primarily an online Church during the winter and moving back into meeting in the splendor of God’s incomparable creation. We believe the entire Bible, living in the love of God and our fellow beings on planet earth, protecting every species which was Noah’s calling and God’s command, caring for the poor, being peacemakers, and becoming restorers in the footsteps of Jesus and not destroyers. By the way, if you really want to know God as your guide, light and protector, read Isaiah 58:6-14 and if practicing that doesn’t get you onto the best adventure you’ve ever known, a New Year won’t help you! But it will knock your socks off whereby you will be standing on Holy Ground and that is one thing I know for certain!

All and any contributions must be made out to The Church in the Green. Every cent goes to the project designated with no administrative fees. Please specify “Haiti,” or “The King Sanctuary.”

Unlike all the millions and more pledged or sent to Haiti for the worldwide earthquake appeal that never did reach most of those for whom it was intended, our contributions go to people and families of integrity who live Isaiah 58 and struggle every day to both survive and help others who also have been restored to be restorers who walk in love and the truth. If you still have any concern, I will personally connect you with a beloved Haitian family. Your gifta at this time is critical and will change lives and save lives. When you read the afore- mentioned scriptures in Isaiah, you will notice that the Blessed are not fasting food…and amongst other things, working and giving from their heart and doing unto others as they would desire others to do unto them.

Blessing in the New Year and particularly to those who do not close their ears to the cry of the poor….whether that be the poor animals that are hunted relentlessly and then must face the winter’s blasts, or those who are only paid enough to starve!

Most earnestly yours, Minister David Prather Click on “Contact us” at this website


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